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    The importance of prayer is more important than religion.

    People of different religions live by following the rules of their respective religions and teach the same religion to the next generation and this happens not in any specific religion but in all. In every religious book, they tell about the great qualities of their favorite deity and we start worshiping the same God.

    But whatever the religion, whatever the way of worshiping in it, but what is most important is the faith and feelings of a devotee. There is no harm in imparting knowledge of religion but it is more important than the next generation should be taught to pray in front of that superpower. A prayer that not only for their own interest, but that includes the interest and welfare of all human beings along with all other living beings,

    The situation in today's world is a great example, where not only on the basis of religion but only because of true prayer, people have hoped that soon all will be well and that superpower will surely listen to our prayers.
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    When ever we confront with the big challenge or big problem we seek the divine interventions, no matter what ever be the faith. But I have seen and expereinced that nothing can match the group prayers or seeking the God's help. The reason being Christians do the mass with group of people, the Muslims offer prayers in Jamat, and the Hindus pray at the temples in groups are nothing but seeking the divine blessings for the good living of all. That is why the elders used to say that out of one lakh sinners even one good person who seek divine blessing is enough to safe guard even the wrong doers.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    All religions teach some common good teachings and the most important teaching is that followers of their religion should become good human beings. We are not born to show cruelty but kindness to the rest of the world. All creations are equal as creatures to God. Some people are found in every religious community who are bigots and help other religious people. Hatred is not taught in any religion. We need to learn some basics. Anybody can be a learned person but he doesn't know to kindness to all creatures he is not a good human. We are required to spread a message of peace, harmony and brotherhood. This is the most important duty of every individual.

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    All religions will teach the same. The whole world should be good. All should be good and I should also be there in the all. This way one should pray to God. Then definitely the divine power will help us. When you seek the welfare of society it speaks about your concern about society. Positive response will be seen for such prayers.
    All people pray their God based on their religion. But here prayer is common. All religions will tell us that we should do prayers for getting the good wishes of the divine God/ The way of worship and prayer may be different.

    always confident

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    Religion is the conduit between a person and the almighty. By following the religion a person can remain in touch with that supreme power of Godhead or the entity as described and depicted in one's religion. Religion and way of worshipping might differ but the main thing is to meditate and remember that power which has created this universe and supplying it the massive energy with which the whole universe is energised and surviving. Prayer is the essence of worshipping. It is the simplest route to approach that supreme power in ones own ways. Prayer is very powerful because it provides zeal and vigour to the person who is praying.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I personally feel that humanity is more important than prayer or religion. Helping hands are more useful than praying lips. Who is following the religious teachings? People are becoming religious fanatics. I wish people to become human in nature.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Of course, prayer is more important than religion. It is a process that gives people peace of mind. It is faith in an invisible force - which is called God - that draws everyone to prayer. Everyone prays for something to receive we do not have, and we hope and want to get. But it is without saying that some pray regularly as a mechanical process. The mind of the praying person longs for the fulfillment of a desire. That is why they have dedicated themselves (their minds and bodies) to God's favor. The praying person desire not to get wrong deeds to us and not done to others by us. There will be faith in that concept of God. It is that belief that motivates them to pray. The Bible says, "faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." (Hebrews 11:1) The prayers themselves are varied. Some people go to any of the worship centers and prays every day to show others that he is a devotee. Some of the bylaws of worship centers will direct that the caretakers may pray in time every day. So some like to show it to others with constant prayer. But my personal belief is that only prayer with faith in God only in order.
    In this time of the Covid epidemic, a large section of the population, including young people, will be interested in the prayer with faith, which will alleviate the unbearable suffering on earth.
    "Prayer is Power"

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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