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    Do not compromise with the quality of your food.

    While shopping, people often talk about quality, it can happen in any matter whether it is furniture, your clothes, decoration items, or food items, etc. Quality matters to everyone, but not everyone can prioritize quality. A person from a middle-class family may not be able to take in his income as much as the quality clothes a rich person can afford. But in some cases, people should not compromise with the quality. I cannot include that class that does not have enough facilities for two meals a day, their lives so much tough that a word like quality may not exist there. But the class to which the majority of the country's population belongs, ie the middle-class people, should not compromise with the quality of their food. Only the best healthy food can give us a healthy life. The most important quality of life should be a healthy body.
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    The quality of food is very important. Our food habits only decide our health condition. So we should be very particular about the quality of the food. The dress we wear need not of very high quality we can sometimes compromise based on our economic condition. But food quality is very important. Don't get confused between costly food and quality food. Generally, people feel the quality will be good in the costly restaurant. Maybe true to some extent but not 100% true.
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    A good health is a result of quality food along with a healthy lifestyle. When we talk of quality of food, it does not mean the costly food. Actually there is a big difference between the two. Sometimes the costlier food is harmful for the health. A simple steamed Idli in a hygienic place which may cost Rs 5 is much healthier as compared to a cake piece in a high end bakery which has a price tag of Rs 50. In old times the village folks were enjoying rich organic food in their villages which today is not available to even the rich class. When we go to market for buying food items then there are many varieties available and some of them will be looking shining and attractive but one can find that they are the polished versions and same thing if you buy the ordinary one that is the rough counterpart is healthier. So, it requires a lot of knowledge about these things if one is really interested to have the healthy food options in market. There are some luring red coloured fried balls showcasing in roadside eateries which attract the customers but they have immense potential for harming ones health. Junk foods which are becoming so common in our lives are equally dangerous.
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    People may define what quality food is. It may be some costly food or kind of the strange name of Italian cuisine or beautifully packed from the best food suppliers chain? But in my opinion, we don't have to go far for special food item for having quality food. Food which we, normally, eat is of standard quality. We should eat every seasonal vegetable and fruits. This is the best quality food. Moreover, most people take vegetables which shine or look beautiful because they think it's qualitative veg but I never purchase such veg, these vegetables are brought from other parts of the state or other states too and I prefer the vegetable which is cultivated in my town or nearby villages and these vegetable are pure Desi.
    Some people take calories in form of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals etc but I always take food instead of calories.
    Last but not least, we should take care of those people who are not able to eat two times meals

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    It is the fact that when it comes to products and services we expect best and only good products, but when it comes to food, we may some time go for the cheaper varieties thereby telling upon our health. For that matter when I want to have outside food on compulsion I have the fixed hotels at different places in Hyderabad and would visit them only no matter I spend on petrol, Because I get the good food of my taste, the rate is reasonable. The satisfaction of having had a good food should happen, otherwise there are so many hotels and eateries to which we cannot get satisfaction to the core. Likewise if I wish to have a good tea, then prefer to have it at Blue sea near Secuderabad station. The taste is good, never had such tea in my life anywhere in India . So when it comes to food for me no compromise.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Right, we should never compromise on the quality of the food. It is important to eat healthy first and stay healthy. We most often ignore the quality of our food and eat unhealthy which leads us to bad health. Almost Everyone leaves in the morning to work and earn some bucks for his or her family but completely ignores himself or herself when it comes to quality food. People sweat out in different fields and spend calories while working, so it mandatory to eat healthily and attention to the quality of food. When a person is fit and healthy, only then he will be able to work and earn something for his or her family. Take very good care of food, never compromise on food quality. Eat healthy and stay fit and sound.

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    Food is very important for our body and quality of food is going to decide our health in most of the cases. We have to be very alert in choosing the quality of the food that we consume as it is directly related to the healthy body.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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