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    Oxygen was produced on Mars.

    NASA's Perseverance mission successfully produced oxygen on Mars. The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) was the first experiment to produce oxygen on a planet other than Earth. Authorities say they received five and a half grams of oxygen in the first test. This amount of oxygen is enough for an astronaut to breathe for 10 minutes. Mars' atmosphere contains 96% carbon dioxide and 0.13% oxygen. The experiment was carried out using electricity from the Perseverance Rover to decompose carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide and oxygen.
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    At the time when the world is grasping for the want of oxygen and in our country the want of oxygen cylinders gone out of stock and out reach to the medical fraternity the good news has been shared by the author. But Mars does not have so much oxygen as the earth has. However the findings must be useful for the Mars mission of various countries and even India would be going for it soon. So the oxygen has become important for the survival of mankind and whereever it is available , surely the earth people would shift to the new place for sure in near future or later and that depends on deeper research.
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    NASA's ambitious plan of exploring the planet Mars for learning about it and to find out any feasibility of setting up a human colony there in future is going ahead very nicely and more and more data regarding the planet is being obtained with these state of art Rovers and robotic equipments. NASA was also successful a few days back in flying a small helicopter model in the atmosphere of this planet. The study of the atmosphere and terrain of Mars is a big project and once all the data is obtained then first manned rocket can be expected to leave in future for Mars to try to establish a human colony there by self sustaining in that environment. So far, we have seen that there is no life in the Mars neither in plants form nor in animal form and under that situation whether the environment there will be conducive for human growth is a big question and a very big scientific challenge.
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    We feel proud when we hear such news that we are going to settle down on another planet or we have discovered some new planets where oxygen and water are available. Should we be proud of this achievement? I think it is stupid of us to spend so much amount on these projects and missions. I don't know what we will get if 96% carbon dioxide gas is replaced by oxygen on Mars. Why we forget that thousands of people die of starvation on this planet. A major part of the world population is still deprived of basic needs like food, home, clothes, medicine.
    No country cares what is happening in a third world country. It is a matter of supremacy between rival countries. The US always has to show that America is superior to other top countries like China and Russia. Just wait, these two countries will bring some other advanced technology to prove themselves superior.

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    This is one of the great achievement of NASA, in which about 5 grams of Oxygen has been collected from Mars. The accumulation of oxygen is done by a rover sent to Mars. It is considered to be a historic success in the world of space. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Mars is very high, and it is obtained oxygen by high temperature from carbon di oxide. If sufficient amount of oxygen can be extracted from this device, then there may be some connection of human life on Mars in future.

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    This is a great leap for the scientific community and is a big milestone in space exploration. NASA is doing many such great experiments on a planet which is so far from Earth and we are monitoring everything from such a distance through remote operations. It is amazing that scientists are capable of doing such important experiments on Mars which are crucial for deciding its usefulness and as a possibility to become as another habitable planet in our solar system for the human beings. Let us hope that this exploration goes on developing in the same pace.
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    It is really a piece of good information. All the space scientists are having more hopes on Mars and that is why many countries are working for exploring Mars. This is a positive step towards finding out the facts of Mars. NASA is making good work and always they are the front runners. Now India is also making plans for the next mission to Mars. The concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere there is very less. Concentrating the oxygen content in the air available there is the experimentation they are trying. I think. Hope they will get many more positive aspects on Mars.
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    At present the concentration of oxygen in the Mars is so much less than we cannot conceive of existence of any living creatures. The scientists are concentrating on the improvement of the oxygen content being presently in the feeble amount. The experimentation done by the scientists has created a hope for the further improvement of oxygen level. The present rate of discovery though being feeble but still it is encouraging. The efforts of the NASA scientists towards the enrichment of oxygen level in the Mars would surely be a matter of rejoice in the coming future.

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    I have no intention of demeaning the achievement of NASA but I find it quite ironic that we are celebrating the production of Oxygen on Mars at a time when hundreds are dying in our country due to non-availability of the same. I agree with Arafatuzzafar that there is seemingly no point in celebrating such achievements (irrespective of the scientific advancement it testifies) when we are not able to make our planet a better place to live in by exploring and finding out solutions to the existing problems here.
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