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    When will everyone know about their rights?

    We have been given many rights by our constitution, which includes all the important aspects which are important for us to live a respectful and healthy life. But even today there are many citizens in the country who either do not know about these rights or are unable to raise their voice for the rights. In general, if I talk about our surroundings, many educated people are also ignorant of their constitutional rights. The right to life is the indivisible fundamental right of a person, this human and fundamental right is the most important. The right to life does not only mean that it is only the existence of life, but it should be a dignified quality of life, but whether the importance of these rights will be limited only to our written constitution or will everyone demand for their rights.
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    There are people who know more about their rights than their responsibilities. There is another section of people who never know the rights have. Only a few people know about the rights and responsibilities equally.
    In village especially in Backward class people/SC//ST people don't know what are rights they have and how they can improve their lives. In cities, people know more about their rights than the responsibilities. We see many people in villages who will simply believe what their caste head says. They will be following him in all the aspects and the leaders take this as an advantage and use them for their selfish gains.

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    The attitude of the people have changed significantly. They are conscious of their rights but they hardly bother for their responsibilities. Wherever they live, they would express their desire to know what are their rights while doing their duties and to what extent these are achievable. In a way, it is better to be conscious but what about their responsibilities? They remain silent on such issues. To have the sense of responsibility makes a man responsive to the norms of the society and one should not shirk their responsibilities at any cost.

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    Nice thread from the author. Most of us have been the winners of bookish knowledge through which we got the degrees and qualifications through which we got jobs and opportunities. But we neve had the time to dig the rights and the eligibilities being a citizen to demand and adhere too. Being a consumer we have right to get the quality product and if there is adulteration or excessive charges we have the right to protest and get the matter redressed. The consumer forums are there they do not act on their own and one has to approach them with the complaint to take action. Many online companies are committing frauds on quality advertised and quality sent, and we do not take any action on them except sending the package back. If we do not know the rights, then we cannot mend the ways of the government at all.
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    It is an interesting piece of writing by the author. The people of our country have got many rights under the constitutions and if they are not getting those things they can raise voices against it and if they unitedly fight for it Govt will have to take steps to satisfy them. But this is true in a condition where Govt system is not corrupt and people are also disciplined and are good citizens. Unfortunately in our country we have two big problems. First is a large amount of corruption in the system (though there are a few honest people also) and second is the indisciplined and mischievous public which is interested in burning buses, blocking traffic, and creating hooliganism. In such a situation how we are going to get our rights in our hands even if we know them? So, improvement is required in a big way and there are many things which a strict and honest regime only can correct and make a conducive environment in which everyone will automatically know his rights. One more thing that we have to keep in mind is that no one is entitled to rights without taking responsibility.
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    Rights and responsibilities both are important and each of us should realise if we are entitle to avail our rights then another fellow also has the right to avail the same right as a citizen of this country.
    But many of us who dont know what their rights are because they dont have time to think over this matter. After all, socially they are outcasted because of their caste, lack of money, lack of education, poverty and ignorance. They are used as an instrumental commodity in our society by the well-established class that can influence the whole social system in their area.
    I live in a very social environment where it often happens that a person is going to different offices to get his problems heard because the land or house of this man has been illegally occupied by an influential and powerful ruffian and even the administration does not help him. Now he has no option but to spend thousands of rupees on court premises and should wait for ten years to twenty years to get his land or house back.

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