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    Trees-related beliefs and their impact.

    There is a belief that trees are worshiped on the basis of certain traditional beliefs that have been going on for a long time. To some extent, this is also true because trees, rivers, etc. help us in making a connection with nature, and due to worship, respect also arises for them in the mind of the human. Living around the tree gives us mental satisfaction and balance in life. Trees are believed to have the power to end the pangs of our lives. Whether or not there are gods in the tree, but they have the same positive energy as the gods, which meet with nature, probably because we get the most peace.
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    Trees are considered full of life and are a great natural resource to us. They are very important for maintaing the oxygen levels in the atmosphere which is so important for our lives. Worshipping trees makes sense seeing their so much utility in our lives.
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    I was searching on internet about tree worshipping in Hinduism the author has raised this thread about. I came across following quotation from scriptures. Would someone explain it pls?

    "They are entering darkness, those who worship the natural things, they are sinking more in darkness who worship created things." (Yajurveda, Chapter 40, Verse 9) 
    (Refer to

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    If there are no trees on this earth, there is life here. We all require oxygen for living. Trees give us oxygen free of cost. Today whole country is thinking of oxygen cylinders. If everyday every person has to use purchased oxygen, how it will be? Another advantage is what we don't require is required by these trees. We leave out carbon dioxide. Trees want carbon dioxide to make their living. If trees are not inhaling this carbon dioxide. the concentration of this gas will become very high and living here will become difficult. That way a tree is helping us in two ways. It is taking away what we don't need and it is giving what we want. So we all should be thankful for trees.
    In addition to that, there are many plants which are giving us vegetables. fruits and flowers. There are many plants which are having medicinal values. So trees are more than God. God created us. But trees are making us have all comforts on this earth. So there is nothing wrong with worshipping a tree.

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    Trees are considered more auspicious and prayed by the Hindus for various reasons. The Peepal and the Neem tree are considered as Husband and wife and if that is worshiped the unmarried would get married and those who do not have children would be blessed. Neem tree has the quality of good oxygen and that is the reason being so if we sleep below the Neem tree, the sleep is for sure and good for health. Banana tree and coconut tree in any house would bring in good news and good happenings always. But the villagers know this and not the city dwellers. Therefore they may not believe.
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    Whether the trees are worshipped or not we all must take care of trees and nature. Yes, worshipping is a way of protecting and caring for something and generally, people started worshipping trees and many other objects with a belief that those objects protect us. Undoubtedly trees protect mankind and because of all the trees around us, we are taking a breath. But many people are not at all concerned about the fact and cutting down trees mindlessly. I think when people started worshipping trees they didn't realize that trees have life, yet they kept protecting trees because of their beliefs. Now, when we know that trees have life and how important they are for our wellbeing we started destroying them. Belief impacts those who have beliefs but we all have to be concerned for the trees. Otherwise, nature will be severely impacted because of our carelessness.

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