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    Story: A precious gift!

    Raghu, a 12-year-old boy with parents as well as a 15-year-old niece, used to live with his parents. Raghu is a student, as his younger sister has just started 10th grade. Raghu's father is a businessman who used to go on business trips all over the world, and his mother is a stay-at-home mother.

    Raghu is celebrating his birthday with a significant number of friends who came to the party and offered him numerous presents, as well as Raghu's parents and sister who also brought him a gift. Raghu was delighted by the many gifts he got on his birthday.

    Raghu got a police patrol car toy that works, produces a siren, and glows as he opened all of the gifts. He treasures the gift he got from all. Raghu's father went to another place for businesses one day, left his sister and mother home.

    One night, there was a power failure in Raghu's house, and someone knocked on the door, and Raghu's mother awakened from her sleep, believing his husband would arrive, and went on to open the door as Raghu and his sister awoke from their slumber. Raghu's sister advises his mother not to open the door and urges her to inquire as to who is on the other side.

    As the thieves are not responding to the Raghu mother's voice as Raghu's sister slowly opens the window and saw who is outside and identified some persons immediately she notifies her mother and her brother.

    Raghu immediately went to his toy rack and chose the police patrol vehicle car toy to begin. The toy immediately begins with a siren sound and illuminates the darkroom. Since the robbers assumed that the residents had alerted the police, they fled the scene.

    They unlocked the way its next morning to see some cookies sprayed outside, and the stray dogs in had fall asleep eating those biscuits, which was why they had stopped barking. Raghu's family confirms that the robbers arrived at their home that night.

    As Raghu's father arrived at his house, the family members told him what happened the night previous, and he admired his children's efforts, courage, and intelligence, and he instantly informed the police. The police arrived and investigated the surroundings and collected the clues, and with those clues, the robbers were apprehended.

    Raghu and his sister got bravery awards on November 14 from the President.
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    Children of this modern age are smart enough. They are watching, listening such news stories which have made them alert and aware of such anti social elements. Un this story a mother has been shown as more vulnerable than a small girl. The story is about Raghu and his family but his sister is the real hero in this story. Raghu was also given bravery award along with his sister in this story.
    I think this story encourages young children to be brave .

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    The common sense used by the children in this narration is really remarkable. This is the presence of mind that saves us many times from the impending dangers. We must inculcate in our children this trait of thinking and observing things using their intelligence and mind. Today we are living in a world where criminal activities are going on in the areas of drug trafficking, child trafficking, robberies, murders for which someone pays the murderers a big amount, thefts of high magnitude, frauds, corrupt practices, cyber crimes, and many others and it is imperative that children should be aware of them from an early age so that when they grow they learn to protect themselves from these criminals.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The presence of mind used by both the children should be appreciated. All know that when somebody is knocking at the door in the night, we should not open the door. But the mother forgot that. But both the children used their brains and managed to get rid of the problem. We may have many things useful for the moment with us. But we don't remember them when there is a need. But the boy remembered the toy and used it in time so that the thieves will run away. Good story from the author. WHat you have is not important but how you use it is more important.
    always confident

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    The author has to be complemented for penning a story which deals with confident children and their usage of their presence of mind which goes a long way to help parents in the future. Every parent feels that their children should be on par and in fact one step ahead than other children and in that process they create ways and means to acheive the target. On the other hand the children should feel the responsibilities reposed by their parents and they should stand on that expectations. No parent want a non performing children and this thread has all ingredients of the good children.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After reading this thread, I remembered a Bollywood, a Hindi song," Chota Baccha Janke Humko Na Samjhana Re". In fact, how many small and innocent children face big problems with great courage and without fear. Children must develop the quality of learning to be fearless and to move forward for the benefit of others and for themselves. The movie "Home Alone" also tells of the bravery of the child. Just as some children are automatically fearless, in the same way, that some children are quite afraid, in such a situation, parents should increase the spirit of fearlessness in their children. If a child is afraid of a person or event, do not force him to do it, talk to your child and know why he is afraid of him. Children are innocent and any particular event has a bad effect on their mind and can be feared forever in their mind. Raghu and his sister avoided a major accident with great prudence and cleverness.

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