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    Placing blame on others and accepting blame for others

    In a house where there are more children, there would surely be commotion, face-offs, quarrels and even fights and the intelligent children would escape the blame game and one who is a bit meek would be caught and held responsible. That child accepts the burden of blame even though not committed by him.

    Even in the office, such things would happen and we are blamed for no fault of ours. It is natural that we make omissions and errors while doing the work, and we must be gracious enough to admit that we made the mistake. But instead, there are people who defend their wrong work in such a way that they have done the right and put the blame on someone who is innocent.

    Actually, such people, even children, are developing a wrong practice and not adhering to ethics. There is nothing wrong with admitting our mistakes and then explaining why we went wrong.

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    True. We see such people many in office. They will try to make somebody scapegoat for their faults. All depends on the mentality and the nature of the individual. I have seen many people in my service who throw the blame on others. I know people who lost jobs because of mistakes committed by their seniors or colleagues.
    During a [project implementation in a company the directors made a rule that no bill should be kept pending for more than 20 days. The accounts manager completed the verification and kept it for passing to the General Manager. But General Manager did not see that. The supplier went to the Director and told him about the pending bills. He phoned up the GM and asked for the reasons. He told that nothing is pending with him and he said it may be pending with Accounts. Immediately the Director fired the Accounts Manager and dismissed him without giving him a chance for his explanation. The GM made the Accounts Manager a scapegoat.
    It may happen in houses also but it may be a very rare issue in the houses.

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    Blame it on others is the bad trait being practised by many.
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    This happens in workplaces often and is a method used by the clever people and the simple and gullible suffer from those tricks. Shifting blame from one to other is an old age technique to escape from the responsibility.
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    Some people may be of this sort who do mistakes and put blame on others for these mistakes but how it is possible that any other person can be blamed for a mistake that he has not committed. It may be possible if a person is highly influential or powerful and the victim is weak and he can't influence others.
    When any blunders or scams occur in any company or any government department, then mostly lower staff is blamed for it and higher authorities are not called to book. This is a normal trend in the business sector. Although higher authorities must be liable and accountable for what irregularities happen within their jurisdiction, yet scenario emerges otherwise.
    If this blame game is limited to lower staff then it is the responsibility of senior officials to look into this matter to find out who the real perpetrator is. This is very necessary to take decision quite honestly to keep working environment conducive for work. Discrimination based on any factor will not give good results.

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    This thread has another aspect which the author has taken it too that somebody commits any mistake and blames on others and some of them don't oppose of false blame on them and take this responsibility despite not committing that mistake which they have been blamed for.
    This kind of activity is not feasible in normal life because practically I don't think if anybody will take responsibility of mistake which he hasn't commit though.
    However this scenario is possible in movies and stories where friends or brothers or parents took responsibility for the sake of their love or affection or intense feelings or in some cases for the sake of money etc and it all happens voluntarily and sometimes, such a person appears out of thin air for confession and startle everybody even the perpetrator. In some old movies hilarious situation is created when both of them claiming to have committed the crime, appealing in the court to punish him instead of his beloved one, in the meantime the story takes twist and then third party is caught as the real culprit.

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    Putting your mistakes on others is the easiest but wrong way. Sparring or arguing with someone is not a bad thing because most of us are normal human beings, in which emotions are temporary. Neither a person is always bad with anyone nor can always be good. But in the event of not getting the same idea or arguments, when we want to satisfy our Ego by proving ourselves right by giving full blame on the front after the debate. Whereas the person who admits his mistake can also be respected in front of the person. Without admitting your mistake it cannot be rectified, blaming is easy but meaningless, it never interests you.

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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author's thread, dated 21st (now deleted), on placing blame on others has been combined with this thread.
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