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    Some events set an example in difficult times.

    In the present situation, various people in the world are giving their help at their level. One such example has come up in Gwalior. The Surya Bulb manufacturing company in Gwalior currently shut down production in its entire unit and dedicated all oxygen to serve the patients, the Energy Minister expressed gratitude for this commendable contribution, thanking the management. Equipment has been installed for the refilling of oxygen cylinders in seven days. Now Surya has assured the company to refill 70 cylinders every day. Similarly, if all the people of the country move forward by supporting each other in this difficult time, then perhaps soon the time will be better.
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    It is good to know that several business organisations and firms are coming forward in this crisis time and offering oxygen to hospitals.
    As of last week about a dozen firms, including Reliance Industries Ltd, Tata Steel Ltd, Indian Oil Corp. Ltd, Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd and JSW Steel Ltd, Jindal Steel and Power and Vedanta group are supplying oxygen to hospitals. While Allcargo Logistics has offered to ship 500 oxygen concentrators from Singapore for the Maharashtra government.
    Linde and Tata's group have offered 24 oxygen transport tanks that will be given soon.
    As per the report from Steel Authority of India (Sail), the company as of now has sent 35,000 tonnes of liquid medical oxygen of 99.7% purity from its plants at Bokaro (Jharkhand), Bhilai (Chhattisgarh), Rourkela (Odisha), Durgapur and Burnpur in West Bengal.
    This great help from the corporate sector will help the country a lot. We need a big co-operation among people of all classes. This is the crisis period before us that has raised a question mark on our existence on this planet. Many people are dying daily because of this pandemic.

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    Now the corporate sector has come into the picture and helped in a great way to the country. There is no scarcity of oxygen now. Maximum 5% of the available stock of oxygen is sufficient for medical use at this time of the pandemic. We should thank the people responsible for this help. The government of India arranged for airlifting oxygen from the place of availability to the places where it is required.

    All people should come forward to help the needy and see that people will not lose their lives. All may not be able to help in a big way. But whatever we can do should be done. Small small droplets can fill the container. All differences should be kept aside and strive for coming out of this difficult situation.
    Many people are losing their confidence and worrying too much. That is making them weak and they are getting more prone to the virus. So let us not attempt to forward negative messages on social media, Let us spread positivity among the people and that is also the greatest help we can do.

    always confident

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    It is really a very good gestures by some of these companies that they are coming ahead in this time of calamity to help the people in whatever way they can. Others should also learn a lesson from these actions and try to help the suffering community during this pandemic time. Once this pandemic is contained these business units can get back their business to the same old glory. Their helping gesture will be remembered by the society.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Very many thanks to the Surya company for reaching out to the nation when the Oxygen cylinders have become more shortage or not available. We must commend the far thinking ability of the company top management which has now earned the appreciation of central minister and others. Indian companies always realized their social responsibility and Surya has gone one step forward as they shut down manufacturing bulbs and gone for oxygen cylinder manufacturing which is the need of the our. Other companies should also emulate from such great gestures of firms lime Surya.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are many people in our country who are quietly doing what they can to help with various problems. One of them is a Janardhanan from Kannur. He was a member of the Sadhoo Beedi Co-op Society. Now retired. His wife died last year. He went to the co-operative bank where he had his account yesterday. He asked how much money was in his account. 2,00,850/-, (Rupees Two Lakhs and eight hundred and fifty only) the manager replied. He requested to the Manager that, Rs. 2,00,000/- should transfer to the Chief Minister's Vaccine Challenge. One more thing, in particular, appealed to the manager. Let no one outside know about this. The public came to know about this at the press conference of the Chief Minister in the evening yesterday. The total amount was received by his retirement and his wife's P.F. The amount was Rs. 2,00,850/- deposited with the bank.
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    I am pleased to the generous donations of the companies of continuous supply of oxygen from the different organisations such as SAIL, TISCO, ONGC, Vedanta Group, Reliance group, Jindal Steel, Bharat Petroleum etc. These companies are so much dedicated that the oxygen to be used in the steel refining has been diverted to different hospital units for giving relief to the patients affected with corona.
    Even the small units like Surya Bulb of Gwalior slashed its production of Bulb to streamline the supply of oxygen in the different health units so as to render help to the patients who are badly in need of oxygen to overcome the lung infection due to corona. Such helps are proving to be eminent help in the hours of crisis. Hope, many more organisations would join to help the patients suffering from the infection of corona.

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