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    What is your first choice, a keyboard or a pen?

    We all share our thoughts on this platform, some of which come to our mind as a response to the thoughts of others and some ideas we share based on our life experiences. As a writer, most of us use writing to express our thoughts. This process of writing has changed from the first to the present. Earlier, a copy and pen were more important in writing, but today many people are giving priority to the keyboard. But it is not that in writing the importance of a copy and pen for the writer has been exhausted. Even today some people follow the same traditional method, I am also one of them. Do you also convert your thoughts into words through copy pens or your keyboard is your best friend now, please share your experiences.
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    Honestly speaking, I use the keyboard more than pen and copy, however, I use pen and copy too. I think I should clarify it.
    Having read this thread of the author, I am typing this content with the help of a keyboard but if battery If my mobile is exhausted, I connect my phone to get the battery charged and then I take a pen and copy to write a reply to a thread. This way is better than direct typing on the keyboard because the reply is written twice which averts Freudian slip and gives some other good thoughts about the topic too in the second go.

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    Honestly speaking most of us has forgotten the writing part long back and if at all the time demands the writing would be minimal and for signature. Obviosuly every one of us want to have the first choice as key board. Over the coruse of time we have become more confident and got the speed to type on the key boad. Gone are the days when I used to type each letter and made a work seeing the key board. But now my speed is formidable and I write fast sentence without seeing the key board and this kind of proficiency might have got to everyone. Surely when asked to write, we may be searching for the spellings and words, but when it comes to keyboard typing, we are habituated to the letters placing and we are comfortable to type fast. Whether desk top or the lap top key board, the typing has become fast and necessary to live and survive.
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    I always feel that your thoughts flow out without disruption and gains more clarity when you are actually writing with a pen on your book or paper. So, I prefer writing down the content first before typing it out. As said by Arafatuzzafar, it also gives you a chance of revising and making due corrections when you type after writing it down. But yes, I do skip scribbling when the matter is not too long or is very general in nature. So, one can say that the reliance on pen and paper has reduced to some extent as far as I am concerned.
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    These days majority of the times I am using the keyboard only. But my preference is a pen. Even these days when I write poems and stories in Telugu I use paper and pen only. I feel more comfortable in that. But for doing office work and other subject related works I prefer Keyboard only. So that saving it and correcting will be easy. It is easy to send the same through email if we want to send it to anybody. If we use a pen and paper, we have to type again using a keyboard. That is why I go directly typing on the laptop using the keyboard. So many of the works I will be doing on a laptop using the keyboard only
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    I am still more comfortable with pen. When I have to write a long article I first jot down its structure on a paper with distinct paragraphs and under each paragraph write the points and clues that I have to elaborate later while writing it in details. Same thing I am doing for the many other activities and writing the basic points on a paper. Once I do that then what remains is only typing. I do not like to wait on the computer terminal to get ideas and sometimes wait endlessly for that and there is no productivity for quite some time. If it happens, I immediately leave the terminal and go for some other activities which are also important for my life elsewhere apart from my writing addiction. Some people keep their laptop or computer throughout the day and use it only a fraction of its time. Being a conservative person I keep it on only when I have to type what I had already prepared in brief on a paper. Of course forum section is an exception as here one has to write one or two paragraphs at the most to give ones response.
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    Honestly speaking I feel more confident when I write with my pen. Writing on a piece of paper give more satisfaction and inner peace. I love writing with a pen and the fact is I always keep a pen with me whenever I need it, I start writing with my pen. Although keyboards have been widely used nowadays and people prefer typing on a keyboard yet some people are equally glued to writing with a pen. When electronic gadgets were nowhere, authors mostly have been using pen and paper to jot down ideas and preserve their literary work. The pen has been a wonderful instrument in humankind which helped the writers to craft their work beautifully in different genres. I'm also very much glued towards pen and like writing with it; I feel more satisfied when I quench my thirst for writing with a pen.

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    I know a lot of us would prefer pen for the old sake, the satisfaction to write something by your own hands is indeed on another level. You can change your handwriting and other things according to the way you feel and want other to feel when they read your writing. But for me, pen has lost some significance, over keyboard I feel much more comfortable, much more freedom to write and express. I have multiple choices of how I want to express myself, there are also lesser room for mistakes. We've come a long way in the future even though pen has its own power however keyword runs the world and it gives to diffrent ways to express and create which I personally find very interesting as well as easier.
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    I generally try to write precisely or in short and for that I do writing directly on the keyboard. When I write some article or some story then I jot down the rough version on paper using a pen and then only I type it.
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