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Did you have one particular memorable childhood experience? Share with us - through just one paragraph!
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    Paragraph writing contest - your most beautiful childhood memory

    Remember your school days when you were instructed to write an essay on a given topic? You learned, then, about sentence structure and writing content in paragraphs. So let's bring out your writing skills with a simple topic to write a single paragraph on.

    The topic: What is your most beautiful childhood memory and why?

    What you have to do: In a response to this thread, write a single, concise paragraph of about 100 to 225 words on the given topic. We are sure you've got plentiful lovely memories of your childhood! We'd like you to share with us, though, that one particular one that stands out above the rest, with supporting reasons.

    The rules-
    1. A member can submit only one entry.
    2. The content should be in English with adherence to our forum posting guidelines and should have no links. A few words above the suggested limit of 225 is fine, but not needlessly so, and it does not mean submitting a lengthy paragraph going way above 230 words!
    3. You are welcome to edit your entry at any time before the closing time of the contest to correct typos, grammar errors, etc but do not change the core theme. For example, if you have written about going to the beach with your mother as your most beautiful childhood memory, you cannot change it later to going on a trip somewhere with your grandparents.

    Some tips on how to write a paragraph - The opening sentence (this is called the topic sentence) will be the core around which the other sentences will evolve. Write it in a cohesive manner, without undue rambling and meandering away from the opening sentence, and conclude it in a manner that neatly closes the paragraph, basically summarizing what you started off with.

    The reward: Rs.50/- to the best paragraphs (maximum up to three). Other entries may get enhanced points and cash credits based on quality.

    Closing time: Midnight of 26th April 2021 (IST).

    Note: We've seen a few members submitting their entries on the closing date of the contest, at nearly the last minute. Please ensure that you submit your entry well in advance as we often have Net connectivity, power or technical issues with online work.
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    My Childhood memory
    My elder sisters and we two brothers were studying in the govt school and they are in upper classes and I am in first class. Those days there is no strict rules as to child has to sit and study in their classes. The teachers were cordial and even play prank with small children and that pomp made me to sit in my last sisters class. After attendence is over I would excuse for toilet and then would never return to the class. After one or two periods, the teacher used to come searching for me and mildly scold me not to sit in higher classes. But again that was childhood behavior to which every one get enjoyed.

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    This happened during the last period of our school that due to the respective teacher could not join for the class we were allowed to spend our time on a playground. There we met with another section and we planned to play Kabaddi. We removed our shoes and created a boundary with it. Regarding my physique, during prayer meetings I was the first or the second to stand in a row and because of this I was playing on a backfoot. Being on backfoot I survived but then I remained the only player from my team. I did not want to take chance, so on my turn I just stepped on to their field and came back soon. Then it was the turn of another team to send someone, and this found out to be stronger than me. I was on the corner of my field without any thought but having no option I just caught him and fell to the ground leaving others in surprise. In a quick succession his breathing distorted which allowed one player to join me. This was a turning point of the match because this finally led to winning of us. Possibly, none of my friends would be remembering this by now but I am still much excited about this.

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    I loved drinking tea since childhood and even today, when I was studying in the 2nd grade, my class teacher was a lady who taught most of the subjects, she was quite older than other teachers, so many times during the class she also asked peon for tea. I also used to have tea, and when the peon brings her tea into class, I also feel like having tea. One day a teacher from the head office came to my class and he started the introduction of the children, Sir asked each child to tell his name and what they would become when he grew up and why.
    All the children started giving their introductions, some had to be doctors for the people, some had to become police or defense, etc. But when my turn came, I said that I want to become a teacher when I grow up, Sir asked me happily, for which reason, and after my answer, all the children including the teacher started laughing, my answer was - "I have to become a teacher so that whenever I want to have tea, I will get it every time ". On that day, I had become the object of laughter in the classroom, but today when I remind this incident myself, I feel laughed at of my own that childhood is so innocent, after all, I was just in 2nd grade at that time.

    By the way, even today, I am a tea lover and I can also drink tea anytime whenever I want, even without being a teacher.

