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    India not yet ready to deal with medical emergencies

    While many government and private hospitals are being established and the services are provided to the patients, when it comes to medical emergencies, the preparations seems to be less or nothing. Yesterday it was reported that a daughter and the father had a dash to occupy the bed with oxygen in Bengaluru and both suffered injury and eventually the death. Why the hospitals failed to gauge the medical emergencies and why they are not keeping everything at the disposal. Adjusting within the availability seems to be the motto of all hospitals.
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    This is a correct observation but I would say that not only in medical area but we have failed utterly in many other areas also and though the various Govt in the past 73 years had tried to do their best within the political and democratic system of this country, we had only added facilities but had not groomed the people behind and managing that infrastructure. In addition we have not even inculcated positive and constructive feelings and ideas in the young generation. Today it is hurting us when we are losing lives and naturally blaming the medical services but there are problems in other areas also which we are ignoring because we are not losing lives there. Everyone talks about corruption in medical area but what about the rampant corruption in other areas where without giving money nothing moves ahead? Frankly speaking, an overall improvement is required and then medical services will also fall in the groove.
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    India is a very highly populated country. That is one important aspect which makes it different from other countries. Another issues here are all the parties who ruled this country are always busy keeping their power intact. They always concentrate on criticising the other parties more than concentrating on the problems of the public. But in normal condition, people are able to get their health requirements by paying money for it through private hospitals. But during this pandemic situation, all the loopholes in the system are appearing.
    Yesterday one of my relatives is tested positive and her oxygen levels fallen down. They wanted a ventilator. ut nowhere they are available. Fortunately, I know the Managing Director of a corporate hospital. I talked to him and managed a bed. Now she is improving. But how a common man with no financial support can manage the situation is a big question mark?

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    The present situation is an example that India needs to strengthen itself for a medical emergency. Recently, due to which the cases have increased and they are not being managed, due to this the weak state of the medical system of our country has been cleared. But the biggest problem is that despite knowing everything, the steps that should have been taken at such a time were not taken. Today many people are going for this reason only because the proper health system is not available on time. By the way, as a diagnosis of oxygen problem, now DRDO has also moved forward and now DRDO is going to contribute to the medical emergency. This is a positive initiative from which some good is expected. We can not deny that all health department and health workers trying their level best to save lives but due to lack of equipment, they also feel helpless to treat a patient.

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    India is not ready for anything except Paytm cups and IPL rest of all is Zero still we can't understand that. It is the main problem..... I saw one post on Facebook I want to write or share here. China offers tech support. Germany offers an Oxygen plant. Pakistan offers ambulances,
    Now New Zealand offers its prime minister, we will get through this crisis quickly

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    My personal opinion is that India is ready to handle medical emergencies. But we must not overlook the difficulties that arise when 10 percent or above of the country in an epidemic approaches hospitals together. We must understand that almost all the hospital are already full with patients exist for various ailments before the epidemic. The developed countries are also stuck with this epidemic, even though their population is much less than India. The spread of the disease so rapidly and so exacerbated may have hindered the authorities from taking appropriate action. We can avoid negative thoughts.

    But the main hurdle here is that Labor and executives are going lazy in executing things as usual. It is noted that the ministers who have to play a major role to some extent are also responsible for this. Is this how they behave when war comes? So, it has to be said that the priority and the seriousness to be given, is not manifested here.

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    We have not strengthened the government hospitals on par with private ones.
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    The author has mentioned about an incident in which a father and a daughter died in accident and they could not get medical aid and the author feels that it is a serious problem. Such incidents are quite common in our country thousands of people die without having any medical aid. Second surge of corona virus has deteriorated the situation on the ground. Patients are lying on roads and they are dying on roads without treatment, even at cremation centre corpses are lying in queue for getting cremated.
    Our whole medical system seems to be collapsed now- lack of beds, lack of oxygen, lack of medicines, lack of treatment and care are in bad shape.

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    One thing that I want to add here is that the present crisis is of a massive nature and there in unprecedented surge of corona patients in the country and in such a condition it is no surprise if the medical system collapses. The availability of oxygen, ventilators, drugs is also a crucial issue and we cannot blame the Govt (state and central both) for all of this as no one had foreseen this type of medical problems coming in future. It is true that we are not good planners when it comes to manage the resources in the calamity situation like this. Another problem is that there are some vested interests also who try to make money even in these tough times when people are dying outside the hospitals. These people are actually the corrupt ones and they should be dealt strictly in these situation by promulgating some law by the parliament.
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