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    Live a life with full of enthusiasm.

    We should keep our life full of enthusiasm, it is said that enthusiasm is like life for any task. Just as it is necessary to have a soul in the body, similarly it is always necessary to have enthusiasm in our mind to live a happy life or for doing any work. Many times the enthusiasm we feel at the beginning of our goals, starts decreasing over time, but we should keep it at the same level from where it started. Moving forward on the path, your enthusiasm should not be reduced. There are some circumstances that are out of our control but we should not let ourselves be discouraged in the time of those situations. The day the enthusiasm for life decreases, the chances of losing will also increase with that day. Be as enthusiastic as possible and also encourage the people around you, because you may not know that but your enthusiastic life also gives hope to others.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to the ongoing Hindi serial on the Star plus called Anupama, where in the aged couples are about to be divorced and only 48 hours left. Though the house members are against this divorce and want to stop any how , but the lady entering into wedlock wants the divorce for sure. But Anupama takes the thing easy and says to the children that 48 hours is more for her to celebrate and live in happiness and that positive note is very praise worthy. We should live our life in full and have the entusiasm on every work done, so that we enjoy the work, time is passed and life goes.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with the author that we should live our life with enthusiasm and zeal. Such a person will always be in a happy mood. He is an optimist and gives a clear and loud message to the entire human community to be happy and optimist. Life should be lived as it deserves to be lived. I have come across such people who are always happy, even in a situation when they are facing any big problem or crisis they mever show blue faces rather they always show that they are happy and everything is o.k. these people encourage their family members or colleagues to work happily and never be distracted from the mission. They say bad time does not stay longer, sooner it will pass, and new hope of day will emerge.
    Some of them appear to be like a powerhouse or a place of energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes, they surprise me how a person can have so much courage that he never leaves his hope.

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    It is a very interesting subject and I will like to take this opportunity to elaborate as how the enthusiasm is generated in our lives. I agree that we should have enthusiasm in our lives failing which life will be a burden and will be so dull. Enthusiasm is generally generated by engaging oneself in constructive and positive activities which result in value addition and creation. When we do a job we are too much happy with the end result and feel elated that we were able to complete it and achieve the desired result. Failures will also be there but we have to attempt again and again in modified ways and ultimately we will get what we want. A busy person who is always be pursuing creative indulgences would also gain enthusiasm as a by product of those positive endeavours. Once enthusiasm is there one will try to take up newer and newer ventures in ones life.
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    When we have an interest in what we are doing, enthusiasm will develop automatically. We will try to reach the top and we will not leave any chance to prove our knowledge. Enthusiasm makes us innovative and we will always try ways and means to complete the work ahead of others. That will give us happiness. If we have no interest in the work we may not take the pains to complete the work and always try to find out a reason to stop that. So there will not be any enthusiasm. As we see success in our works we will become more enthusiastic and try to do more works so that we will get recognition.
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    It is important to stay determined and keep rolling to achieve the target that one has set in life. Enthusiasm and positivity always help a person achieve commendable success in life. Life is a difficult journey where a person has to stay optimistic to get through the perfidious journey of life. Without enthusiasm, success is impossible in life.

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