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    It is my sweet, beautiful,unforgettable, ever fresh, nostalgically painful childhood memory. I was then in my first standard in LP school, staying with my maternal grandparents in that village. There was this girl my classmate, 'S' , who I can say 'real angel' (from my storybooks pictures). We were always a pair for everything, even sat very next to each other. Her house was also on the same road. In the morning I waited for her. We reached school and left school hand in hand, chirping, giggling. We both had similar rainbow coloured umbrellas and similar school bags. Many people took us to be twins. The irony and coincidence was that name of my own younger sister (staying with my parents in nearby town) was also same. Practically, then, I was having more brotherly feeling and care to my classmate 'twin' than my own sister. As everything good has to come to an end, fate parted us ultimately. After my fourth standard, I moved to my parents' place to join English medium school. We lost contact gradually and totally lost about each other as my grandparents also left the place. However, the sweet, mildly painful, nostalgic, colourful memory never leaves me and this narration helped to rekindle it to shine brighter.

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    Title: The Love Letter

    Practicing for the principal's Quadranscentennial mass, we would often meet at their school for choir practice. We were from the boy's school playing musical instruments and they were from the girl's school. As both schools belonged to the Franciscan congregation and were located in the same vicinity, we would always cross our path which slowly grew to friendship and met during our Sunday school and children mass. It was the jubilee day and after the mass, we were all in the banquet hall when one of my colleagues gave me the envelope and requested me to hand it to Olivia, who looked gorgeous with a sweet voice. I actually did not get on my head what that envelope contained and without much thought, I gave it to her. After a while, one of her friends called me aside and was my close friend and started scolding me. Me not knowing what was happening stood mystified and still. When Rochelle enquired about the envelope and I told her it was for my colleague and I didn't know what was written in it. Understanding my innocence, told me never to do this again as the case would have gone worse if reached the principal's office. I learned about the proposal letter and promised never to do such things. The lesson learned the love-letter way.

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    As my father was busy with his office routine he entrusted me to take care of the grandma during every weekend, take some provisions for her every week, and go to our native village where she lived alone. At that time, I was in my class XI and as the village was about 4-5 km, I used to go there on feet (no motorable roads at that time) and then stayed there for 1-3 days depending on my school work. During that time I was much impressed by various capabilities of my grandma and one of them is still lingering in my mind. We had some fruit trees near our house in the village and two of them were peach trees and in the season gave a large number of peaches which were so delicious. Grandma never discarded the peach kernels and kept them in a place. One day I saw her breaking all the kernels and collecting the delicate inner part. She then crushed them finely and then mashed them for quite some time till some oil started to ooze out of that paste. Another half an hour and she squeezed out a bowl of oil and kept it for making vegetables and seasoning of food. She was amazing, as I remember her time to time.
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    Sympathy of my teacher
    The incident which I want to share you all is the sympathetic behaviour of my teacher surprising me of his benevolent behaviour. This reminds me of an incident when I was a student of class five. My class teacher ordered me to bring back all copies of the pupils lying at his home carrying class work test and these copies were supposed to be evaluated from the end of the teacher. It were thirty altogether and hence the teacher entrusted two boys to bring back all these checked copies. The distance between the school and his residence was almost four km if a shortcut was to be followed. In the middle of footpath there was a drain not covered. While approaching the residence of the teacher, it did not pose any problem but while returning from his residence some of the copies under my possession, slipped into the drain because of my carelessness and these copies were soaked with the drain water to the extent that the marks awarded by teacher were not legible. This made me a terribly nervous thinking of the next punishment to be awarded by the teacher. My colleague did not defend me either. However, I was lucky to have escaped punishment with a remark that after all I was hardly ten year old and such a lapse was natural.

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    childhood is the most beautiful phase of our life. Memory that I am going to share the my first day to school. I was very happy to go to school wearing new uniform, new bag and shoes and even I was scared to because that was my first time that I am going to stay away from my home even though it was for few hours. As I reached my school I saw few kids crying as they want to go home, some parents are trying to convince there kids and some parents are waiting outside and saying "don't worry we will be there outside the class". I felt very sad my eyes also filled with tears and that was about to roll down but my father told me that "don't cry beta and I will be waiting outside for few minutes and I will go to office but during the interval time your sister will come to class and if you face any problem just tell to your sister and she is communicate that to your class teacher". I felt so positive and happy that my sister is there in this school even if she is not in front of me but she is somewhere in this school and I waited for my interval. The moment I saw my sister coming to my class i was so happy and I felt much better after talking to her. That moment and that happiness in my life was the precious moment of my life.

