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    Are we understanding the people rightly?

    Whether at the home or at the work place, we are bieng approached for some information or the other and we also approach others for the same. When it comes understanding the person and their need, are we taking more lightly and not giving credence to the urgency. And the blame game would shift on us as if we have been disregarding the others. But the fact remains that understanding opposite persons is very important and somewhere we are faulting to which they are not expressing the satisfaction. Any comment ?
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    Understanding the other people correctly. It is a two-way process, not unidirectional. How one communicates and how the other understands. Whether another person receives it seriously or takes it lightly will depend on how we communicate also. The way we explain and the way we show our need will make to understand the issue in a proper way. Some people just mention it once saying that I need this information. Some people go on reminding us about their requirement. Natural we will be tempted to complete the work who regularly follows up with us.
    The same is the case with us also. We may seek different information from different people. We will inform them. But we'll start following up with the person from whom we require information immediately.
    Yesterday I was making a presentation on a subject for one of my customers. I asked him for some information 4 days ago. But I have not received it. I waited and yesterday I called him and asked him to send the information immediately. 4 days I waited as I have no urgency but yesterday I followed up with him as I want that information to complete my work.

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    It depends on what kind of understanding you are referring to. At home or workplace, there are some common understandings like sharing of responsibilities, taking some extra responsibilities if the situation demands, etc. This is something about understanding the concerns of each other when you are in a group. For example, in the home or at the workplace if somebody is distressed you should not make the person more distressed and try to make the person feel relaxed. Now, if you laugh at the person because of this condition it can never be termed good understanding. Another thing is the understanding of someone's real problem when the person is seeking your help. If you do not listen to the problem carefully or not interested to find a solution to the problem you will surely not concentrate on it in any way. The communication between the two has to be very clear. It may happen that the solution provided by you to resolve the problem may not be very effective and that's why the person to whom you have given the solution started blaming you and in all such cases, your approach has to be very clear. When you are providing a solution it means either you have faced a similar situation and based on your experience you are giving the solution or you have good knowledge about the subject and hence giving the possible solution. So, while giving the suggestion you need to mention why you are giving such a solution and if it is dependent on certain situations then also you have to specify that the result may vary if the situation changes. I hope by doing such things the chances of blame game is quite less.

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    Process of communication is important when both the parties take equal interest in listening to the other party. The way of communication would proceed smoothly provided both are equally alert. It is very easy to understand the temperament of the other party such as his patience, clarity of communication and should have the commitment attitude for his promise.This, too, would apply for the other party as well. Flow of communication would be better in an environment when the it is calm and so that the audibility is clear from both the sides. Both high or low pitch is not desirable keeping our emotions restrained.

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    Time to time people talk to each other sometimes to convey something while sometimes for some work. Now if a person is interested to respond it seriously then he has to listen the spoken words attentively and take it in its correct stride. There should be a proper resonance between the two persons and one should understand what the other wants to convey or is requesting. Once this part is over then comes the compliance part where the person who is asked something has to deliver it to the expectation of the person who has asked it. This completes a cycle of perfect understanding between people.
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    I agree that we take information from family members if they are more knowledgeable than us and there is nothing wrong in taking information from them because transmitting of knowledge makes people more knowledgeable, and it is also possible that we have some authentic or useful information for other memebers of family, they may take it from us too. Same may happen in an office that some of our colleagues may appraise us for getting some information from us or if we have any doubt we may appraich to any of our colleagues who has good knowledge. This mutual understanding in an office is always good for working environment.
    Now, another point the author has raised is about need. If we are capable enough to fulfil the need of anybody whether it's inside or outside an office, we should not refrain from coming forward to fulfil need of other people. However, as the author has written that some people may object on us for not fulfilling their needs. I think morally nobody has right to demand us to get his need get fulfilled because it is entirely on our choice whether or not we fulfil his need or not.

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    Good conversation is considered only when both are able to understand each other's talk and ideas. It is really very difficult to understand a person, but if we can make it easy, the only way to make it easy is that what you are listening to is the experience of his life, what is the achievement of his life, what has not been done in his life. It is very important to understand things and what kind of man he is, what kind of nature he is, what is his nature, his way of living. It is very important to understand these things first. When we start understanding these things then you have to face It might be easier for you to understand the fellow.

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