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    Have at least one confident person in your life

    When it comes life and existing, we are more dependent on relations and others. And in terms of others we need at least one confident person within our reach so that we can hold discussions, get out of problem, attend confident building measures thereby controlling the impending dangers with great abilities. But most of us has friends who are just persons and not so confident to our levels and thus keep low profile. What is your view on this matter ? Do you have any confident person in the life on whom you can shoulder the good and bad moves of your life and get the right kind of advise ?
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    Interesting post by the author. We as human beings require emotional support, counselling, and other such things from other people in our lives whether they belong to our family, relation, or friend circle. We cannot trust on everyone for personal matters and their solutions as many of them just make a laugh on that and dismiss that as the protrusions of immature minds. So, we have to sometime search for someone with whom we can confide our sorrows and share our happiness. Many people are lucky that they get some friends like that who help and guides them through such times in the life. Then there are some who get a family member itself for that redressal. I have seen many people having close friendship with their father and there is no surprise if the father was the role model for those persons. It may not be a common thing but people have such people within their family. For having such a person in ones life also demands mutual faith and confidence on each other and their individual behaviour should remain same whether they meet us in public or individually. What I mean to say is that the reliability factor is of utmost importance here.
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    A very good idea has been given by the author, it is true that people always make the most of discussions about self-confidence but never to include a confident person in their life. It is very important that we remain confident and be able to make our own decisions, but it is equally important that we have a person who can help in our Delima situation and who we can fully trust. This special person can be anyone, friend, guardian, sibling, or any other person who has made you more confident in your decisions. When choosing a person, it is important to choose the person who is really confident in taking the right decision, rather than flattering you by agreeing on everything you do. A Confident person who has had many experiences himself always proves to be a good companion.

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    A confident person should be there always. The husband and wife should be confident persons to each other. They should be able to discuss all the matters with each other and tale suggestions and opinions. That will make their bond strengthened and their lives will be more comfortable.
    If it comes to career and other matters we should be able to discuss all the matters clearly at least with a person so that we can have his opinion also. The person whom we trust should be able to keep the things confidentially and should not discuss them with others. We should select such a person only.
    In different phases of our lives, we will be making friends with different people. Similarly, our confident person may also change as we change from one phase to another phase in our lives.

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    Apart from wife and husband , another confident person is the dire need.
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    Generally, everybody has any confidence in his life - once or twice but often that confidence breaks deep confidence which snatches confidence in friendship. I absolutely confirm that we should never divulge our secrets to our friends. I have a bitter experience in this regard. However, we have good friends with whom we share our happiness and moments of sorrows and sufferings and we find peace with them. A good friend makes us feel comfortable and in a safe zone. Life without friends is devoid of any colour of happiness. Good friends are our assets. If we are in the problem he understands our problem, feels it deeply and tries his best to solve it and sometimes, without informing us he brings a solution to the problem we are facing.
    Friendship is founded on confidence and sterling faith in each other. This confidence should never be contravened under any circumstances because if this confidence is shattered, it collapses the whole edifice of friendship.

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