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    Childhood has been one of those part of my where my memories are vivid yet blur. I know it must sound dislusional but it's true. I remember most of things but not totally, they are a little blur in my life. However I do remember some of the memories that are stuck to me. One of the most vivid has to be the day when I won my first football match all by myself. It was indeed special. All our school life I've played football and loved it. One fine day after I've returned from my school, I remember being called by my friends and I rushed to the playground after I threw my bag at home and heard my mom shouting my name to stop me but I didn't listen. We went to play, we had a larger group that day comparitevely and I was determined to win in front of them all. We divided us into 2 teams, won't lie we did have a better team. We started playing at 3pm and our match went on and on till 6pm with break in between obviously and until our stomachs were paining with hunger and heart aching with happiness of someone's first win to someone's loss. It was a great match, I with a little help did 3 goals and we won by 0-3, it was quite a proud moment. I went home and did get scolded at a lot but my mother was happy that I won, she made me one of my favorite dishes to celebrate. It was simple yet it's memory remains vivid in my mind. I was happy and grateful.
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    Bunking from class. I remember my childhood days when I bunked my class and went to see a Hindi movie, and had a tough treatment from my father for bunking. While I was studying in Vth std, a new Hindi film "Bees saal Baath" a thrill movie was released. . It was only a Matinee show from 2 p.m to 5 p.m. Three of my classmates instigated me to bunk the afternoon class and watch the film. On the decided day, we all bunked the class and went for the movie. After the movie, at about 5.15 p.m I went home straight where my father was waiting for me. He asked me, "Why are you late from school?" He said, " I went to your school at 4.30 and your class teacher told me that you did not come to school in the after noon." I said," I was not feeling well and went to rest at grandma's home." He said, " I went to grandma's home after meeting your teacher, but I did not find you there. Tell me where did you go?" Knowing that I cannot tell anymore lie, I told him the fact that I went for a movie. Yes. My father got ready to treat me. I was made to kneel down on hot sand. I was asked to write imposition 100 times that I would not bunk my class in future. I never lied thereafter. This is my beautiful childhood memory.
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    No doubt, childhood days are the most memorable phase in everyone's life. I have also a lot of sweet memory of my childhood days but very few got deeply rooted in my memory to which I am going to share.
    When I was a child I was very active and talkative by nature. Few friends were happy due to this nature whereas some intelligent and studios student used to maintain distance considering me as a disturbing child. One day when lunch break happened I hide the lunch box of one child. After searching hither and thither when she could not find then complain to the principal office then the class teacher came to our class and made an announcement about her lunch box. Then we two friends got scared and accepted our mistake and gave lunch box to her, that time I was studying in class Ill. The next day, when I reached school in the morning and after getting over prayer, the bell rang then our class teacher entered the classroom and announced to me that I would be a class monitor from today. After being monitor, I had to monitor all child regarding their behaviour and goods. I monitored my class for two months. During this period, I felt a lot of difficulty in controlling the child. So, finally, I realised my mistake that if someone disturbs others then how tough a situation arises to control them. After that, the academic session changed and I got promoted to class IV and got a reward also for best monitoring. From that day, I became very sincere and left to disturb another child. I became a favourite student for teachers as well as student. This is my beautiful childhood memory.

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    I never forget this in my whole life.
    In our child period on the day of Deepavali, say during 1962, there was a cracker named aeroplane. This was a small box made of tin containing cracker chemical and covered with glittering paper, projecting a wick. Once the wick lighted it will up into the sky by swirling and fell down on the ground after the content is over. I and my brother with some curiosity took each one from the ground by assuming they are unlighted. But as it fell down just before we take, it hurt severely our palm and made us not to eat and light our crackers further. That deepavali gave a lesson to us not to take anything from the ground on any account.

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    I remember that as a child, my friends and I were huge fans of a superhero serial aired on TV. Apart from many plays, we all used to play a drama game which was inspired by that serial. We all used to fight "Who will play the character of Super Hero?" It was clear that the person who was the most powerful among us played the role of a superhero. At that time, a company that sold a packet of sour-sweet powder to children for one rupee had a picture of that superhero in that packet. The company had offered that whoever would send them a thousand empty packets of that powder, their name would be put in the lottery. Whoever wins will be given a superhero costume award. I and my elder brother collected many such packets but we came to know that it was very difficult to collect one thousand packets. My parents also know that I used to spend five to seven rupees every day to get the costume. But now I started feeling a little disappointed. A few days later my father bought me that superhero costume from the market. I was filled with joy and thrill at beholding that costume. The next day, wearing that suit, I showed it to my friends, everyone was shocked and I imagined being a superhero too.

