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    Care and Share according to, or beyond, our situations.

    The traveler saw the boy selling newspapers at the railway station. He wanted to buy the newspaper but turned it down because he had no money to change in hand. However, the boy handed him a newspaper as if he understood his interest. It laid in the traveler's mind. Years later, that old traveler became very rich. He remembered the boy who had given him the newspaper in the past. He wanted to see him. He was found at the end of his search. He was told: "Ask for anything in return for giving me the newspaper for free on that day". He replied, "You can not re-pay for that. What I gave when I was poor, and what you give when you became a millionaire cannot be replaced".

    Helping should not be based on financial status, it should be based on mentality. Once you reach a certain financial level, no one who thinks they can help others will help anyone. No one will ever think that they are in a position to help others. Only those who are able to identify the condition of the person who deserves help beyond their own condition can become true helpers.
    No help is really replaceable. Every help is received in a state of helplessness. For those who have been helped when they have no other way, what can do to pay off that debt? People who are well-placed in all ways are often helped others to gain fame and name. The acts of kindness and mercy that are done to gain fame, only lose the self-esteem and dignity of many who receive it. Great gentlemen are those who extend a helping hand without anyone knowing. They will share according to, or beyond their own situations.
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    The topic care and share raised by the author can be inferred in many ways. That all may not have the trait of care and share. If some has this great habit, they are being stopped and driven from that thought by persons who does not want to get name and fame. And the last league of persons are those who first see their needs and suffice and then then reach out to others. And there are people who just promises of care and share but never indulge. So this world is moving around with traits of above kind and truly the real care and share is missing because everyone is now confronting the situation of very survival first of themselves and later think about others. In this new thought process people who were once great donors in the past are sulking and became cunning to live on their own and there fore there is shortage of care and share.
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    An inspirational story has been shared by the author. It is absolutely true that the spirit that matters is not the status of the person helping. When a person is able to do more for you than his capacity, then it has a simple meaning that that person is a great personality, even if he can help a little. For the person who bought the paper, he was a medium to know the news of one day but for the giving boy that paper was his means of income and that boy shared the passenger income which only a great thinking person can do. But a positive point is also that the traveler does not forget that help in future, otherwise many people do not give special value to such help. Help is a means that makes us feel like we are human beings, but when you help someone and after that, you make him/her realized the same again and again, this nor right, help seems more effective if done without any mean.

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    A nice story and is giving a very good message to all of us. Helping to the needy and as per the circumstances is something that few people do but those who practice this are the real samaritans of our society. I remember one incident of my college days when one of our poor friend, whose father died long back, was residing in a single room in a nearby village and was cooking himself needed some help as he was waiting for the money that his uncle used to send him every month and was delayed a few days that month. He told us his problem and wanted a few items for managing the next 4-5 days by which time he would be getting the money order from his uncle. We noted the items he wanted and three of us shared that and asked our parents for that and as these were some small items which our parents happily gave and we went to him and gave him the things so that he could manage the week ahead. That boy became a doctor later and still remembers those days and thanks us regularly. People remember anything good done to them.
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    There are still many persons in the societies lending their hands to support the poor people in the hours of crisis. During my school day, one of my colleagues hailing from a poor class family was not in a position to afford the tuition fee and other related expenses while continuing his studies. To our surprise, our Principal of school provided him shelter and food so that he could continue his studies smoothly. The Principal was impressed with his outstanding consistent performance and as such he would not like to see any dislocation in his studies. The boy managed to pass his secondary school examination with brilliant marks and later providing the entire expenses for his medical studies, he could get a MBBS degree. The entire credit for his achievement was due to the support of the Principal. However, this boy remained obliged to the Principal till the Principal was alive.

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    When you are full donating the excess food to somebody will never be equal to donating food when you are hungry and have just sufficient to you. When you have crores of rupees donating a few rupees may not be a problem.
    A poor man donating some money for a good cause is more appreciable than Ambani giving a few thousand rupees for the same cause.
    In the pandemic situation last year many people came forward to help others by providing food to the needy. In our village, a few young boys teamed up and started food distribution every day to the needy. Initially, they started with food for 20 people every day. Later they went up to 100 people for a day. They accepted small donations and used to display board near the place where are distributing the food. They conducted that camp for almost 5 months.

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    Those people who are raised in such family environment where they are taught to help other people qualities of a philanthropist are developed in them. They think about welfare of people. They work for the commonweal and their activities centre around benefits for the mankind. But in modern age our social environment is clouded with matrialistic thinking, this is why our young generation is losing human touch.
    If anybody visits our home for any kind of help e.g. if any needy person comes and ask for some help we give money to our children to give it to him. This is what we have learnt from our parents.

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