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    Plan your diet by considering your health

    Many people nowadays, especially after the corona issue, maintain their food habits by hearing others, by seeing the internet, WhatsApp etc. and face adverse results. A friend of mine who is a good foodie, before experiencing any setback in his health, started eating fruits, raw vegetables, badam etc. and thereby reduced his normal food considerably. Now he is experiencing dehydration and weakness. Therefore, we should never give up our own food practice unless otherwise specifically instructed by some experts.

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    We should not make very huge changes all of a sudden. We have to make small changes and observe. Slowly we should implement changes. Our body will have a routine and any big change in that routine will tell upon our health. We should not take all the messages that are coming in social media as correct. We should confirm the correctness by consulting the authentic source of information. If the matter is related to our health we should be more careful and without consulting our family doctor we should not go for any new medications and methods.
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    I am hearing the first time that people are changing their daily food also as per viral messages. It shows how much people are scared of the virus. But I think we should not be too much affected by any viral news on social media. We should take light food in summer and we should not forget to take seasonal vegetables and fruits. E.g. cucumber, it has enough water which fulfils a deficiency of water in our body.
    We should not follow social media unnecessarily. In this situation we can contact a doctor for suggestions and guidelines. There us no need to be Panic.

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    We must take care of our health and that should not be at the cost of taking the health to setback stage. No doubt corona has been the most challenging phase in our life, but that should not deter us from going away from accepting the normal and routine foods, which were giving strength and energy to our lives so far. By the way when we are healthy, we should not try for new dieting and that would tell upon our health. The people are going mad with such messages on social media which not only confuse us and does not have any locus standi or the proof of which they have been stated.
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    In the Internet world, many people share information on various social platforms on the basis of the current issue, but it should be our own understanding of the extent to which information is to be applied in life and who is not. Food is an important medium and every person has his or her own diet. This does not mean that you should not change your diet based on need or suggestions, but if any new diet plan is in the interest of your body, then adopt it but do not abruptly change your lifestyle, otherwise its effect is not positive. Currently there are many videos available on YouTube which show how to increase immunity and for that they suggest different diet but do not suit every item to every person so change your diet wisely. Otherwise, anyone can face many other health issues or weaknesses as the author's friend faced.

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