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    Why are good people taken for granted?

    My father in law was a very nice person. He was always ready to help others. Often he was seen going with someone for doing his work or helping him despite being sick and advised by the doctor to take a rest. His family members would angrily stop him but he always would say 'I feel good if I help someone.'

    But one thing I have seen and experienced that people take such good people for granted. They don't see if someone is sick or is not well but they insist him to help them. Sometimes, I feel that these nice people who always help others and stand by them not not only they are taken for granted by most of the people but also I have seen that some mean people consider these nice people as stupid. But a good Samaritan can never change himself.

    On the contrary, a person who never helps others is considered a smart person. People don't mind if he does not help them. Probably, we are habitual of it.
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    Very keen observation by the author. This is very true and actually is the ways of this world. A simple, honest, and kind hearted person is take for granted by everyone whether it is his family or society or friends or neighbours or anyone else. The smart, selfish, and clever people call them as fools. But a good person is good only and does not deter from his convictions and directions in his life. Today, if this world is still vibrant with some goodness in any form then that is because of entirely due to such persons. I salute to these selfless people due to which we can proudly say that humanity is still alive.
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    This is the order of the day. People always tap the potential area only. When they know that this person will definitely come forward. they will go to him only. A smart person knows how to convince other people for not doing the help. But good people may not have that nature.
    My elder daughter's in-law father is also like that only. He always comes forward to help others irrespective of his health position. He will go for helping others without any hesitation. Many of his relatives contact him in case of any help they require. He involves himself very much in the work even though it is not his work. He was sick for some time and even after recovering also he was not as energetic as earlier. So their sons forced him to shift to Bangalore where his elder son stays. After going there he is getting some rest and there is a lot of improvement in his health also.

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    There is a old saying that we get injured where the wound already exists and the same way those who are in good at other people and have the helping attitude are always bothered as the right and not as request. And those sober persons are always sulking . abiding, and even going to the extra mile to help others and people who seek their help thinks that they can always demand from that persons. But shame on them who do not see even the humanity part of it and demand their service at the odd hour and at the odd time. Even then those people reach out with their good mentality and that is often misused.
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    There are very few people in today's world who are always ready to help others, but it is also true that some people do not appreciate such good people in the world and use their good by making them their weakness. The Gentleman discussed by the author has nothing wrong with his Intension so he always helps everyone by considering others as clean-hearted as his own, but if others do not appreciate such great personalities. Humanity will not live long in the human world. Good people meet very hard in this world so while respecting their good, we should also try to bring those good deeds into their life too.

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    Why the good people are taken for granted. because they are sober lot, helping nature and does not take the revenge action and thus people are after them for their personal gains. Good people are always maintain good relations with others irrespective of their past bad experience with them. This weakness is ably and mostly exploited by others and the gain immensely not even realizing that helping person also needs the respite.
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    Yes. Good people are considered to be weak people and people make use of their weakness for granted. They use them for their benefit. And they don't help them when in need. This is the style of the people of this world.
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    Generally simple and gullible people are exploited by the cunning ones. This is happening everywhere in this world. There are many people who consider simple people as weak and take them as granted. They think that if they ask the simple people to do something or follow them then they will abide by that and by that the clever will achieve their objectives and get their vested interests.
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