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    All views are not perfect and complete.

    There may not be people who fully understand the whole aspect of a matter. Most people comment, without knowing before and after, only on the basis of some view they have seen. It is not easy for everyone to see everything and know the reality of everything. However, it is advisable to know such things before making an assessment. It is advisable not to pronounce judgment by looking at only any one-half. No one may be able to explain or convince everything to everyone. Not everything that is true may be accepted. Similarly, everything that is acceptable does not have to be true. If you want to be able to see and hear everything, you have to have extraordinary enthusiasm. If it can't be so, silence is better. Silence is often a powerful supporting stick for good. The crutch for not falling yourself and not hurting others. The saying of wisdom is "Silence is the adornment of the wise".
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    Nice post from the author. The views expressed by each one of person may not be same and complete. Views may be different, average, damaging and even suggesting. If the persons are posted of the information, then the views would be rewarding and superlative, if the persons who have average knowledge of the matter, then the response would be either against or the for the issue. But we should be careful about those who are not having any knowledge of the issue or matter and yet try to give their feed back as if sought very much. Such views cannot be cared nor be given the credence. Even in Parliament when the views are sought on a bill to be introduced. the parties and the members discuss something else and thereby loosing the valuable time and other important bills gets postponed or not discussed.
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    Thread has been posted by the author on a good topic. There are many aspects related to any event and many people also have different aspects. We should not form our opinion without understanding all aspects. But often most people form their thinking by looking at any aspect of anything and then this thinking cannot be changed easily. We do not know what circumstances a person has found in his life after this nature, so we should not make predictions. Everyone puts their point in front of you according to their own but we should always arrive at the final conclusion with good thoughts.

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    I agree with the author that everybody can't understand every topic regardless of his knowledge and education. Someone may have knowledge of a particular field but he can't have knowledge in every field, so he should open his mouth to express his opinion when he has thorough knowledge about any topic or matter.
    Also, I think even every intelligent person can't understand every topic, sometimes, due to educated ignorance or arrogance or stubbornness. But the crux of the matter mentioned in the thread, apparently, is related to some bitter experience of the author and he seems to be angry with someone. He wants to stress that everyone should not jump to a conclusion without understanding all aspects of a particular matter, especially, when someone says something with deep knowledge about matter, therefore, the author wants to say that people should stay away from making any comments without full knowledge of the matter. He has advised such people to keep silent instead of butting in the matter as it irks someone who has through knowledge.

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    Many people have a habit of commenting and passing remarks on some matter about which they are not having the full details. Such hurried reactions are not required. These remarks will only make the situation worse by creating confusion and ambiguity. It is said that before commenting on a matter one should do ones homework and understand the matter thoroughly. Giving a blind view on some matter shows the lack of knowledge and prudence on the part of the person who is doing it. I have seen some good managers on high positions who discuss things with the subordinates and easily make out as who is talking without background knowledge and hammer him with a few basic questions to make him understand that he was doing a wrong thing. So, people should take care before passing on unrelated, blank, and useless statements before anyone as it exposes them and their reputation would be at stake.
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    Never. No other person now about me fully. I only will have an understanding of the complete issues that belong to me. When somebody sees us or when we explain them only they can understand the issue. It all depends on how you present and how he receives it.
    Similarly, these days very fast-moving and different new developments are taking place. Many people may not be having an idea about these developments. So their thinking will be always within the points that they know only.
    So when we are new to an issue and when we don't know fully the people who are involved also we should not suggest to the people who are involved. In such cases, if we have to remark, we should get a full understanding of the subject, analyse it and then only start commenting on the issue. Otherwise, keep mum.

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    Why we should make a comment and give our view on something if we are not sure of that. If someone is doing it then it is a casual approach and is not a useful attitude. There are some people who speak things before understanding the matter. It is actually is a poor state of mind.
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