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    Do you like to listen to music while working?

    When I was in my college doing my UG course I was fond of listening to music of all kinds - classical to modern at that time. I liked to listen even to the songs of other languages also though I did not understand the lyrics. It helped me to focus in my studies and I was so addicted to it that I felt some vacuum if I did not put the radio on especially during the time when songs were aired. Later when I got a job then in my workplace when the computer facilities were available I was listening to the songs in the sound player in the computer, of course in a low volume, as not to disturb others. It really helped me in my work and incidentally I was known as a hard working person. Do you also listen to music while working? Please share your experiences.
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    When I was a student I would like to listen to songs in radio. It was my normal habit. Even when I would study or do my home work I would listen to music with low volume. Sometimes, I still listen soft music but that intensity has gone. Music always fascinate us because its charm is amazing. I would love to listen to Saa Re Gaa Maa. It was musical programme hosted by Sonu Nigam was an excellent program in Zee TV. Sonu Nigam was not a singing star in Bollywood then. Later he became a star. This program gave several singing star like Shreya Ghoshal. In this programme all type of songs were to be sung by participants, including classical and regional songs. Music maestros would be invited as judges and they would judge not only singing ability but also knowledge of participants about indian classical music. This programme introduced a bizarre notion that music is not bound in languages. Now, I don't know if such a classic programme is presented on any channel.

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    Normally the human tendency is to have pin drop silence while studying so that the concentration would be total and what ever being done would go into the mind. Songs may be distraction to the mind if we are on the work or studying but mild instrumental music can sooth our thought process. In this regard I appreciate the SBI branch of mine which plays good instrumental music and that is really good to hear and the customers are also very cordial in talking with the staff. For that matter my daughter is habituated to running the television programs of her interest and simultaneously does the task of studying. We used to tell her stop that habit, but she has been habituated and her concentration on the subject would not go waste. And she has been getting the topper rank every time so we thought let her continue that way.
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    Though music has positive effect on the mind and it rather helps sometimes better to focus a job. Music creates calm mind and that is why in some hospitals there are installations of music in low tone to produce a positive effects on the minds of patients. However, all sorts of songs don't have that effect and some music may have the disastrous effects as well. For students it would be a better way to concentrate on studies if low tone music is being played in course of the studies. It may enhance concentration to some with the low tone of the music but for the rest, study can go in the smooth way if there is pin drop silence in the room and mind is directed at the subject matter. Any overdoing would create distractions to some.

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    I love listening to songs and it is probably included in the hobby of most people. I listen to most of the songs when I am walking on my terrace or when I am traveling, and I like to listen to them many times while doing household work. But as far as listening to songs while working or studying is concerned, it does not work for me, because if I listen to the songs while studying or during work, then my focus shifts away from my work or studies. For me, listening to songs is the best way to keep myself in a relaxed mood and so I listen to songs with a very happy mood at a time when there is nothing else in my mind. I do not want a pin-drop silence during my study or work but I need a focused mind that will not allow me to distract from my work, but this is not possible with music, I can say this I am not a multi-tasking person.

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    I love music. Whenever the chance comes I go on listening to music only. The moment I get into my car the music system will be put on. It will not stop till I get down from the car. I like light music and classical music more. I am a fan of songs from K Vishwanath, the well-known director who made Sankarabharanam an all-time musical hit film. I used to keep a transistor in my office chamber when I was not having a computer and I used to hear music on that radio. Later on, I got my laptop and earphones so that I can hear anytime without disturbing others. Another interest of mine is hearing poems recited by famous Telugu singers like Ghantasala, SPB and Madhavapeddi Satyam.
    Many people these days will be with earphones in their ears always. They may be talking on their smartphone with somebody or maybe hearing some music.

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    In a low voice like a breeze, listening to music is very enjoyable and reduces stress at work. I loved the music in my all ages.
    In the early days, it was customary to turn on the radio as soon as we got home in a hurry, as it was not allowed to listen to music during class at school. When in the high school classes, subsequent music enjoyment via tape recorder & cassette. After got the job, using computers to enjoy music during work hours (although there was not allowed to do so due to financial institution). Music in all languages is still a weakness as of the past. Now, after retirement, enjoying all the music programs on TV.

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    My views are quite contradictory when it comes to this topic. I've been a music lover, all my life. I do personally believe that music helps while we are working but it's restrictive also. It's largely dependent on the type of work and the music you're listening to. Music has helped me while I write something, in terms of expressing my creativity, when I draw something or when I'm trying to read something or taking notes about something. However when it comes to memorizing or filling out important things, I believe music can distupt in the process of them. The music can alter our concentration and divide it. Type of music also differs, if we are listening to soft slow music with no lyrics they might be more helpful in concentration rather than music with high base and words. However, it's largely dependent on people and their perspective. I personally listen to certain slow music while I do certain not so important work.
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