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    Story:A hawker's balancing act!

    Over the summer, there's a hawker who sold mangoes. He used to keep his hawker on an end-of-the-row house because everyone used to buy mangoes from the hawker because they're of good quality.

    Often, if the customer is dissatisfied and wants to return the mangoes, he will take those mangoes and return the money to the buyer, or he will give him the same number of mangoes.

    Because of his legacy, everybody took the mangoes from him, making it easier for the hawker to sell the mangoes in that colony.

    One day, the hawker got a fever and has been unable to go to sell the mangoes, and it was the peak season for his business; if he couldn't do the business, he would perish, and he sent his son to sell the mangoes.

    His son began selling mangoes in the same colony, and as the days passed, he came to a halt outside a fabric and shoe store after seeing a new pair of shoes and clothing, and he wanted to buy those shoes and clothes, but they were very pricey.

    As he wanted to buy those shoes and a pair of clothes but didn't have enough money, he went home and had an idea. He calculated on paper how much he could sell those mangoes for so that he could buy the clothes and shoes, as he wrote on the paper and placed it on the table.

    As he went to sell the mangoes, he used to double the price of the mangoes for buying his shoes and clothes, and also the buyers hardly questioned why he was doubling the price? because they knew he was their hawker's son.

    He used to cheat by placing tamarind underneath the weighing machine so fewer mangoes were weighed for the quantity requested by the consumer.

    After a few days, the hawker returns from Illness saw the paper on the table and was perplexed about what his son was doing. He took all of the spare money in cash right away.

    As the Hawker recovered from his sickness, he called his son and said he would take care of his business and ask him to assist his mother at home. With that money, the hawker buys extra mangoes, not from his farm, and adds them to his pasture mangoes before going to the colony and making an offer of (buy 1 and get 1 free). The colony people are stunned, and they immediately buy all the mangoes.

    He went to the showroom where his son wanted to buy new clothes and shoes and demanded that they be packed. He went to his home, and his son was wandering about the money he has stored, and then when he can not find it, he put on a pale face. Once his father arrived at the house, he called his son to come out of the room and gave him a birthday gift. Whenever the son opened them, he found a new pair of clothes and shoes.

    When the son learned what his father did, he vowed that he would never ever defraud consumers for his desires or needs.
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    Returning the item which a customer does not like and the shop keeper/seller takes this item back and permits his customer to take another item in place of it or return him the cost of the item if the customer does not like another sitem instead. This is quite uncommon and an exceptional thing.
    Another quality of the seller has been shown in this story is his honesty. He never cheats his customers, so his customers have full faith in him but his son has been shown as a bad and dishonest person.
    Him being a dishonest son of an honest father is also not a very common incident.

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    What I could learn and appreciate the hawker trait that he wants to retain and regain the customer confidence no matter they keep on returning the mangoes for cash back and that earned him good reputation which facilitated him to sell the mangoes sitting at once place. Normally the hawkers has to move around and sell the produce where as this person earned the customer satisfaction of good after sales service and that is were he liked over other hawkers. And the story also tells about the difference between the father and son traits. Here we have to know the generation gap and the behavioral pattern. In many homes we find the difference of father behavior with that of the son and that was well mentioned by the author and congrats for this write up which brings in varied thought process while reading the story.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Even if there is a shortage of money, a man should never take the wrong path. We all want to fulfill our desires but for that, we should move in the right direction. By working hard and diligently, we can achieve our goals, needs, and desires. Taking the wrong path, cheating others, and doing their own interest, in such a person can never live a satisfied and happy life. In the story, the author has told about the different thinking of two persons living in the same situation in the same family. While on the one hand, the father was honest and hardworking, on the other hand, his son wanted to fulfill his one wish by earning money as quickly as possible by shortcuts way. There is no end of desire in life, even if we complete a wish through the wrong path, then a new wish will come, then it is better to find a new wrong path than that the person should start with a good way, which may take some time but the end is always good.

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    This is a good story and have a high moral value. The author has tried to depict the facades of many opposite and conflicting characteristics like honesty, dishonesty, cheating, and caring for the customers. The father has put up an example to the boy that what honesty means and how it is important in our lives. Cheating will work for some time and when the people find that the hawker's son is charging more and doing all sort of wrong doings then a time will come when he will lose the business miserably and someone else will take his place. Reputation is very important in the business.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A very nice story from the author highlighting the importance of being honest in business. The father got a very good reputation by being very reasonable to all the customers. For any businessman, customer satisfaction is very important. If the customers are not happy with you or with your product you can't do any business. Caring for the customer is a must for any person who wants to do good in their business.
    In our street, there is a Kirana shop. The shop owner gives all the items at the same price that we get at other big malls. By purchasing from him we are saving time. No increase in expenses and no commuting is required. If we call him and tell him the requirement he will send it to our houses in the colony and charges nothing for that. These advantages made the customers happy. So this shop is doing very good business. He says that more turnover will give him good profit.

    always confident

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