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    I am getting more worried about future

    On seeing the happenings around, I am now worried more about the future. That my children are yet to come up and stand on their own feet. That I am getting aged and the body does not permit me to work hard and more hours. That my wife also getting aged and both of us thinking about our children and their future. That we have not seen the best possible period of our children and may be we come to the end of life sonner or later. Like me many would be in the same stage. The life become more uncertain and unpredictable. May be the days are numbered for us.
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    The cycle of life is like that. The old generation gets aged and leaves working and young generation takes their place. It always happened like that in the past also. So, once we get aged we are out of the game.
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    When parents get older they begin to think in the same way as the author is thinking. As a father, I hope that the author might have raised his children as sincerely as a sincere father always does. So I can say what best he could do for his children like providing good education, taking care of their health, teaching them good manners etc he has fulfilled his responsibility, now it is on them how they meet challenges in their respective lives.
    Merely worrying about them and their future doesn't benefit parents. I think he should not worry. I hope all good will happen for his children and their future bright. As far as death is concerned it is not in our hand. Nobody knows how long he will stay on this planet. So, we should not worry about the future as worrying about the future may affect our present and most probably our health because thinking too much about any problem causes an ill effect on our health.

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    The post has some philosophical look on the aspect of life and the matter of leaving the world one day. The author has mentioned it in clear terms very precisely. We all are born to die one day and that is the truth without any doubt. Many people get the realisation of leaving this world only at the fag end of life because before that we all were very much busy in the worldly matters and did not have any time for spirituality or philosophy. It is the old age when we start leaving our activities one by one mainly because of the health reasons and start feeling that we are nearing to the death and nearing the ultimate departure time as scheduled for the individual. So, whether we like it or not or we are apprehended by it or not, the reality is to leave this world full of so many good things that are a source of happiness and enjoyment for the living beings. But once we have done our part and free from the responsibilities the younger generation has to take the lead in their hand and we should feel good in handing over the things to them. In fact in the old age we are only in an advising capacity and not in dictating mode. That also if they want our advices. Otherwise we should keep quiet and refrain from making unsolicited suggestions or interferences even with our own children.
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    Destiny. It can't be changed. Whatever has to happen will happen.
    The present pandemic situation is making all the people to think like this. But I advise you not to get into negative thoughts. Yes. We are hearing about many known people getting affected and some are passing away also. But we can't do anything. Let us pray God. Take all possible precautions. Try to restrict our movements as much as possible. All will be ok. We all will come out of this problem shortly.
    Actually once our children are grown and settled our involvement with them should become less. As and when they come to us for any suggestion only we should involve.
    Many people are getting into the philosophical mood as the circumstances are very critical. Without going out they can't get their livelihood. So with a lot of fear and doubt all are spending the time waiting for the good times to come.

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    The Bible says that nothing can be added or subtracted by only being anxious. (I mentioned the same thing in a previous post). We have strived to give all the good gifts for our children in our good times. There is no need for fear about their future life if the children have been taught how to lead a good life. Now we are getting older. It is a natural law that we cannot work full time as we used to. As we grow older, our children also growing up. As we tried to give our best/we have done the best for our children, there is no need for worry. Anxiety grows in us when we see the atrocities going on around us. Advise your children to avoid such misconduct. It is also be done even with old age.

    As we got older, we must avoid shrinking into ourselves. Being as active as possible gives confidence to us and also our children. Engage in more activities that are pleasant for the family. The God almighty will look after the balance.

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    The author has rightly said that life is unpredictable to a great extent and that is why perhaps we remain more worried but worry has never been the solution to any problem. This worrying situation is natural for every parent towards their children. Perhaps these kinds of thoughts make them more upset when a person feels weak after an age. But parents on their part make every effort to give a good future to their children, in such a situation, they should remain relaxed because when they have given a good education, good environment, good education, good values ??, etc. to their children then the future of the children is definitely Will be good The time that is going on and the situation we are seeing around us are less in our control, so in such a time we should welcome the coming days of life with the expectation of good, while not making ourselves more negative.

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    A person should marry at the age between 21 and 25. Produce children by 30. The children would be marrying when the person is 50 and deliver grandchildren before 55. One can see their grand children marrying while they are 75. Live beyond 75 and enjoy the life with great grand children. One should be very fortunate enough to see their great grand children.

    Life is not guaranteed. We do not know when we would take ticket to depart from this earth to reach heaven or hell. Despite any precaution, the fate written on our pate cannot be erased or deleted or amended. Therefore enjoy your life everyday that you live.

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    The author is right the parents remain worried constantly regarding the future of their children particularly due to the uncertain phase of the job market. They are in the grip of negativity while they look around the situation. However, their predictions that their children would not fare well may not be true and it may be otherwise even.
    They should have confidence in their own kids and allow their kids to go ahead with their missions. They are sure to achieve their goals under their guidance. They should lead their happily leaving their worries regarding their children. The positive atmosphere of the family would help their children to attain their goals more confidently.

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