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    Along with others, be kind for yourself too.

    Often we are taught that always think about others, do everything that makes others happy, keep a feeling of politeness for others. It is also necessary from the point of view of all humanity and we should develop such great feelings within ourselves. But at the same time, the same sentiments should be applied towards ourselves. It is very good that you help others, but do not get so much in this help that you start adopting hardness towards yourself. Be honest with yourself, make yourself good from within, not just to show it to anyone. Take care and kindness towards the body while working. Just as we are good people for others, we should also be towards ourselves, this is balanced kindness.
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    I don't think if anybody does for other people that he forgets himself, however, in exceptional cases, it may be applied to mother and then to father, further nobody else cones in this category.
    We are selfish. We don't think about others. We always think about how to wangle in every situation and create opportunities to gain something. Even people can kill their own people, relatives, siblings, even parents for the sake of money and property. It has become so normal for us that we don't show any surprise, even sorrow. We are habitual now. We don't react while reading newspapers or watching television news channels.

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    True. We should not neglect our life. We should take care of ourselves. Nobdoy will take care of us if we are not well. This is true both financially as well as physically also. That is why there is a saying in Telugu which says nobody should do business for loss and nobody should not sacrifice their life for the sake of others.
    I know some people who take the advantage of the helping nature of other people and put them in a difficult situation to save themselves or their other family members. We should not help such people. One of my relatives is very conscious of him and his children. So he tries to protect them by exposing others to risk. I told him once or twice the same thing and told him that if others also think the same way nobody will help them. But there is no change in him.
    If we have food for one person we can donate half of that to another person and the remaining we can eat. But if we donate everything we will not have anything to eat and we have to wait for somebody's help.

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    We have to ensure that we are having adequate resources to run our own expenses so that in the hours of crisis we are not looking for help from others. Even if we expect the same to happen, we would not get such help from others. It does not mean that we should not help others and in the case of extreme emergency, we should not mind in helping other without having any expectations.
    I have had several occasions when I used to help others in case of their health issues and I did not mind doing their jobs even for the extended hours. However, it did not mean that that the party for whom I rendered help should help me in the similar way. If you believe God, you will come across such a Samaritan doing everything for you in the crisis. Hence we must do some help for others for our own satisfaction at least.

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