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    On this world English day, how far we learned this language ?

    It has become very important for every one from the primary to the doctorates, the study of English has become more important and even the subjects are taught in the same language. Though we are going through the exams and passing out every class and even getting into the career mode of jobs, how far we have learned this language is the question to be asked by every person. On this World English day, which the UN has been celebrating on 23rd April every year, we need to probe ourselves as to what is the level of learning we made so far ?
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    English is a universal language. It is the largest language spoken by the majority of the people in the world. To encourage multilingualism, the UN started observing World English Language day. Today is the birth anniversary as well as the death anniversary of the famous English writer William Shakespeare. English is the common language to communicate all over the world. As per the records, 67 countries speak English and it is the official language in these 67 countries. 27 countries use this language as the secondary language. The first English Language day is celebrated on 23rd April 2010.
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    Nice information shared by the author, I do not know about this day before this thread. This is true that English is a language that has been spoken in many countries of the world. This is one of the easiest languages to learn and most of the countries adopt this language as their other regional languages. In India, there are many languages spoken in a different place but all Indians connected with each other by a common language that is eglish. My regional language is Hindi and I am always comfortable with Hindi first but at the same time, I understand the value of English also so I tried my level best to get a good command of English too, and ISC plays a very important role in this.
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    It is interesting to note that there is a day like this to celebrate World English Day. English is truly a global language and has a deep penetration even in remote places. We all have learnt English as a necessity and not as a hobby. If we go to a place where our native language is not understood then we have to talk in English only. That is the importance of this language. We have learnt English to some level and that I think is sufficient for our communication purposes.
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    There is a Tamil proverb - "Katrathu Kai Mann Alavu, Kallathathu Ulagalavu. Means What we learnt is only a fistful, what we did not learn is the world size. Hence, I would say that I learned only a fistful of English, and what I did not learn is a large world size. There is no one in this world who are perfect in English or in their mother tongue.
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    The phonetic equivalent of Perfec'yet' is I am still to be perfect...As some people are still seeing flaws and errors with someone they don't realize by lifting a finger on him or her four fingers are revealing or pointing at him or her. There is a poem in Telugu in Sumathi Sathakam 'Tappulenu varu dandopadandamulu thama thapulu lergaru'.There are people who make a lot of mistakes but never find themselves... They are still on the lookout for others... Any people are intimidated or fearful of speaking or writing in English after seeing these people. I want to warn them all not to be scared of such worthless people. English or any language for that matter even mother tongue will come only by practicing...
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    English, the most spoken language in this world has a wide scope in popularity and usage as the medium of conversation and trade dealings. Other languages like Arabic, French, Spanish etc have also big fan following. But it looks strange to see that we don't have a common language that may be an acceptable medium of expression of thoughts and speech on every platform. However, Hindi is widely undersood in India though, but still, we see resistance from different quarters about accepting it as the vernacular for all Indians on a national level. Rather, I have seen some people hate Hindi as if it were a foreign language that has come to invade them and their culture. Some years ago, almost seven young boys who were from my adjacent district were killed for speaking Hindi in the area of the North-Eastern state. On the contrary English speaking, guys have become the symbol of knowledge, learning, prudence, intelligence and special respect.

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