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    When do you take your dinner?

    In our childhood, we would take our dinner before sunset but when I came into the job my daily routine was changed and thus dinner time went up to ten or eleven o'clock too. It became a part of my life. I would like to do the night shift and it changed almost my whole routine. Now I am self-employed, so I am. not bound to follow commands or orders of my seniors, all timings are subject to mine and my family's need and demand. Generally, I take my dinner just after sunset. Nowadays, the month of fasting is going on, so it is common to take food at dusk time. But, generally, in other months also I prefer to take food after sunset. After taking dinner I like to take a walk because now it's summer, it looks nice if we come out in an open area and take a walk while talking with friends.
    What is your dinner time?
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    Invariably in the modern homes the dinner would be served between nine and ten in the night and that is the time were everybody would be available after coming from the works and studies. But what the author shared is the best way to live because by having the dinner before sunset, we are giving ample time for the stomach to get digest the food and and we are also having plenty of time for the routines and exercises and even walking , thereby keeping the health hale and good. In this regard I welcome the Ramazan fasting timings that they would take the food before the sun rise and the have the dinner after the sun set and that is the perfect timing because the dinner is going to be heavy by virtue of being fasting the whole day and giving time for the food to digest would keep them cheerful the next day for the fasting.
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    Normally I would like to have my dinner by 9 pm at night and may be sometimes, there might be a delay of half an hour because of some reasons. This pattern is being followed religiously after my retirement from steel plant. While remaining in the service a consistent time table for the dinner could not be maintained due to the fluctuations in the timing of the shifts. However, the present timing is perfectly matching to we couple since we would like to have a short walk for sometime after dinner say for twenty minutes and afterwards, I would like to hear some old songs of my liking for half an hour to relax my mind prior to going to bed. An interval of two hours is maintained between the dinner and retirement to bed. In most of the cases, such routines are maintained.

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    I have my dinner till 7:30 at night, in some circumstances even if it is late, at the maximum at 8 o'clock. This does not make me late for dinner, in fact, my family has adopted an early dinner system from the very beginning. Since I am in a joint family and when we were a child, all we children used to sit and have dinner together at around 7 PM so that the ladies can also get free from the kitchen quickly and all the children can sleep in time by having dinner from time to time. Now, even though we have all grown up and there have been some changes in the routine, there has been no significant difference in the timing of lunch and dinner. After dinner, 1 hour of walk is included in the schedule and this walk also never missed. Getting dinner early also brings a good sleep on time which is very important for a healthy routine.

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    During our childhood and student life we were given food especially dinner at around 8 PM though the parents used to take it a little later. We did not have any choice at that time. Once I left my home for pursuing higher education in another city then there I had to cook myself and I used to take my dinner by the same time as I was habitual of that. Then came the phase when I started to take food in the hotel and I had to take it before 9 PM as the hotels closed by that time. When I got a job the whole perspective for taking dinner changed as we had some friends and all were bachelors and had a common agenda of contributing and having parties and naturally then the dinner time shifted to 10-11 PM on those days when we were partying and otherwise it was around 9 PM. Once I got married the party things came to an abrupt end and shifted to the family get to gathers where the timings were around 9-10 PM. So, there were many changes with time and now when I am nearing the age of 70, due to various health reasons I have stopped all those indulgences and I have come back to my childhood time that is 8 PM for taking my dinner.
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    I take my dinner between 8 and 9 p.m and go to bed at 10 p.m. It is too early to take dinner before sunset. And it is not advisable to take dinner during the dusk hour. Dusk is known as 'Iranian velai' in Tamil. Iranian is Hiranya in Hindi. King Hiranya was killed during the dusk, because he got a boon from Lord Shiva that he could not be killed during the day or during the night. He thought such a boon would help him to survive without being killed. But Lord Vishnu who took the Avatar of Narasimha(Man and Animal) choose dusk(neither day or night) to kill him. Hence, the tradition is to avoid dusk for dinner.
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    My dinner time is generally. between 7.30 PM and 8.00 PM. I take only chapathis as dinner. No rice. After having my dinner I will be doing some work or other and go to bed around 10.30 PM to 11.00 PM. This is my habit for almost the last 40 years. During my childhood days, my dinner time was 6.30 to 7.00 PM. At 7 PM we used to go for the tuition at my uncle's house ( Father's brother). 9 PM we are back and go to bed by 9.30 PM.
    But for 2 years during my first job, I used to take lunch at 10 PM and sleep at 11.30 PM. I used to take tuitions to some student from 7.30 PM to 9.30 PM. That was the reason for my late eating at the nights during those days. But later I shifted to a new place for a new job and discontinued taking tuitions. That is why I got accustomed to taking dinner before 8 PM.

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    I prefer to take dinner early and not later by 8 PM. In our Ayurvedic system it is very clearly mentioned that one has to take the evening meals early and then give a gap of few hours between it and going to bed. It is said that this would help the person in getting the food digested and no adverse effects like getting fat and obese will be there in the life of such persons.
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