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    Why movies are not made as gripping as daily tele serials ?

    Be it any language Hindi, Tamil or Telugu, the daily tele serials are more gripping and arresting and our house holds are more habituated to watch such serials daily without fail, Though the serials are shown for just 22 minutes daily, the connect to previous episodes are made with good editing and screen play. Why the movies are not made in such way. We do not want over dose of double meaning dialogues, cheap jokes, and unwanted fighting scenes and songs. Do you also feel that movies should be simple and gripping?
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    The serials run for months together with every day keeping some suspense. That will make the audience to wait for the time of the show. As it runs for many days there are chances for some audience to miss in between one or two shows due to other activities.That increases the suspense further. That makes the viewers to discuss with each other . I have seen some people discussing about these serials even on phone also.
    Coming to the movies if there is a suspense also it may be just for maximum three hours. After that you will come out of the theatre without any suspense and you will forget about that. I think this is the main reason which made the author come to the above conclusion. But movies are made much better than TV serials in all respects. Technical values, action, music and all other points of the movies will be far better than TV serials.

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    It is a matter of personal preference, if someone likes to watch the action, then someone loves romance or family stories, etc. Watching a movie is a means to entertain, which can entertain you in any form. The cereals shown in the daily soap bind the viewer but this is not the case in the films. In a busy life, every person is unable to take time out to watch the serial every day, in such a way, if two to four days in a month are found on vacation, then some people will like to watch a complete movie instead of episodes. Although many websites are now starting on the lines of cereals and people like it a lot, still movies, serials, and web Siris all have their own importance which depends on the person. I do not like to watch serials on TV, I prefer to watch movies very first, and sometimes web series, But I like to watch all the episodes of the series in 2 days and complete the series.

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    Serials are also known as daily soaps. Daily soaps and movies have huge difference. Even nowadays, we get to watch webseries, short films, plays and many other. Not every movie is 3hr, few movies are of 1-2 hr depending upon the creation of the content.
    Personally, when I don't get time to watch full movie, I watch in parts.
    Serial, as the author mentioned, that it's streamed or telecasted for 22mins, approximately 30 mins, is a series of atleast 3 episode, which is for one day. The 3 episode are telecasted daily and after say, 100 episode creates a show. Now, to watch 100 episode, we need to devote a huge number of hours. And, I personally, believe that instead of spending huge number of hour to know the ending part of the show is a mere time waste.

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    There are some movies also which are simple and gripping but comparatively the serials are much more interesting in this respect. There are reasons for it. First is that a serial is not bound by boundaries like 1 hour or 2 hours or 3 hours as most of the movies are confined to these timings and the movie director has to put all the spices within that time frame. There is always an element of hurriedness in making movies. On the other hand serials are only for a slot of 20-25 minutes per day and go for a long time and story can be developed effectively and proficiently which keeps the viewer attached to it. The story is the main thing in a serial while cinematography and other factors also matter but not as much as in the movies. One has to see the movie at one go while serials are for a small time and one can easily make available oneself for that.
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    The author appears to have had a change of mind. He had in this thread asked why serials cannot be shown in one stretch as movies and now he is asking why movies cannot be like serials, praising both the mediums differently in both the threads. Yes, the tastes and interests of individuals do keep changing but I think the common and acceptable answer to both his queries would be that movies and serials are different platforms and so are their audiences and requirements. So, neither can a movie be made like a serial nor can a serial be made like a movie.
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    I don't watch T.V. serials, however, I see some people are fond of serials. If they miss one episode they keep in touch with other viewers to know what happened in the last episode. My neighbouring family is almost crazy for watching serials. It was some specific serial which they normally watch without fail, coincidentally, it happened due to a big fault electricity supply was stopped on the days a particular serial was on the air. So, the lady phoned her sister who lives in another city and her sister narrated her whole story., then she felt relax.
    It is the personal choice of people how they like to spend their time or leisure. Some people don't watch tv serials, rather, they watch movies. My personal choice is - some comedy shows instead of movies or tv serials, sometimes, I watch short movies which have a length between ten minutes to twenty minutes only. They are based on a particular topic.

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