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    Can a father and mother do this to their children?

    Here's the news of an atrocity I saw while reading today's newspaper. An attempt was made to sacrifice a six-year-old girl in Erode, Tamil Nadu. Five people were arrested, including their father and mother. It was the witch's words that there would be prosperity in the family that prompted the cruelty. The incident came to the notice of the outside world when the grandmother arrived at the police station with a complaint.

    Cruel parents willing to sacrifice their children for money and possessions. Can a father and mother do this to their children? The mother and father did not even have the kindness that the grandmother felt for her young daughter. What a world. What is the value of relationships in this world? Is the human mind frozen?

    Whose fault is it that all this is happening? Lack of education ?. Or do such beliefs have any relevance?
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    Things have changed. such things were happening in the past. Pregnant ladies were made victims in the past to certain deities. These days it doesn't exist. Goat sacrifice is normal, but human sacrifice is not there. Witch-crafters and black magicians earn money through this practice. Only greedy people don't value the human. They can go to any extend to get money.

    Recently, I went to a temple near Nagercoil. There, in the past, pregnant lady was offered as a sacrifice to the temple deity. Later the devotees have changed it to two big cake like dishes each weighing about 50 kilos. These two dishes are put on hot fire for many hours to get baked, and the person who get into deities power would carry that hot cake on his chest to a hill top. This is still happening in that temple.

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    There was a time when such things were prevalent in many parts of the world including our country. But these things are now reduced to almost negligible numbers still some scattered incidents happen here and there. There is a long history of these beliefs and superstitions in the human society and they were started by some clever people doing witchcraft and such things for their own personal vested interests and pleasures. The gullible people and some other people get trapped in that witchcraft due to their greed for well being and worldly material acquisition. It is said that greed ends in agony and in these cases also the people lose their loved ones and also do not get the anticipated wealth and prosperity. At the end of it, this simply turns out to be an accomplishment of foolish minds. It is not lack of education due to which people go for it, actually it is lack of wisdom in them.
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    This news is horrible but in this age of greed and selfishness everything is possible. Here is doubt in my heart, the mother might be forced to do so, I think so because in such incidents it happened that all the family members agreed to kill a girl but the mother was not ready but it may be an exceptional case.
    There are two aspects of this issue.
    - Superstition: Superstitious beliefs are the main cause of human sacrifice. It is often heard that for the sake of a child human sacrifice was perpetrated by any couple. But that human sacrifice is fulfilled at the expense of the life of a child belong to other parents.
    - Greed: Especially, in this heinous crime against humanity a couple got ready to get their innocent daughter sacrificed for some money or bringing prosperity to the family. I don't know for whom they wanted this prosperity? For their children or themselves?
    This disgusting and highly abominable act is not pardonable in any court.

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    It's a terrible incident, do not understand how can a family do this. I have read about an incident where a younger brother killed his elder brother's child just because of some small dispute. Such incidents raise questions of trust between humanity as well as family and loved ones. If a child in the world trusts anyone the most, then the answer is mostly the parent. This incident shows a kind of mental disorder where a person takes such a step due to his mental illnesses or in some cases greed for money. In today's world, such crimes are increasing where man crosses all the limits of cruelty.

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    It is very bad. For some benefits and gains killing their own children is a very cruel way. How a parent can kill their children? Recently we heard a piece of news that in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, the parents killed their daughter lp thinking that they will come back with divine help. Later on, the police arrested the parents, We all feel that we are in a developed society where all the people are having good knowledge of science. We never believe anything in the absence of strong evidence. But these incidents show that still there are people who go by some superstitions.
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    Really disturbing news indeed and all the people who come across this would have surely got agitated and annoyed over the behavior of father and mother ready to sacrifice the daughter for some gains. May be too much poverty, or the loans taken for some purpose and not able to pay and may be for some debts they have taken long back and cannot pay. In such situation the parents would see for some short cut to gain the money. But unfortunately they get caught for being the uneducated and thus these kinds of incidents do happen across the country but never get mentioned in the media.
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    This is really a very cruel and disturbing news. We cannot think such a thing going on in this modern world where we are talking about the progress and development in the human society. These people should be arrested and sent to the jail or even hanged for murdering.
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