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    EC blamed for holding elections amid second surge in TN

    In an unprecedented charge on the Election Commission of India, the Madras High court came down heavily on the EC for holding the elections to the state which witnessed more cases as the candidates, parties and the crowd never managed themselves and EC has not followed the covid protocols and thus passed strictures. This is something confrontation matter which has erupted between the EC and the court, because EC has the compulsion to hold elections, and following protocol is the subject matter of state.
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    Whatever, the case may be, it was to be decided earlier regarding the outcome but now now such a confrontation between Madras High Court and Election Commission of India is not likely to offer any help to the sufferings seeing the progression of the corona virus. It could have been discussed prior to the finalisation of the election protocol with the meeting of state machinery, central government and the election commission. The same thing could have been in other states such as Bengal, Assam, Pandecheori etc where the elections have been held and these states too are suffering from the unexpected higher surge of COVID.

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    The Madras High Court is absolutely correct. It made severe comments for allowing election rallies without enforcing the Covid norms like wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance. The Chief Justice further commented that the Election Commission is singularly responsible for the second wave in Tamil Nadu. These comments were also relevant to the EC of West Bengal. The Prime Minister was also busy campaigning in WB conducting election rallies without following Covid norms. All the States where elections are conducted or in the process of conducting elections recorded hike in Covid cases.
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    I also saw about this news yesterday, this step by Tamil Nadu High Court, a glimpse of public outrage. By the time the Corona cases were decreasing, many exams and elections, etc. had been announced at that time, but as soon as the cases started growing, many institutes and boards postponed their upcoming exams. When other examinations can be postponed, the Election Commission should have also made some changes in the election dates. Suppose this process could have been a bit complicated because according to the constitution there are many provisions where the power of the Election Commission is also a matter of the just name. But even if the Election Commission wanted strictly, according to a certain guideline, this tsunami of corona could have been a little less. What was to happen has happened, now let us see what effect this step has on the future.

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    The observation of the honourable high court has a lot of merit and EC will have to answer this by properly explaining the situation. During the corona pandemic, frankly speaking, no rallies should had been conducted or allowed whether they belong to election or some religious matter or any agitation like farmers agitation going on in the Delhi, Punjab and Haryana borders. All are to be treated sternly and should be tear gassed by the police or army and the crowd should be dissolved. But we had been seeing that since the time of Shaheen bag congregation, Govt had shown same attitude of not strictly dealing with any agitation or rally even those where Covid protocols were not followed. So, to some extent it shows that thee was an apparent strange consistency of lenient governance from the Govt side in all these matters and everyone was allowed free to do whatever they wanted without following protocols under the garb of democratic rights. So, as tradition is always bigger than the observance in adverse conditions this conflict between EC and HC has arisen. Until unless Govt is firm to curb all the congregation of such magnitude, things might not improve.
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    If EC wished it could have postponed the elections but the problem is people had assured EC that they will take care and observe the Covid protocols. But when it comes to mob mentality, in our country, we do not observe any protocol or discipline. People are having marriage parties where no protocol is being observed. So the condition is really pathetic and HC has taken a good step to highlight one of these situations so that such things should not be repeated in future. EC will have tough time to explain the reasons for the lapse but they can always blame it on the state and central Govt as police and reserved forces are to be directed by the administration only as per EC directions.
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    Ms. Neeru Bhatt, your statement that the people assured the EC that they will observe the covid protocols is wrong. The EC will never consult the people. The fault lies squarely with the EC. They failed to implement the covid protocols. In West Bengal, Mamata Banarjee asked the EC to club all the last phases into one. This also the EC rejected. Conducting elections during this severe second wave is foolish on the part of the EC and GOI.
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    The elections are about to be over in West Bengal also. Now the situation is out of hand about curbing the second surge of coronavirus, because now, as it is claimed, it is mixed up with air too.
    The election commission should be held responsible but we are habitual of making hue and cry and after some time we forget everything and we accept every abnormal as normal. Are central government and state governments not responsible for spreading coronavirus?
    I have heard that more or less twenty lac people came to Hardiwar Why this huge congregation was allowed by the state government? Did this huge crowd not affect other people?
    We have been blaming the election commission for conducting elections rallies and roadshows but who will ask these prominent leaders who held rallies and roadshows in different states. ? Those people who are no more with us how these leaders will answer to their kith and kin.

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    That is true. Elections might have been postponed for a year or so. No heaven is going to fall if elections are not conducted. The same government can continue or President's rule can be imposed. Why the elections are so important at this juncture is not known. The present situation might have been much better if no elections were conducted. The election commission is to be blamed for this and the TN High Court did the correct thing.

    Again the people responsible might have been averted this situation by following the protocols for avoiding pandemic. That is not done by the people. Today many leaders also are getting affected by Corona. KCR, the CM of Telangana tested positive. Even I heard that Rahul Gandhi is also tested Corona Positive. It is proving that the leaders' power and position are more important than their lives. Many people are participating in election meetings and other gatherings which is exposing many people to the virus.

    At least now the EC should stop all elections and see that they will be conducted only after the situation improves.

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    The problem in our country is that we hold nobody accountable. We just accept the decisions and circumstances and go with the flow. Right from the start of the pandemic with parties, events, religious rituals and what-not to the current Kumbh Mela and elections, how many persons have been held accountable and action taken against them? How many mass events were cancelled? When the health protocols themselves (issued by the Govt. itself, mind you) of social distancing and bans on gathering are irresponsibly broken time and time again by the very people who issued them by allowing them in the first place, people dying will continue to be an upward graph.

    The author stated, "EC has the compulsion to hold elections". No, K Mohan. There is no compulsion in the face of such a massive health calamity. The EC should have firmly announced no elections this year, just as the Central Govt. should have firmly taken the stand not to permit the Kumbh Mela.

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    Do you know this tragedy - Teachers on poll duty in Bareilly for local Panchayat elections have died? No masks, no social distancing, no sanitzers at polling booths. Despite the surge in infections and an earnest appeal to the EC and the State Govt by the teachers' association, the third phase was not postponed. Everyone wants to grab power, like it's the most important thing right now.
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    Democratic norms has to be conducted and followed to which EC cannot be stopped or questioned.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Everyone wants to perform their duty and wash off their hands. If EC doesn't conduct elections, one side would make a noise. If EC conducts elections, another side makes a noise. Anyway, election was carefully done with precautions. Voters were asked to wear masks. Their hands were sanitized and gloves were provided, and all were asked to maintain social distance. We cannot blame EC. They performed their duty upto the mark.
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