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    Do not aspire to live like any others.

    We can only live like ourselves. Anyone wants to live like someone else, seeing only the other's prosperity. The hardships and illnesses of their lives will be unknown before our eyes. If you want to understand them, you have to spend at least a day in the same circumstances and mindset as they are. Then we can see that their lives are creeping not through the joys and fortunes they show but through the hidden hardships and obstacles. Continuous views may not be as pleasing to the eye as the first. The cooling view from the outside is not evidence of the internal situation.

    Those who see only the shortcomings of their own lives are either ignorant or not find out of the wonders and infinite possibilities in them. The danger is that our looks and attention are going to others. Those who are closing the possibilities of self-analysis, and envy and criticize others get nowhere. All those who want a copy of the lives of others need only their blessings. Life is not for measuring and taking what you most liked.

    If we learn to respect the existing situation we are in, not despair of the situations that could have been obtained.
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    A very nice suggestion from the author and one should follow this without fail. By seeing others we feel they are having a better life than us. But that may not be true. Unless otherwise, we step into their shoes we don't know what are their limitations and problems. So always concentrate on your position and take decisions which will suit you.
    In our village, I had a friend. They are having some property and used to live very happily. By the side of their house, a very rich family was living. My friend's father always used to see the way his neighbour is living and used to follow them. In order to match their lifestyle, he sold all his property. Finally, they left the village and shifted to another place where they suffered a lot for their livelihood. All this happened before my eyes.
    Hence I always believe that we have to live in our own way based on our income levels. But we should not compare with others and get into problems.

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    The author is absolutely right at his point, that we should be ourselves and not try to be like others. It is good to find someone as our idle person and want to see yourself in that position but it does not mean that we wish to start living life like him/her. Every person has many struggles in their life, we can see only achievements but can not think about that struggle and challenges that another person faced to be at that designation in life. Many people try to copy others but it will not work actually, one should be itself. It is also said, that be the best version of yours not of others.

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    I also feel that one should live as per ones ways and should not unnecessarily copy the ways of others. This is interesting to note that those who copy the ways of others will not gain anything by it because blind copying has no meaning. At the most one can copy the good traits and characteristics of other people and use them in their own ways. Living in ones own style will always be pleasurable.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    While we have the tendency to ape and copy all the things what others do, the fact remains that we should be on our own and what we do without anybody help or cue is treated as our own perforamance. If others are living in posh way and spend huge money on cloths and fashions, we cannot aspire to be them, because we are not having the finance back up nor the ability to lead them in the front. One thing is sure what ever we does on our own and if that is powerful statement of any kind, the world would certainly notice it and we are also followed with great reverance. But we fail to notice that.
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    Indeed, we should not view others. I agree with the author that we don't know what their real condition is, Sometimes, all that glitter is not gold. what is their reality is not known to us until spend some time with them and know all their activities by a close distance? I know some people whose father was a small shopkeeper. They are four brothers. They spent their lives in hardship. When they grew up they worked hard to earn money and change their social status and now all four brothers are a billionaire. It is said about them that they took some illegal source to earn money also but they worked hard to reach this level in town. The eldest brother is a prominent political leader. His political rivals speak ill of him and his family but people know how he and his brother worked hard day and night.

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    Extremely supporting the authors views. There is a fine line of difference between, inspiring to be like someone and aspiring to be like someone. This generation is so busy watching the glittery lives of others, that they tend to forget the well known proverb, all that glitters is not gold. They tend to look at the results, how happy the other person is now, how successful the other person is, and instantly aspire to be like the other person, ignoring the whole fact, what the other person must have been through to be such successful and happy in their life. This is an undeniable fact that everyone goes through some kind of hardships in their life. The other might never come to know about it, but it exists. Learning from the other person's hardships and implementing the good habits is what inspires you to be like the other person. We can definitely get inspired from a person , but only after getting to know all of his hardships.
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    It is an interesting post by the author. Many times we feel that others are in such a good situation and are having all the facilities while we are suffering and struggling but do not get things in our live as planned. This happens when we do not see the things in details and perceive them superficially. Without knowing as how the other person has received things and success in his life and what are those difficulties through which one had gone, we assume something about him which is completely false. Superficial observations are of no use in our lives. They will not help us in getting to the bottom of the things and we will be to ally misled.
    Knowledge is power.

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