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    "Restore our Earth". Today is international Earth Day.

    Today is international Earth Day. Destroying the forest, filling up the wetlands, and knocking down the hills, the thought of entering is paving the way for all the destruction of nature. The drastic measures taken to combat the Covid-19 virus will also have to be taken for the recovery of the land. The main question this Earth Day raises is whether the authorities are ready for it. When the health of nature is lost then man is no more or human habitation becomes impossible. We need to change the perception that the earth's resources are limitless and can be exploited anyway. This Covid period is drawing attention to the urgency facing the earth, including climate change. The situation is such that it is impossible to say what will be left.
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    Earth is the only planet in our solar system where elife is possible, due to this house, we all have life in existence today. Just as we are indebted to our parents that we have received this birth because of them, we have got a huge loan from this house as well, but are we able to understand the value of that loan. The most important thing is that all other relationships or debts also expect us to pay interest in return, but our earth has no such demand from us. The only thing the earth and nature want from us is that we do not do anything that will increase our struggle and challenge for our life. But still, perhaps we do not understand this. Technology is necessary for development, but when a man is so capable that today he is not only reaching the earth in detail but also other planets in terms of technology, then that human can definitely protect the environment of this planet. Realizing the importance of the Earth and its environment, we should also give our support in this direction.

    Earth is a gift and it is our privilege to protect it
    Happy Earth Day -2021

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    Today everyone gets reminded about conserving our environment and keep it preserved for long so that the people can get all the advantages of it. Rivers, seas, and jungles everything is important in our lives and our endeavours should be in a direction to preserve and maintain them. There has been some good awareness in this regard but more efforts are required to inculcate these things in us as well as our younger generation. Happy Earth Day to all.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    On this International world earth day, everyone of us have the committment to keep the nature in its own way and not to interfere with its path or progress. That we have to keep the lakes and catchment areas away from the encroachments and the full tank level must be free from the hutments. And whereever the path of the water is flow in well known, that area should be free from any constructions. In the name of housing for the all, there should not enroaching of agriculture or the forest land. This way we can help each other to help restore of earth to its past glory and ensure life for many years.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Earth is having more patience than our own mother. She is taking all the misdeeds of the human beings . One should not stretch the rubber still it breaks. Same is the case with nature also. It may revert back on to you if we continue the same trend. So it is the responsibility of human beings to stop this abusing the earth. Forest cutting, converting green area as concrete jungle, wasting water, polluting the atmosphere etc are to be stopped and necessary measure are to be taken so that human habitation will continue to survive on earth. On this International Earth Day we all should pledge that we will not indulge ourselves in abusing the earth and we will become eco friendly.
    always confident

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    We must be indebted to the earth for providing us all sorts of essential items such as air, water, a clean environment to sustain our activities but we can do any thing to pollute the air, engaged in cutting the jungles for our selfish objectives. Then this land is sold to builder at the hefty price to rake maximum profits. Rivers are not spared keeping our eyes on the profits by selling the sands. We can go any extent to maximise our profits. However there is a limit beyond which we cannot pollute air since exceeding the limit would mean endangering our own lives. Hence the resources available on the earth is to respected and protected.

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    Earth day and similar days are celebrated around the world but question is what we have to do and what our responsibilities are. Do we stop cutting trees? Do we stop constructing the new concrete jungle? How many earth lovers like Vinoba Bhave are or how many tree lovers like Subdar Lal Baguguna are among us who stand against cutting trees and who encourage us to join Chipko Andolan? How many of us will cling to a tree to protect it from being cut off. Our fertile land is being changed into barren land by the cultivation of specific commercial crops or into a construction site. And how many of us follow the Bhoo Daan movement (land donation)
    Each of us needs to grow new saplings with the hope that the beauty of our nature and earth will be preserved and our future generations, will be benefited from our plantation.
    We need to spread awareness among masses.

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    And I thought as a symbolic gesture and solidarity with the World Earth day, the lights would be switched off for two minutes but it was glowing as usual. Last year it was observed that way.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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