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    How to make the labels foolproof?

    I was watching the label of the product carefully and noticed the word original written on it, somewhere below the description, in bold font. The product is of a famous brand and I purchased it from an authentic shop and that's why I am not raising any doubt about the originality. I verified the labels of the same one available elsewhere and found the same word original mentioned on it. Nowadays, the printing technology and also the tactics of dubious people are so advanced that any kind of label may be accurately copied without much effort. The mention of the word original is there on many products and there are some advertisements that claim their products are the original ones. Now the question is how to make those labels foolproof so that they will be impossible to duplicate? Hologram labels are a good idea but the cost is a factor for small companies. If it is only a simple hologram sticker then also it is easily available and anybody can use it. Members, what may be the best way to create foolproof labels, any idea?
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    Product counterfeiting is a quite common practice all over. Nowadays it becomes very difficult to know about the product whether it is the original one or the replica of the original product. Merely printing original labels on the product is not sufficient. Although hologram is an effective anti-counterfeiting technique that is also very difficult for suspicious people to copy them. The hologram technique is safer because of its constant advancement. Another point that nowadays companies should add some unique product numbers on their all products that can be verified from their websites. Customers can visit the company website/app to inquiry that if the product is authentic or not. I have seen few companies are already doing this.

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    Labels and stickers are to deceive and mislead the gullible people. There is so much counterfeiting and duplication that it becomes difficult to distinguish between the original product and the fake one. I have sen some shopkeepers removing the old sticker and putting a new sticker with new expiry date. Some of them do not bother to remove the earlier sticker and just paste the new sticker just on top of it and cover it. So, these are the bad practices going on in this world and consumer is the sufferer. One thing that one can try is buy items from a reputed shop and then the chances are there that we might get good genuine items. Putting labels in holograms is also a good idea. Another thing I have observed is that there are some small coloured beautiful stickers that some fruit vendors put one each on their fruits and the consumer becomes very impressed with them. How these stickers are related to the quality of that product is anybody's guess.
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    Hilograms/ labels, design etc are known to us. If we are purchasing any product for the first time, we should purchase it from any reliable outlet/shop. Bargaining will expose reality of the product because there is no hope of bargaining on an original product. We can take help of our friends or relatives who have been using the same product for a long time or those who always use original product

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    Labelling is very important. It gives an idea about the product and its manufacturer. In medicines, on each strip, we see the name of the company that produced .This will make the purchaser be confident while purchasing the product. But some companies try to deceive people by making mane very much similar to that of a product in the market which is established well. Coding will help defnietely help thi type of issues. Duplicatin a code is very difficult and it will be specific to the manufacturer.
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    Labelling has become more important for the companies and they take huge actions and responsibility and even spend more on the same. What I have seen over the period of the time that embossing company trade mark or their water mark would be placed prominently on the packs, order ID and even on the packages, so that there is no question of duplicates and counterfiet. Some companies use the holograms which cannot be copied or imitated so there is no question of dupplicate products. But some years back the weights and measures department across raids in the country has come across the duplicate variety of Nirma detergent powder and siezed the products. But the company does not taken the lebelling seriously and thus many started producing the products. Now the company has learned the secrets of business.
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