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    How our mind is able to affect our body?

    In our scriptures, it is mentioned very clearly that our mind can control our body. A strong and stressless mind is the source for a happy life. Some people feel that it might not be correct fully. They say that mental situation and physical characteristics are not fully co-relatable to each other. But our mind is a miraculous machine and when we think something it must be affecting some of the related glands in the body to produce the appropriate, more or less, quantity of the hormones or chemicals that affect the physical characteristics of the body. So, somehow these two, that is the mind and the body, seem to be interconnected. What is your experience or understanding of this mysterious connection? Any views, please.
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    Our mind will get affected by physical health condition. If you are sick you can not be happy. So when there are no problems with your body your mind will be free from problems and work vigorously with high energy.
    Some people even though there are no problems, will be always thinking negatively about the happening in their lives. That will make them sick. Instead of that if we have positive thoughts we will not have any worries and our body will be healthy. Like that both body and mind are having inter connection. Each will have an influence on the other.

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    It has been proved that body and mind are inextricably linked. Therefore, it is undeniable that the thoughts of the mind affect the body. There is a saying, 'The face is the mirror of the mind'. Emotions that run through the mind can be seen not only on the face but all over the body.

    When one feels hatred in the mind, some see trembling all over the body, and the eyes and face become red. Similarly, if you are scared, the condition of your face and body will be different. If the mind is calm, you know it at a glance. Such people's body is free, and the face is filled with peace, calm and cool. Similarly, when you see someone, you can read the mood of his/her mind, whether it is happy or sad. From this, it can be seen that the appearance of the mind is displayed on the body. So it can be said without any doubt that the mind studies the body.

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    While it is the generally believed that mind and body are inter connected to get the best results from our work. There are some exceptions too. One my relative is very sensitive and possessive. She expects everyone should give attention to her and report to her of any problems or good news. But many of us would not follow her and when ever we go to her house, she would rewind all our past mistake and keep on cooking the food. While she completes the scolding, the cooking also done. What is more surprising that she cooks so well, tasty and even those who have been scolded would say nice for the taste. What I mean to say that her mind was fully on the issues to which she was sidelined but the cooking was perfect to the state. She cooks so well and the taste has been the highlight of her life and that is why she was excused.
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    Brain and heart both are interconnected to each other. They are very important organs in the human body. They communicate with each other with the help of the muscular walls of the heart that is connected to the circulatory system of the brain.
    The brain discharges hormones dictating the rest of the body how to do and what to do, and cells that are found in blood vessels receive these message from the brain and also message from nerve endings ate sent to the muscular walls of the heart.
    Logic and reasoning are related to the mind whereas emotions and sentiments are related to the heart. Logic and reasoning as well as emotions and sentiments have their own place in human life. None of them can be refuted. I have read some books of a great scholar, he said that when we have to take any decision about any important matter we should not listen to heart because heart keeps emotions and sentiments up whereas mind takes logic and reasoning to decide.

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    Yes, I completely agree with the author, it is our brain that affects our body the most. It is said, just as grain is a mind, a body reacts in the same way as a mind. Doctors also say the same thing when a person is mentally strong and has good power to live, he leads a more healthy life. An acquaintance of my family had paralysis a few years ago and was in a coma for about 4 months but we were aware of his positive thinking, and it was only because of his will power that he started walking back to normal in 1 year, and today he is completely fine and healthy, even in March he won the battle of Corona too, though he had a mild infection. Some people, despite being physically in full health, mentally consider themselves ill and one day really fall victim to physical problems. A person should adopt positive thinking as much as possible, positive thinking is like medicine for our problems which play an important role in reducing our problems.

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    All our actions are connected with our thinking. We have marked that our constant negative thinking has affected our lives in many ways. The excess stress due to overthinking has caused later the elevation of blood pressure and sugar. We are not in a position to arrest our negativity due to the circumstances or otherwise. It hardly matters that we are supplementing our body with enough nutrients but these foods don't produce the significant results because of our over stress. The case could have been better with our simple thinking devoid of stress and consuming plane diets. Hence this proves that good health is linked to our rational thinking.

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