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    Why some people are used to speaking loudly ?

    One of my close friends is very allergic to shouting or talking loudly as he talks in a mild voice. But some people, for different reasons, are used to speaking loudly. Like for example, those who are habituated to talk in a high tone to some of their close friends or relatives being low in their hearing tend to speak on a high pitch generally and probably that may be continued with others who are averse to loud voices. Have you ever experienced the embarrassment of someone talking to you with high voice whereas you are able to gauge their conversations with a normal voice or tone?

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    Mostly it's natural that someone gets their voice tone. That's why there is a special industry to nurture talent. My experience about the voice while we talk normally also depends on the working condition we have. Like noisy mills, industrial zones, etc. places, we can observe many such examples the vice versa also true. But talking loudly is not a good gesture. Our voice tone affects one's mood directly and generally, it disturbs the mood of the opposite person.
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    This is a personal behavioural trait that some people are habitual of talking in louder voice or tone. How they acquire it is difficult to ascertain but one reason could be their upbringing and hereditary traits. Some people in high positions acquire it just to make a fear in the minds of the subordinates though it is not in a good taste. I have seen some persons who are generally excited and have some leadership traits and to impress the people and overpower everyone present in that situation, they resort to louder tones. If we consider the etiquette of talking and its volume then it is always better to talk in a moderate voice and refrain from the louder one.
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    The author is absolutely right, It is often seen that some people speak with a very loud voice. Some people are so accustomed to talking so loudly on the phone that their voice automatically becomes loud as soon as someone gets a call. Speaking in a loud voice is harmful to yourself, which puts a negative defeat on the ear's ability to hear, along with scratching in the veins of the throat. The person should be soft-spoken as much as possible, this will also understand the seriousness of your talk and people talk to you.

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    If they speak on loud voice others think that we are deaf ?
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    Some year's ago some boys who were students of class 12th came to have tuition from me. I taught them for four months. Among them, there was a boy who was a bit deaf. His elder brother was also studying he told me about him silently. That boy was very shy. He did not tell me anything. It could be embarrassing for him. So, when I started teaching the batch I spoke them loudly for the sake of a boy. Sometimes, it happens that we speak loudly if another person has some hearing problem. But the author has mentioned this habit of some people who speak very loudly. Their way of talking is not liked by many of us. If I see such a person I try to move from that place instead of saying anything to him.
    You can't change the people they have this habit of speaking loudly and if somebody says them not to speak loudly they get angry.

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    This attitude differs from person to person. Some people are habituated to talk very loudly. They don't require any amplifier when they talk in some big gatherings also. Some people talk with a very low voice. The next person also may not be able to hear their words. They require an amplifier even in small gatherings.
    Some people can modulate their voice based on the situation. They talk very politely when required and they can raise their voice if it is necessary. You can notice in many people when they discharge their duties. When they talk to their boss they talk with a very low voice and very politely. But they talk very loudly and very rough when they talk to their subordinates or some lower-level employees.
    We have to learn how to modulate our voice. We may have to talk at a high pitch when we talk to people who are having a hearing problem. At the same time, we should not talk at the same pitch when we talk to normal persons.

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