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    How to score good marks in 2nd year BDS?

    I am a student of 2nd-year BDS. I want to know how to prepare for the 2nd-year exams to get good marks as this year we have so many subjects to study.
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    If the author is talking about BDS or the dental science course it is same as the MBBS and the students need to prepare for more as the subjects are more. It is given to understand that the first year has the most practicals to do and the second year has more studies and writing. Therefore the author must be prepared to go for all out study in this year. As the colleges wont be there, the online studies has to be considered and coaching need to be taken to mitigate any back log of studies. Be in contact with your faculty for any help and surely your group of students would be helpful to you.
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    Scoring good marks in any exam including second year BDS is a matter of hard work only. I understand that the syllabus is exhaustive and selective study will also not help. But the basic rule of preparing for exam remains the same. That says that one has to start early in the session and try to cover the syllabus and then also try to get time for at least one revision. That is the only way to grasp the things for a better performance in the exam. I have seen some science students especially in Mathematics group who do 2-3 revisions and then their score is also very high.
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    You have to prepare well for the examinations. Don't waste time. Start studying the subjects early. understand the subject well and then it will become easy for you to remember the subject for long. If any doubts are there don't hesitate to get them cleared by contacting your seniors or your teachers. Try to answer old question papers of at least 3 or 4 years. That will help you in managing the time to answer all the questions in time. You will also understand the pattern in which the questions are being framed.
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    Sunidhi, the only way out to score good marks in any exam is to prepare your lessons well in advance and leave sufficient time for revision as the exam approaches. Read and understand your subjects properly and do not leave any room for doubts. In short, don't wait for the exams to knock on your doors to open your books.

    If you have any further or specific doubts in this connection, you may post a query with sufficient details like when is your exams scheduled and what is the issue that you are facing etc in our Ask Experts section under the appropriate category so that our experts would be able to guide you in this regard.

    I am locking this thread for the time being to avoid repetition of suggestions.

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