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    If you are a keen observer, then new ideas do emanate for sure

    People always ask that they lack for new ideas and new innovations to which they need the suggessions and tips. According to me if you are a keen observer of things happenning in front of you, ideas do emanate and new thoughts would be forth coming. The music directors and even the lyrisists go to the seculed place and think of new ideas and some times they draw their imaginations from the nature and being silent area, the mind also works fast on the thought process. And even the early morning wee hours would help you to get new ideas.
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    I do agree though but I think coming with new ideas in mind depends on interest. If you have interest new ideas will come up out of thin air regardless of observing or watching something or not, If you have no interest no thought or idea will ever emerge.
    E.g. Poets of nature like William Wordsworth or Sumitra Nandan Pant would believe in nature as an independent living entity. They would be listening to nature and they would nature talked to them and they could compose deep poems about nature. John Keates who died at a very young age could not give huge poetic works but his literary works are much better than many other famous poets who gave large volumes of their poetry or other literary works. He had an amazing quality as a poet which hardly any other poet had that he had spontaneity in his poetry. The reason is that ideas would come into his mind and he would pen them down, he would never rectify or check his work. This is why his poetry witnesses his original thoughts and ideas.

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    When our mind is not pleasant and the atmosphere is not encouraging we will not get innovative ideas. The environment should be conducive to get the best output. Even when we work in our office if the atmosphere is not good we can't perform well.
    In a factory on the shop floor, the management arranged speakers and started playing music with a very mild voice. They found that the quality of the product improved and output also increased. When we have no worries in our mind and when we are not anxious, definitely we can show better potential.
    Sometimes when we sit alone forgetting all other issues and keep our mind focused on a particular issue, we will get very beautiful tips to decide on the way to go ahead. If we start meditating, we can get trained our mind on focusing on a particular issue.

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    A keen observer and relaxed mind would sure help get a lot of new ideas. Infatuated imagination would provide an amazing thought process and equips a person with great ideas. It is true people face mental block and are unable to write a sentence for many days and it can prolong for months together. But as you very well said keen observation would help to break the block and restore the lost touch of writing ideas. We should also write with a relaxing mind, things can't work well when done under pressure. So, a very well thread by the author, I endorse the claim to be a keen observer and gather ideas endlessly to write without facing any problems.

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    As other members have also pointed out, the most crucial thing in this aspect is interest and inclination in the matter and of course observation also plays a vital role in getting new ideas. Human mind is very mysterious in some ways especially when we require it to find new ideas and means for doing a work. Normally it does not cooperate with us and sits like a dull child but when we force it and hammer it repeatedly it gives in and starts generating new ideas which become the source of creativity and production. Some people are too simplistic. They just move around without noticing anything while some are very sharp and note down everything like a detective sleuth. These latter types are the ones who derive new things from their observations.
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    I agree with the author, we should adopt the technology of keen observation and people who have this tendency have a wealth of innovative ideas. This is not a very difficult task, for this we need to think calmly and in a comfortable situation for any object or event or living being. When we think completely with a relaxed mind, we automatically become a bond with nature and this bond gives us a new ability to think. Probably because when we share ideas with nature different from the world, in return we get many more ideas which are also capable of bringing a big change in the society or in the world. Many times we are confused about our own capabilities because we have less confidence in ourselves but when we learn to observe things, then in a true sense we start observing ourselves, and by recognizing our own capabilities our confidence also increases.

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