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    Learn to behave according to the circumstances.

    One of the main reasons for the breakdown of relationships is an insistence that everyone should behave according to our perceptions and characteristics. No one needs to be completely compatible with anyone. Compromise is possible only for the things that need to achieve or the circumstances that need to stand together. The pattern of behavior with those at home is not required in the workplace. There will be no one who interacts in the same way with fellow travelers and strangers. Two things become clear in each behavior.
    1- The uniqueness of one's character.
    2 - Our attitude towards others.
    No one will be able to behave in a way that everyone likes. But everyone can act in a way that does not insult anyone.

    Behavior patterns shall be formed not according to the upbringing and training received. There are codes of conduct that require according to the existing conditions. It depends on the circumstances and the mood of the people who come and go. The lesson to never forget is to learn to behave according to the situations.
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    Nice thread shared by the author, I too agree that we should follow good behaviour as per circumstances. It's up to us how to behave with the person in front, as we can not control others behaviour but we can work on ourselves. Many people follow a common philosophy for that and they behave as per other's behaviours. We should use polite words in our languages and adopt a humble policy in our behaviour. Do not try to please everyone by behaving fake talks but try to implement those things which not hurt anyone. Whether if someone is elder or younger than us but our behaviour should be respectful for both, no one dislikes love and respect. Some resort to fake Behavior to become popular, but there is no need for us to become popular if we can become a role model by your behavior.

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    Good thought shared by the author. Behaviour is the key to our relations with others and there is no substitute for a good behaviour. People judge and value us as per our behaviour and our total assessment by them is actually based on that only. We interact with people in different situations and circumstances and our behaviour depends more or less on those premises. People do not remember what we talked to them but remember our behaviour only. So, it is necessary that we cultivate habits of behaving with people in a decent ways so that they respect us in the true sense.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We should not behave with somebody in a way that if somebody behaves with us the same way, we will get hurt. Many times we see people in authority behaving differently with the subordinates showing their authority. The subordinates will tolerate that behaviour as long as we are in that position. But the movement they are out of that position no person will respect you.
    We should respect others and behave as gently as possible irrespective of our position and power. Then people will respect us even when we are out of that power also. One thing everybody should remember here is that we are all human beings.

    always confident

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    It is a fact that any relationship depends on mutual understanding, compatibility and tolerating each other especially these essential qualities play a very crucial role for spouses to keep their relationship as a happy couple.'
    If there is no flexibility in thinking and the other partner pressurizes his/her partner to live as per his/her dictation this relationship will not go further unless he/she utterly yields.
    Sometimes, it is observed that one person takes another person for granted because of his/her goodness or his/her love for a partner but one thing is sure that a long-lasting relationship can not be sustained until the ego of either side is sacrificed or subdued from both sides.
    The author has given an example of interaction with people while travelling, I think during the journey we should avoid having interaction with co-passengers as we don't know what their reality is. Some people like to have chitchatting during their journey. They initiate it with co-passengers. But we should not be too much vocal and outspoken.

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    Nice thread from the author. It is the fact that some people do behave strangely and do not behave as per the situations. Like cracking jokes even at the obituary reference place. In one of the Tamil film the villain keeps on laughing at his opponent mother's funeral when there was silence and every one was in great shock and feelings. And person laugh has earned the further wrath of his opponent and their gang and the war between them escalate later. So what I mean to say that some people does not know how to behave with others and they keep on insisting their style of behavior which is not acceptable at all. And those who are boss at the office when visits the home for some occasion or function try to behave in the same manner of authoritative nature which is not liked many as there behavior in another place is not warranted.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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