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    Bunking classes and attending events and functions was the best fun we can have during those days. My sister and I used to wait for such an occasion all the times.

    When I was in my 6th class, the marriage of our father's cousin sister was scheduled. At the same time, our quarterly examinations were going to be held. So, my parents asked us to concentrate on examinations and they will attend the function. We both were very unhappy. We both planned to request our mother to convey our father. Somehow, she convinced my father and he gave a green signal to attend the function. He talked to our school Head Master and took permission.

    Those days travelling, on a bullock cart was a fashion. One of my father's friends was having a beautiful bullock cart. Both the bullocks were very young and energetic. They run fast. My father asked him to arrange that cart for our journey.

    We packed our clothes and waiting for the departure. As planned the journey started. A beautiful cart and very well maintained. It took almost 2 hours to reach the venue. All the way we were enjoying the travel. As we were travelling for the first time on a bullock cart, our joy knew no bounds. That journey is still fresh in our minds.

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    I remember when I prepared for the wrong exam in class 6th. I had to take a science exam, but I thought it was English exam, and I didn't even try to check my date sheet. My elder sister, who was in 7th standard, told me that tomorrow is the science exam. She had seen the date sheet, as Class 6, 7 and 8 date sheets were released together. But I didn't accept and even argued that tomorrow is English exam. Next day when I got the exam sheet for Science. My senses flew. But soon I hold myself. The exam was over, and I did well. The English exam was on the next day. This time I checked the date sheet carefully. As I already prepared English on the previous day, that's why I didn't study too much and spent my time playing. But that was not the end of the story. When the result came, I was surprised because I got the highest marks in Science subject and my teacher gave me a 'Pen' as a prize. She used to give prizes to the science topper students. It was really a memorable incident for me and I can never forget that because of my regular study habit I could score the highest marks in a subject even without a revision.

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    It happened when I was in class IX. We were about 26 girls in the class. We used to have an recess for 20 minutes when we had some mid day meals and we played also for some time till the next class started. We used to keep our school bags under the desk when we left the classroom during the recess. One day when we came back after the recess one of the girls noticed that her bag is changed with some other girl's bag. She made a loud sound complaining that and soon we found that all the bags were placed under the wrong desks. It made a big confusion and there was a lot of shouting and noises in the class. Meanwhile the teacher entered the classroom and started to ask as who did it. She did some cross questioning and soon found that two girls were responsible for it. She asked them to keep all the bags to their correct places and punished them by asking to stand on the bench for whole of the remaining period. I remember this incident even now.
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    The reminiscence of childhood can never be forgotten as it is the golden age of every adult.
    When I was in 6th class. There was a chapter about Nainital in our English book. A few images of the hill station were also printed in it. I thought if I would ever visit there and watch beautiful hills and lake. I had a close friend in my classroom. When we passed our 6th class his father decided to get him admitted in Sherwood College, Nainital. It is one of the most prestigious schools in India. My friend insisted I go with him, so I asked my father and he permitted me to go. When we reached there we were tired. Since we had already had our dinner on a Dhaba (a hotel by road) and our rooms were already booked, so we just checked in and slept soon. I got up early, the father of my friend asked us to have a walk by the lake with him. As soon as we came out of the gate of the hotel beautiful scene of a lake surrounded by high hills was before our eyes. Everything was amazing and I was just transfixed as it was just unbelievable that my dream has come true.

    [2nd prize winner.]

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    Umpiring seems to be an inborn quality of mine from childhood. I watched my brothers, along with their friends, playing cricket on our campus during my childhood. Cricket is my all-time favourite game, and because of this fascination, I witnessed it very sincerely when my brothers played. I was studying in fourth or fifth from then started observing them very keenly. Whenever they fought among themselves that the bowler had bowled six balls or not, the batsmen completed their run or not, and the wicketkeeper had cleanly collected the ball or not, I gave my opinion very confidently. To my surprise, I enjoyed a lot of importance, and my decision was of great value. Although I never wanted to miss my cricket engagement, at times, due to some unavoidable reasons, I failed to watch my brothers and their friends playing. The moment they had some confusion among themselves, I was in extreme demand. All used to call and asked me to watch their game minutely to avoid unnecessary arguments and fight. Those were the days of my pleasure. I considered myself a hot asset and wholeheartedly enjoyed umpiring. Truly a sweet memory to relive whenever possible.

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