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    Is it necessary to give subsidized food to poor?

    Let's keep it a general discussion,
    A friend of mine was putting points that how we making lazy/irresponsible towards their growth by giving them subsidized food. If this is the case then how can we help them out to get benefits of the social scheme but with a responcibility. I think it extremely necessary to provide the resources to the poor who have not excess to this easily. By putting individuals dignity and self-respect.

    We generally criticize such a program. But can we discuss the best case where we can defeat hunger and make them responsible to lead their life to the next level of self-reliance?
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    Generally any Govt across the world will take care of its poor people in one way or other and giving subsidised food is one common way to achieve that good thing. The best alternative would had been to provide them a sustained job so that they come out of that poverty well and live life with dignity. But the fact is that providing jobs to crore of people is not a child's play and then the administration goes for easier measures like subsidised food. We have in our country a number of qualified as well as uneducated person looking for job and due to various reasons we are not able to provide them the same. When they do not get job then their empty mind goes to many activities which are not good for the society and out of that regime only many criminals are born. Some crime mafias take advantage of these situations and convert these people in terrorist or some other unwanted person in society. It is always a challenge for a populated country to keep its unemployed people engaged in constructive arena.
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    It is not at all good. Providing free food and free bees through different ways by governments make people lazy and make them unuseful to the nation. Make him learn how to catch fish rather than providing a fish for a day is not at all good. For poor governments can provide food for subsidized rates but not freely. Political parties mainly play these gimmicks to create vote banks for their win.

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    In some cases, it has been found that people are moving towards a laziness trend due to subsidies, and some international organizations are also pressuring India that subsidies should be stopped. In many cases, the entitlement of subsidy is not able to fully take advantage of it because middlemen involved in corruption also see their benefit first. If you really want to connect this poor class with the stream of development of society, then there should be a system of employment and fair salary along with a subsidy.

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    It is good to provide food to the people who are hungry. But it is still better if we can show them a way to earn their food. We can't provide free food to any person for life long. Instead all the state governments should try to see how to improve the employment chances to the people. They have to concentrate on industrialisation and wealth creation programmes. That will give scope for new jobs. Many people will get employment directly or indirectly.
    If we start giving free items to people they feel happy and they never feel like working.
    In some states, there are many pension schemes. Old-age pensions, unmarried ladies pension, unemployment pension etc. Wherefrom money will come for all these. All the taxes paid by us will be spent like this. So no development will take place. After some time the state will become bankrupt and there will not be money even for giving these pensions.

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    India is poor country and many are living with only one time meal and that is preferably taken during the lunch time and then they live with water the whole evening and night. On seeing this plight some NGO and temples are arranging free meal program in the afternoon and in Hyderabad we have Sai baba temples doing this service for the poor. By offering meal we are not making the poor lazy, we are helping out to ease their hungry. One thing is sure the person would work more efficiently when his stomach is full and not with anger. But when he is hungry, he may not work and get into health issues. And the ISCKON temple at Hyderabad are also providing meals to all the devotees and that includes affordable people and that should be avoided. In fact those who are rich should sponsor one meal per poor and that would mitigate the hunger.
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    Those who are earning a big amount for spending luxurious life only these people raise these issues why these poor people are given freebies. Freebies are given to political leaders. Billions of rupees are spent on the security of prominent leaders and officials. 8 lac crore rupees have been written off to corporates.
    What freebies are given to poor people e.g Rs 500/- per month is given to farmers as freebies whereas he pays 300/- per day to his labour for working in his field.
    Do you know our parliament canteen provides the best food to our MPs at cheap rates? Earlier they would pay much less amount in the canteen because they would be given Rs 17 crore subsidy on food. Now rates have been increased.

    Here's what our MPs pay:
    Items Cost (Rs)
    Bread and Butter 6
    Chapatti 2
    Chicken Curry 50
    Chicken cutlet (per plate) 41
    Tandoori Chicken 60
    Coffee 5
    Dosa Plain 12
    Fish Curry 40
    Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani 65
    Mutton Curry 45
    Rice (boiled) 7
    Soup 14

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    For example, present AP government lead by Mr.Jagan Reddy giving crores of rupees every month by transferring money to the accounts directly through various programs. For students, farmers, widows, old people, tailors, auto walas, various castes, mostly free ration, etc. Within two years the economy AP reached disastrous state. In order to create vote Bank permanently he is borrowing crores of money from everywhere and continuing these free bees. Usually below poverty line people will be around 20-25%. But in AP these free bees are given upto 65 to 70% and the people are producing false certificates. Government inorder to satisfy more people, allowing rich people also into this category. Due to this development of state got worsened and the honest people got suffered.

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    In my opinion we are opposing the free distribution but are we as a society are able to give them respectful employment education to nurture quality of their life. As one of the response very well said that as we are populous country and its very tricky to make all with proper employment. This schemes needs to continue. But keeping vote bank politics a side. One should work for concrete change in underprivileged fellow citizens.
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