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    Criticism does not uplift the fallen.

    Many open their mouths only to Criticise. These people see only evil in anything and everything. Then the criticism also will come. No one will criticize them as the unique and common facility to the critics. The reason is that they do nothing. Only those who will do something shall be criticized. Does anyone throw stones at a fruitless tree?

    If a person is constantly criticized, he has done something and is effective. Critics are those who do not do anything. Criticism is the only way for them to make their presence known. If you try to answer all the stone throwings of criticism, you will die by those stones. But when one reaches at the top so that the thrower cannot deliver their throwings, the thrower can look up only with amazement. So, we should be able to fly over the throwing stones known as criticism.
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    That is correct. Only those people who work will get all the criticism. When a person is doing some work with interest we should encourage him. There may be some mistakes. You can tell him and help him so that he will understand his mistakes and try not to repeat them. Instead of that if you try to find fault and try to advertise his mistakes one will lose his interest and never show any interest to work further. His interest will get killed. A budding skill will die down if we spread his mistakes. One is not supposed to do that.
    When we are coming up in our lives we require constructive criticism so that we can understand our drawbacks and improve our skills. We should not take positive criticism negatively. One should think that the points we are getting from our critics are a way for improving our skills. We will easily understand who is the real critic advising us for improvement. Never ignore their comments,

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    What I have been taught and learned through the life that the constructive criticism are always liked and allowed. But we have people around, who wants to stop our progress and our acheivements with rave remarks. And if some criticize others, he should offer alternative or other tips to improve. For example the judges in live shows do criticize the performers on their face and they also give the cue to improve and that goes the long way. But there are some judges who does not like the performers and not their performance and thus reject the act. That is wrong. The audience are the right judges.
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    First, there are two aspects of criticism - (1) Analysis and assessment of performance or qualities of someone (2) finding faults in someone with the intention to discourage him or vilify him. Former is a positive criticism and latter denotes negative criticism. However, one important aspect of this negative criticism is, if someone finds fault in your performance or manner you perform an activity and his intention to eliminate those fault from you so that you may improve your performance, this criticism or finding fault is done with good intention, so it is praiseworthy.
    Those who criticise to discourage you then it should not be taken seriously because they are jealous of you and your success.

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    Deconstructive criticism disappoints a person and the confidence level of that person depreciates as well beyond recognition. When people open their mouth only to castigate others and not liking them in any way, they stoop to such a level of criticism where it becomes extremely difficult and disappointing for a person to bear all ill-willed criticism. Such things happen when shrewd people hesitate to recognise the performance of others and wish to grab the centre stage every time.
    Constructive criticism is always welcome where a person gets to know how one can improve his or her performance but rarely do we see such a criticism that will elevate, encourage and increase the confidence of a person. Mostly people try to crush the better things and dip confidence level, unfortunately. Such an act is discouraging and obstructing the performance of an individual.

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    To some extent constructive criticism can help the performers to improve their skills and this should be taken lightly by the performers. This should always be accompanied by some constructive suggestions to improve their ways. If the same is not pointed out, the performers may ask politely how best he can display his better skills while doing the jobs. Mere criticism would not help the performers in any way.

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    There are different types of people who criticize a person. Some people criticize behind the back and some dare to speak upfront. If a person is criticized then it can be seen as positive because this criticism helps a person in self-improvement. Otherwise, we only waste our time by criticizing anyone. The author has rightly said that we cannot change anything by criticizing a person, so why to waste your time and energy in vain. There are some people who do not criticize others themselves, but they do become part of a group where a third person is being criticized. The person criticizing himself is of a weak temper and tries to make himself complacent by criticizing others. If you have to do it, observe yourself and criticize yourself, by doing this you will be able to improve yourself. Our every word is precious and very important, so use it in positive thinking and speaking well.

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