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    Aren't we washing our hands often now?

    We must always wash our hands according to the Kovid protocol in the present situation. At the same time, it introduces a new thought. Wouldn't it be great if the husband, brothers, and sons could do another good deed with handwashing?
    Can't you help your wife/mother/sister by washing at least one kitchen utensil with each handwash? Hand washing is an action that is repeated many times during this epidemic. If you wash your hands every three hours, wash your hands at least five times a day. Then if you wash each utensil, one will have washed five utensils. It will also be a great relief for those who work in the kitchen.

    What do the brothers at ISC think about this? Does anyone in the group wash the dishes as if to help with the kitchen work? Sisters, are your husband, brothers, or sons currently helping you in this way?
    Feel free to comment on this.
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    I wash my hands several times since morning till I go to bed and this several times means more than five times as the author has suggested to all members that they should wash their hands due to coronavirus. I appreciate this suggestion of the author but besides this suggestion, the author has put an add-on for all husbands that they should wash five utensils also along with washing their hands.
    It may be a welcome suggestion for some people. I think a wife is the best friend of a husband and both have different responsibilities like a man will earn money to give a comfortable life to his family likewise a woman has the responsibility to look after her house and her children. This is the standard family system in our society. Partners and their responsibilities play an important role in transforming married life into a happy married life. I would like to suggest members watch a Hindi movie released in 1981 - Itni Si Baat, a story of a married couple i.e. Sanjeev Kumar and Mosmi Chaterji.

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    The author has indirectly directed all those who are eating and having enjoyed the recipes daily but never had the helping tendency to wash the utensils that gather at the sink daily. No matter work from home is the blessing for the house holds that the person is in front of them, but what I could gather from many that those who work at home are not working for the home. That means even their tea or coffee cups are not sent to the kitchen for the washing and thus the behavior is not good for the good house holds for whom the work has increased. There is also demands that snacks be prepared regularly and given to the work from home person and that is the additional work for the kitchen folks. So what the author has been suggesting hold good that instead of washing the hands alone, one can wash the utensils and get their hands washed too.
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    The suggestion given by the author would rather ease the burden of the housewives to a greater extent. They are doing multiple jobs to run families with their full attention. The present phase has created a situation for regular washing of our hands a number of times at least five times in a day. If we take up the job of cleaning of utensils while washing our hands, the burden of cleaning of utensils will get reduced to some extent and this partial relief would strengthen the relationship further. Hence let us take this opportunity at the right spirit.

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    Being a housewife I feel happy by this post and if the family members help like that then it would not only ease up the work in the households but also inculcate responsibilities in all the family members. Generally, tea time and tiffin time utensils are less in numbers and instead of attempting for the main meal time utensils they can start this noble deed from the smaller tasks.
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    The suggestion of the author helping to wash the dishes with women in the kitchen is very commendable. The contact of a woman who works in the kitchen is indeed food items and hence most women wash their hands frequently, especially in the present situation, it becomes even more important. When the corona epidemic started to appear in the world and the country, people have most commonly followed the habit of handwashing. The habit of washing hands is very good and by this, we can protect ourselves and our family from many diseases.

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    It is always good to help to our ladies in their works. As mentioned by the author washing dishes is one aspect. These days in many houses servant maids will be there and they will be washing the utensils. Ur there are many other works which we can do.Vegetable cutting is one such work we can do. Sometimes I will be doing it in my house. My sons are working from home these days. So on week ends they have some free time So they will getting into the kitchen and giving rest to their mother and wives for a day
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    How many of those who responded to this thread are actually washing utensils and not merely expounding views? And is it that just because it is the time of the pandemic, male members should help out in the absence of maids? Should they not be doing this task on a regular, daily basis of sharing the kitchen responsibilities? And why should it be restricted to weekends only? Is cleaning up even done after the cooking by men? If you have not yet watched the film 'The Great Indian Kitchen' on Amazon, do so. You'll know the actual reality.

    Washing utensils should not be a "handwashing" task. It should be a daily, routine task. Just like mopping the floor, dusting, sweeping, operating the washing machine and hanging up clothes, and other chores around the home that everyone takes for granted is the sole job of the women of the house.

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    In this particular situation where no one can go out to any extent, can at least one kitchen utensil be washed every time along with the occasional hand wash as per the covid protocol? That is the simple thought I shared.
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    When we can waste water for just washing the hands now and then as per the protocol requirement of covid virus we can do the same by giving the helping hand to the house hold as the sink keep on getting added the utensils in the day and that can be cleared often.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Definitely. Everyone should help the ladies in the household. The household is not only the responsibility of ladies but also for all the members in the family, including kids. With this growing pandemic, and most societies for biding entry to the maids, it becomes extremely troublesome for the housewives to handle everything alone. So a helping hand is always better.
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