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    Keep yourself relaxed with comedy movies and shows.

    Right now, there is negativity all around us all over the world. We all understand that time is difficult, but perhaps humans themselves are making it more difficult. See the news of the same epidemic, whether it is paper, news channel, or YouTube, etc. In such a situation, it is very important that we give protection to ourselves and our family as well as mental comfort, for this, comedy movies and shows are a good medium. Enjoy these comedy movies at home with your family, so that even if you cannot run away from the truth, but at least some time you can give yourself and your loved ones some moments of happiness.
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    Comic displays or videos are a welcome measure intermittently during the seriousness of life and most of us resort to these entertainments time to time. In TV channels as well as YouTube etc we get a lot of opportunities for seeing these programmes which enthral us with the joyful comedy in them. I have seen many old hindi comedy films as well as new ones. Some of them are worth viewing multiple times.
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    Surely after hectic week and days of strain and hard work, we want to enjoy on Sunday and that should be through movies and entertainment programs on television and these days the OTP platforms are bringing in new films, comedy shows and other programs . Since we have been habituated to view the films at the big screen or theaters. many are not getting the full satisfaction of viewing pleasure and therefore the OTP platforms are not getting the required push of demand. I think going to the theme parks, water sports in this summer is the best option but we have to move with care.
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    Human mind set has to be changed as per different situations. Nowadays its very difficult to stay positive in life. Comedy movies and shows help us to relax our mind for at least a couple of hours and help us to avoid thinking matters that distracts our life. Relaxing our mind is a very difficult process as human mind is a basket of past, present and future activities. To control our daily life routine we have to take a good break therefore watching these comedy movies and shows are one of the ways through which we can stay positive and forget everything and even to start a new page of our life. Some comedies even make us think everything thing in life in a different aspect.

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    You are right. The world is facing the worst time it has seen. We need to remain in a positive state of mind and we need to keep ourselves busy with some work or watch some comic or inspirational movies. They boost our confidence and help us beat this difficult time. Hope all are fine and doing well. Be safe in Covid time.
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    The author seems to be disturbed because of growing cases of coronavirus. First, I would like to advise to all members who are worried because of spreading this virus - be careful and be happy.
    I agree with the author that comedy movies or shows are great source of enjoyment especially in this situation when we are not allowed to roam freely. This is a very tough time for us. We have to stay cool.
    I don't like to spend three hours in watching a movie. I prefer to watch some comedy shows, especially, I like to listen R.J. Naved show on Radio Mirchi "Mirchi Murga". This programme is between three to five minutes slot. I love to listen to it. It freshen up.

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    True. The situation is bad. Corona is making the whole world crippled. How to manage the situation is not known. So as mentioned by the author it is good to spend time sitting in the house and watching TV. There are people who can manage like this for days together with the resources they have or the money they are earning by working from home. But a person who is dependent on his daily income for his livelihood cannot manage the situation. He has to get food for himself as well as his family members. Really if we see their condition we will get annoyed.
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    Comedy movies and shows gives only a temporary relief and happiness to a disturbed or worried person for the time being. Then the life goes back to the normal after few minutes or the show. What is essential to a disturbed or worried person is a relative or friend who can please him with soothing words. A wife should be in a position to make her husband happy and vice versa.
    Frankly writing, I do not watch comedy films and shows to get relaxed or relieved. But I enjoy comedy if happened to watch them by default.

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    For that matter I chance upon watching Aditya comedy channel for Tamil comedy snippets and especially the Vadivel jokes are more gripping and enjoyable and easy time pass.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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