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    Why some people follow an unreliable leader?

    All politicians are not bad but it is a well known fact that some of the politicians make the public fool by their lies and false promises. Public knows this also though it is not easy to find out who is the cleverest and meanest of the lot. My point is that when we know that a particular politician or leader is not reliable and does not deserve any respect from the masses due to the various reasons then why should some people follow him. Is it due to some vested interest of the individual follower that if that leader comes in power then he will definitely do some favour to him? Anyway, there might be some other reasons also for following a leader. Can you give your opinion or comments on this aspect in the society where we have so many leaders and so many followers.
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    First, I clarify that I don't follow any political leader nor any political party. It makes me standing as unbiased while discussing them and their political party. If I adhere to any political party or follow any political leader then I will defend my favourite leader and party at any cost, even in this situation when I know very well that the leader is doing wrong or has done wrong.
    There are thousands of leaders in our country and people follow many of them as the author has also written about. Everybody has his own reason/s to follow and like a particular leader I can't say about them, however, superficially, some reasons may be sorted out like the leader raises his caste or community issues, although he doesn't fulfil his promises, yet many people like and follow him because of being the part of his caste or community and he raises related issues on every platform. And other reasons may be for the masses to follow any leader but the business class follow any leader or political party for the sake of their business. They are not permanent followers of any leader or political party.

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    In India we have the blind feeling and following of hero worship either actor or the politicians, not out of love and affection , just because with a hope that he would mitigate the problems, as the so called leaders do the drama of entering their huts, eating with them in the hutments, and giving a hand of help in the farm, are the tactic they use to attract the the voters and they think that leaders are demi God. In this contest the rural voters sumply follow the unrealiable leader in herds and thus they would not listen to anyone or any advise. That is the reaon being so unreliable leaders are thriving and making living. We really miss the CEC former commissioner TN Seshan if he was alive, surely he might have brought ban on leaders with bad record, unreliable and even the criminals. Hope such laws would come up soon.
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    This query by the author points to a dangerous situation to which we are gradually approaching. Do we follow leaders or do we follow the policies and ideologies of a political party? A leader is a creation of a party. No one can become the leader of a political party just because he wants to. So, it is fine if you are following a leader, despite his weaknesses, because he is the leader of a party of which the ideologies attract you. It would do good for democracy as long as a leader is dependent on his party but once a party becomes dependent on a leader, we need to be careful.
    To answer the query put forward in simple words, some people follow a leader, without being affected by the party policies, though he may be unreliable and is self-centred because they are infatuated by him. Once infatuation creeps in, you seldom tend to look at the negatives of any person, be it be a political leader or otherwise. But luckily, infatuations have a short life!

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    There may be many reasons for following a particular person. A leader may be self-centred and unreliable but for some individuals, he may be doing some favours. These days many people are interested in their own rather than society and nation. So they don't bother what type of persons a leader is? They see whether they are getting benefitted or not.
    Another reason is caste or religion. Many people go by the caste of the leader. If the leader belongs to our caste we are happy. He may not do any favour to you or he may not be doing anything good to the nation also. But they follow him as he belongs to their caste. The same is the case with Religion also. The caste and religion play a very important role in rural areas but less in cities and metros.
    People wo this about the nation and the society may not go by a particular leader. They decide based on the behaviour and nature of the person.

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    I think people do it because of their vested interest only though there will be a few who will be following the leaders or political parties due to liking of their policies. Some people just go by trend also.
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    If a leader does not know the iota of politics and yet pretend to be main leader of a national party, that is very disgraceful. Infact he was instrumental in bringing the party from very good position to the worst position of no return. And the followers are paid ones, who does know the back ground or the reality of the leader yet the locals would make the gathering much and thus the so called leader feels that he has the following of mass. We do not have the stature of leaders like Atal Behari Vajpayee, who need not mobilize the crowd for any meeting and people would love to listen to him.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are various aspects of politics and every person involved in today's politics is a double-faced person. Before becoming a leader, any person comes before us as a normal person and expects us to choose him as the leader, for which he also gives us various dreams and hopes. But the time comes that the leaders should fulfill their promises which they had made to the people, then this class shows its new form. If ever a leader does some good deeds for a public class, then he considers himself to be the monarch of the public. A leader or a minister is a normal human being and has been reputed to perform his duties in his position, which he must perform.

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