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    Why the fathers wont help the children in studies ?

    When ever I meet a bright student and good performing student, I used to ask what were the reasons and who were instrumental for their superlative performance. Invariably the answer would be mother, teacher and friends help that make him go through the challenges of studies. When I asked about the father, they tell that they do not get any help except paying the fees and attending the parent teacher meeting. But in our case we both took the care of education and learning and what about you and your children. Your sincere revelation would be appreciated.
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    I appreciate the author for bringing out issues meticulously in his posts and giving us an opportunity to give our opinion and remark on that. The present post is about a fact that I have also observed and the probable reason for that could be that generally father will be busy in his workplace in making his own career as so much competition is there nowadays that any diversion would bring a detrimental affect on the promotions and future career of the particular person. I remember that during a phase in my active service period, I was so busy, for a few years of course, that I was attending duties till late evenings and even on holidays and was not able to take care of any matter in the household what to say of teaching the children. There could be some other reasons also but this one seems to be the prominent one.
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    I agree that it is often seen that a mother plays an important role in raising a child and helping him in his study whereas the father is found absent and the reason is obvious that father, in such families, is the main source of income. He has big responsibilities to support his family. Nowadays maintaining living standard as it seems to be difficult because the expenditure rate is going up. Education of children is extremely difficult to provide. Good schools charge huge amounts for giving education. A father keeps running how to earn more money so that he may give better education to his children and a more comfortable life for his family. When he hires a tutor for his children then why he should also spare some hours to teach his children. I don't think a father must teach his children. If the mother is well educated there is no need for any tutor also

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    It is true that this is the situation in most of the families in Indian society because the mother is more responsible for the education of her children. In fact, some rituals are still going on in the traditional form. In the earlier times, when the father used to do the office and the mother used to do the housework, then the mother was always available at home because she had full responsibility for the children. But now the time has changed and due to the job of both the mother and father, the life of both of them is busy, in such a situation, the children remain dependent on small tuition and school. There are exceptions in some families where both parents are equally aware of the education of the child.

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    It is true. In many cases, fathers will not guide the children in their education matters. The reasons may be many and may differ from person to person.
    I used to start at 7.30 AM from the house to the factory and was back by 8.00 PM. All 6 days it was the situation. After coming home again I used to coordinate with other departments of Head office. I used to be free by 10 PM. Only on Sunday, I used to have some time. So my wife was only taking care of the studies of my two sons. But on Sundays, I used to spend some time with them to sort out their doubts in Mathematics. All other subjects my wife used to complete.
    All parents may not be able to guide their children in all the subjects. So some parents will opt for tuitions to their wards so that the tutor will take care of them.

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    Are the children afraid to approach father for the help ?
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    Yes. we were afraid of going to our father for any reason. He used to be very strict in the house. If anything was required to go to our mother only and she used to ask our father. If he finds anything wrong with us he used to shout at us. Hence we were scared. But he taught me Sanskrit during my childhood. I studied Amarakosam and Sabdamanjari. He used to teach with a lot of patience and see that I will become conversant with the subject.
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