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    Why can't companies train and employ unemployed youths?

    There need not be a recruitment drive as such through the campus nor the candidates need to knock at the doors of companies with their resumes. But companies can go for a mass unemployed youth training program in their companies for the respective posts and then take them as the trainee employees. In that case, even the non-qualified persons would also be moulded to the requirement of the company as buffer staff. At present, the campus recruits end up as assignment employees and they are seldom taken into the main stream.

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    This appears to be a wishful thinking as the process of recruitment is never so simple. Any company will like to have the best brains and best workers by paying minimum salary possible. When they get the best of the lot just for pennies why they will go for the less knowledgeable people whom they have to train also before getting jobs from them. The availability of qualified people is so much and the demand is so less that today it is the recruiter's world. I have seen in some of the big shops where boys and even some qualified people are working as a shop helping boy for a meagre 6000 to 8000 per month and that job also is given when you have some link or source. So there is no value of the qualified or less qualified people today in our country as far as getting a job is considered.
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    If the company gives the training they can mold the future employees to their fold.
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    Some minimum qualification is always required for some jobs. We can't take anybody and everybody and train them for the post. If a company wants to recruit a Chemist, people will look for some minimum and basic knowledge of chemistry. Like this, for various posts, they take a suitably qualified person and train them. That is what they are doing now. In campus recruitment, they take persons who are qualifying and train them as required. The companies are already taking some excess people anticipating some new projects.
    Companies take people as per the requirement. They will not entertain people without any need. These days more unemployed people are there and an equal number of posts are not there. That is why we have the unemployment problem. At the same time, these days candidates are also not ready to take up field jobs. They want white collared jobs and it is very difficult if the people are so selective.

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    The idea of the author is great but practically it can not be materialised because our country has been facing unemployment problem on a large scale. Well qualified youths are running from office to office with their degrees to get a good and suitable job. This corona virus has deteriorated economic condition of business organisations. These companies are not able to give good salaries to their employees what they deserve for, and these employees are compelled to work in less salary because they know if.they leave this job they will not get another job easily. This situation is not going to change in near future.

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    The author pointed out a very good idea. But it is difficult for companies to conduct such training for so many job seekers. Will any companies spend money on those who do not recruit for their needs? All companies are recruiting as many employees as they need. Such recruits are also given training, to function efficiently. But, the author's idea can only be implemented by the State & Central Governments at its level. The government authority should provide quality training of the required modules of companies and other service sectors, according to the qualification for different categories. it should be defined that the companies and other service providers must recruit candidates from this category for their needs. In order to be so defined, the quality of the training must be of a standard acceptable to companies and other service providers.
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    The advice of the author and his foresight are greatly appreciated. But it becomes a little difficult to be possible with certain things. When a company hires some employees for itself, it naturally puts its employees in a training period in which all the work-related training is given to that employee. But for this training also, some qualifications are required in the employee only then he will be able to fulfill the purpose of training. It is difficult in a general private company but in government enterprises such facility can be provided, some schemes have also been introduced through which skill development should first be done to the unemployed and then they should be provided jobs as per their skill. But it is difficult to say with certainty how much transparency is there in all these programs. Because many schemes are not about the benefit of the public but prove beneficial for the middleman.

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