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    Are you well versed with purchasing right vegetables at right price ?

    Purchasing the vegetables is the great art and not everyone accustomed to it. Vegetables are seasonal and the price varies accordingly. Moreover all vegetables are not liked by the family members and there should be selective buying, And which vegetable has to be purchased quality wise and we should be allowed to choose and not with the vendor choice the things be purchased. Moreover how to bargain the vegetables is also great art, no matter some vegetables are fixed in price. But I have seen some some households are well versed quality and quantity wise.
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    The author is of opinion that purchasing the best vegetables is an art. It may be, but I don't know if it is an art. Generally, several vegetable vendors carry vegetables on their carts in our locality and all women purchase vegetables from them but sometimes I go to the vegetable market to purchase vegetables. I don't purchase vegetables from one shop, rather I take the rate of the same vegetable from different shops and then I purchase the required item. Most of the shopkeepers know about me how I prefer to choose vegetables so, generally, they tell me the minimum rate. Moreover, I prefer to buy Desi vegetables instead of imported vegetables.

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    How to purchase tender lady finger, tender long brinjal and how to choose raw tomatoes than the ripen one are the few tips and others may share there tips.
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    Everyone will not be an expert in this field though some housewives can do this very proficiently. Selecting good quality vegetables at a reasonable price is not an easy job but some people know as how to do it. This type of work requires patience and one has to denote some time to learn to assess the freshness of a vegetable by merely seeing it or touching it. If that can be done then one has to pick up the good vegetables and get them for use in the house. Sometimes the rates of the vegetable are almost same across the town shops or hawkers outlets but what makes the difference is choosing the good vegetables out of so many varieties available. If one purchases from a particular shop then that shopkeeper will give the vegetables at a reasonable price to keep the customer buying from his shop only so the buyer might show tis to the shop that if it does not give a good discount then he might change the shop which will eventually be a detrimental thing for the sales for that particular shopkeeper.
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    I agree with the author that buying vegetables is an art and not every person can master this art. In most families, I have seen that women are more efficient in buying vegetables because they handle the kitchen and know about the choice of all the members. But the opposite is true in my family, most of the vegetables in my family are brought home by men. The main reason for this is that the vegetables at our house are less as per the choice and more according to nutrition and all the members even the children also indulge in eating items all the vegetables. Vegetables that are seasonal tend to be more beloved as they are not available in the same taste throughout the year. For example peas, I like them very much, but only in the winter season, we get delicious peas. When buying vegetables, the quality of the vegetables also greatly maters with the price, sometimes some bad vegetables are also placed in the middle of other vegetables, it is important to take special care of it and perhaps women are more aware in this matter.

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    These days in Hyderabad vegetables are also delivered online. People are not ready to go to the vegetable market and purchase there. There are some exclusive shops for only vegetables and fruits. There we can select the item we want. But prices are fixed. So there is no necessity of bargaining there.
    As far as I am concerned, I am not good at selecting vegetables and also I am not good at bargaining also. That is why my wife will always accompany me whenever I go for a vegetables or fruits purchase. She is very good at the selection of good quality material. She can bargain also. In our area, there will be a vegetable market every Saturday. We were going there and purchasing the weekly requirement. But for the last one and a half year, we stopped going to the vegetable market.

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    In my own area, there are many stalls where you can find fruits and vegetables. Though we can order in line but the quality of the materials in such situations may not be up to mark and we have to compromise with the products bought. Hence I prefer to go to the market for the collection of fresh, vegetables and fruits. Fresh items could be bought in the early hours of the day since vendors collect the same fresh early in the morning. Hence it makes sense to purchase the same through the market in the early morning though you have to shell out some more money for such qualities.

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