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    Why India's "Friend countries" not helping for more number of oxygen cylinders ?

    We are observing the harsh conditions related to the availability of oxygen cylinders .India played its best role as a friend to other countries by providing them free vaccines .Then, why other countries are not volunteering to help India in its difficult time .Are they waiting for the WHO or India itself to seek their help ?
    Please give your views on what is the ground reality in your region ?
    and give your views on this issue of no help by other countries .
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    According to the government, there is no shortage of oxygen in the country. Then why many people have died because of the unavailability of oxygen in hospitals in different states of the country. Who is responsible for this crisis of oxygen scarcity - Central government or state governments?
    The author has raised this issue why friend countries of India are not helping by supplying oxygen cylinders to India. The author seems to be under the impression that there is a scarcity of oxygen gas cylinders in the country.
    As per the reports of newspapers that according to the Ministry of Commerce between April 2020 and January 2021, India exported over 9,000 metric tonnes of oxygen. In the financial year 2020, only 4,500 metric tonnes of oxygen were exported. From January 2020, when India was exporting 352 metric tonnes of oxygen, the exports increased by a staggering 734 per cent in January 2021.
    The country exported 2,193 metric tonnes of oxygen in December - a 308 per cent increase compared to 538 metric tonnes in December 2019. The export data for February and March 2021 has not been made public yet.
    But according to government sources, this oxygen which was exported in the recent past is used in industries. However, this gas may be changed into hospital usable gas, now the government has ordered to use this gas in hospitals to save the lives of the patients.

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    There is no shortage in the production of oxygen in the country. According to some statistics data, the capacity of oxygen production in the country is about 7127 metric tons per day, and currently, the consumption of oxygen in a day is considered to be around 3500- 4000 metric tons. If this figure is considered to be true, then there is no lack of oxygen in the country in any sense, then why is there a problem with oxygen. The main reason for this is the lack of a proper supply management system in the country. It is not that this situation is created today when there is a problem with the supply. There have been many cases in the past when things were available but were not able to reach the needy place. At the same time last year, during the lockdown of Corona, many people were not getting food grains to eat, on the other hand, the grains were rotting and spoiling in many places, even then there was the only reason was improper supply system. The strange thing is that despite knowing the whole situation, why is the government not developing the supply mechanism more effectively? Don't know, how many lives will be lost because of these negligences.

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    People must understand that when the production is normal, the demand was normal. then everything is well and good. When the production is the same, the demand is more and wanting, nothing can be done. But the shortage of oxygen cylinders should have been envisaged before hand when the second surge started. And regarding author asking for freindly countries to help India with Oxygen cylinders, surely no one can do that because they have their own demands. Only thing the govt do is to give more permissions for oxygen cylinders to be made and that would mitigate the shortage immediately.
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    The oxygen availability is not a problem. The quality of oxygen is important. Industries make a huge quantity of oxygen which is for industrial use only but not for human intake. Converting this industrial gas into useful gas for us is important. I understand that in Kerala they have excess oxygen useful for human use. They have excess quantity and that can be given to other states. on 18th of this month, there was an article in the Times of India about this.
    The countries whom we have helped by giving the vaccine, may or may not have oxygen gas with them. We don't know the exact position in those countries. They may be also depending on somebody for this. Now government decided to convert this oxygen into medical oxygen and use it. Hopefully, there will not be any scarcity.
    We have exported Vaccine that is true but we should not forget that we are importing the raw material required for making the vaccine. If the foreign countries stop giving us raw materials our vaccine making will get hampered.

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    What I have understood from the various news and reports in the media is that there is no shortage of oxygen but there are problems of managing its quick transport and making available to the hospitals. Another important thing is that this is an unprecedented situation and the requirement is massive and is being raised from various places in the country. The lethargy and slowness in our system is already well known and we can always blame the Govt for it. But we and our brethren are only working in the Govt and if Govt is not able to discharge properly then we are also to be blamed. Then there are political considerations which also create bottlenecks in the system. We are in general not disciplined and alert but in adverse situations people feel that there should not be a single lapse. Why we have this duality in our public life? No one has any answer to it and simply go on blaming the Govt which is not a single person but a system comprising of so many.
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    So. after reading the comments of the all the participants we can analyze that there is no unavailability of oxygen in our country but the issue is in the distribution of it .There are some of the places which are densely populated like delhi ,mumbai and other metro cities where these problems arise and all depends on the pre arrangements of the facilities .But, yes as i am also updated with day to day news i have never heard any news where even a single country approached to India to give a helping hand where even India did not give a second thought while helping .But, yes we can not be dependent on others and big people like Mr. Ambani as he has decided to donate oxygen cylinders to Maharastra so now it is high time where many other people need to help .The big responsibility is of government that how they manage and the uniform distribution among the states to control the situation.

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    By the way the WHO has been watching the things happening in India and how we are fighting for the oxygen cylinders and it can mediate and arrange for the cylinders immediately as there are every chance of more cases, no beds and need of oxygen cylinders. WHO should arrange a meeting with all countries to channelize help for those countries which need the medical emergencies on war footing and that would be great help. It seems every country which were friendly with India are also having the same problem of oxygen shortage. The Indian government should also explore the medical treatment to those patients through other way of medical help like Homeo or the Ayurvedic through which the requirement of oxygen can be prevented. This very much required as India cannot afford further more tussle on want of oxygen cylinders.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As per the information available, there is no shortage of oxygen and the only problem is its transportation and better management in distributing to the needy. India has good relations with many countries and it had also helped them in past in many areas. So, it is natural that if they have surplus they will definitely help us in this regard. But it takes time in transporting and importing.
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    Yes, Transportation is difficult from Singapore and other countries in war air crafts...
    Probability a theory based on Assumptions and Negativity(Elimination). It is used in the evolution of atomic theory.--- Bhushan

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    Some say there is no oxygen shortage. But what is the current situation in the country? Why is the news hearing of a high shortage of oxygen from Delhi and Madhya Pradesh? Why did the Hon. Delhi High Court has to say that anyone who tried to block oxygen in the country's capital would be hanged? Why did the State Government and the Central Government have to issue a stern directive to report tomorrow on the steps taken to increase oxygen, ventilator, bedding, and medicine?

    If transportation is the problem, then the central government has a responsibility to restore it on a wartime basis. Let's assume they do it. The Central Government has decided to waive import duty and health cess on oxygen and related equipment. Vaccine imports are also exempted from duty for three months. Concentrators, flow meters, regulators, oxygen canisters, and oxygen generators are all duty-free.

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    It seems WHO has taken the stock of situation and even US has come forward to help India. Soon we will have the world moving in support of our country for want of oxygen cylinders.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Good news for the mankind as the US has shipped 5000 tons of oxygen concentrate to India and it is landing today in New Delhi airport. India has been braving with second wave and the PM Modi has appealed to the world for oxygen concentrate and US has immediately responded. When India helped the other countries with covid medicines and also the vaccines in the past, it is now the turn of countries which has the surplus oxygen concentrates to send to India and this way the reciprocation would be appreciated the world wide. India has good relations with many countries and the help would be pouring.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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