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    Why was I late? -Did this question bother you anytime ?

    I was going through the old videos of entrance exams to various courses across the country including the NEET, EAMCET and JEE. In all these exams the time is the essence and the main would be closed as already informed to the students through the message alert. In one of the video the candidate was running towards the gate which is already closed and seen pleading to open but the authorities won't budge. That was very pathetic as the dreams of the candidate has gone to the wind with his late arrival. Have you ever had any such experience that you repented for being late? Please share here.
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    I agree to the message given this thread that we should not waste our time because wasting time results in repantnece. The author mentioned that someone got late for appearing at an examination and for being late he was deprived of appearing at the examination for which he might have done preparation day in and day out but wasting time incurred him a big loss. I think students should take a lesson from this thread.
    I have read about lives of the successful people and I found a common thing that they were punctual in doing their work. They would never tolerate wasting time.

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    Time is the essence of everything in this world and those who do not value and respect this entity suffer the consequences. The unique thing about time is that it moves only in one direction and that is the forward direction. It cannot be restored back to earlier point in the time line. So, it is imperative that we always keep a margin of time whenever we have to meet a schedule activity in our lives whether it is an exam or meeting or important function. We have to inculcate discipline and order in our lives and take time as the most important thing in our assignments and engagements.
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    I have seen many people going to Railway Station or Airport just in time and then they are trapped in the heavy traffic and then their train or flight is missed. This is very common thing but is harmful and creates big problems in the schedules. It is said that if one has to reach a place at 10 AM then it is better to plan to reach there at 9 AM so that even if one is delayed half an hour one reaches there by 9:30 AM well in advance.
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    No. Never. I am very punctual. I never had a chance to be late for any function or exam or to my office. I set an example for punctuality. Similarly, I expected all my subordinates to be very punctual. I would effectively take charge of them if they turn up late. In this aspect, people would fear and never come late to areas in which I am responsible.
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    Time is indeed considered to be the most precious and we do not want to appreciate it. The first thing we can do for this is to be prepared in advance for the upcoming actions, if we keep the list of our tasks priority and then list them out, then in some time it becomes our habit and automatically every Work takes place over time. Time is equal for everyone, but still, many people say if they do not completely work, time was short while everyone has equal time. Observe yourself and try to find out all the situations that can delay you and then analyze how we can avoid them. One who does not use time properly has to repent later. It has been said by most of the successful people of the world that be cautious with the commitment of time or else you will have to chase time later, which will not achieve anything.

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    Punctuality is very important for any person to be successful in his life. I have seen some people who used to be on the dot. I have seen some people who never make it on time. Some people who were very punctual changes their attitude and may come late intentionally and see that people will wait for them.
    From the beginning, my attitude is to attend all the works on time. I was never late for any work so far. I plan my program to keep the appointment time and I will attend. I was never late to any of the examinations I have written so far. Many times I will be there at the venue 10 tom15 minutes before the scheduled time.
    So so far I have no chance to think why I am late?

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