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    Let's fight together to win.

    The idea, all success must be achieved alone is ingrained in many. Many people become isolated due to the misconception that all success is to achieve alone. Perhaps it is because of the desire to make a good name for oneself or because they are unaware of the possibilities of their companions, that we do not bring some people together to complete the task with us.

    For those who have grown up not even listening to granny stories of fighting together or winning together, such possibilities are completely unfamiliar. No one who is overconfident or arrogant that he can achieve everything by himself will not reach the ultimate victory. We may fall even after reaching the final step. If we start our journey on the assumption that I am alone is enough, when we stumble and fall, there will be no one to even hold our hand to lift up. Able people are those who find out who are their companions and when and how they can benefit. The journey of those who make sure there is someone to stand with will be faster.
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    No doubt, unity is strength, as we are in such a critical position now, where this pandemic has been increasing day by day, it makes it easy to blame everything on our government or EC, but the need of the hour is to fight this pandemic together. Blaming wont cure the situation, its we who choose the government and at least this government wont change this year, so its better we together help each other in this hour rather than this blame game.
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    Unity is strength. We should be united all the times. Always leaders try to break the unity among the people so that they can enjoy the differences between the people and that will become a positive point for them to win.
    I remember a story which I read during my school days.
    A bird catcher wanted to catch some birds. So he spilt some raw rice on the ground in a forest and above that, a net was spread. A group of birds were flying high in the sky. Some birds saw the rice and wanted to go down and eat them. An aged bird told them that it will be trap but none cared and all caught in the net. The bird catcher is very happy. He started coming towards the net. Then all the birds started looking at the aged bird for a way out. The old bird told them that unity is strength. So he advised all of them to fly all together at once so that they can fly with the net. In a nearby place that bird has a mouse friend and that friend will release them. So as a group they flied at once and they were able to lift the net.
    So we all should learn a lesson from such stories and always we should try to be united.

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    , It all depends on the nature of the efforts. Are we working in a team or taking an individual activity. If we are involved in teamwork we have to focus on collective efforts and by cooperating we have to move forward as a perfect combination of teammates. E.g. if someone is a part of a football team, then they have to play together and they have to show unity in the team. No player should keep the ball for a long time lest it should be snatched by an opponent, so before it is snatched it is to be passed to another teammate. Merely dribbling alone, generally, doesn't last long. If someone is involved in an individual activity like a hundred metres race. Every racer will have to use his technique, power, stamina within stipulated timings to achieve the target
    In a business establishment, we should work as a team. It is safer to be in a team than working as an individual. Working as a team, most likely, guarantees success against individual efforts.

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    There are some people who do not want to share their success with others and want to take all the credit themselves. These are actually some very ambitious people and like to go alone ahead in the journey of life. Everyone is not like that. Some people in fact want to work in a group so that they are under a shelter or support from the group members. While being in a group they feel themselves protected from all sort of dangers and that is true to quite some extent. To work in a group and move ahead together might be sometimes a slow process but it has its own distinct advantages. United we stand, divided we fall.
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    When the task is big, when the strength needs to be gathered, when the achievement seems to be nil with one push or pull, there needs to be formidable cooperation and unity among all and together we can do wonders. Even in the farming when the new seedlings or harvest is done, the workers used to unite and sing songs of their interest and that proves to be less pain and enjoyable and yet working with group and achieving the success through piece meal work. Even in companies the work force down the line would complete the work in shortest possible time, because the work has been designed to done with precision and follow ups by all. So there is no doubt that unity is strength and even in political party win, the workers down the line must united together defeat the opponent party and thus unity stands everywhere.
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    Most of the people feel safe while working in a group. They have the feeling that that they are safe and protected while remains in the group. However such a protected feeling does not allow such a performer to take initiative in an innovative manner. They cannot be the supreme achiever's always thinking that that someone must remain to guide them and for them being in a team is always advantageous. Those working alone are having some exceptional abilities in the areas they are contributing. They don't bother for the defeat and by achieving their tasks with their sheer determination not only make them proud but that benefit is passed on to the society as well. They may not share their successes but they make their own position in the society due to their commendable performance.

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    The author is absolutely right. We are all aware that there is more strength in unity. When a team has done together, then that work has been successful quickly. When we unite together and make a resolution, then every person has to give his full contribution in fulfilling it and when the energy is put together honestly in any one work, then success is definitely ensured. This does not mean that we cannot do anything alone, we have to do many tasks of life alone and if our dedication and hard work are true then we are also successful. When doing together, the team's interest should be considered, not its own, if the people of a group, while working as a team, work only for their personal interests, then it would not be considered to fight together. Victory is possible only when our aim is to win every member of our team along with us.

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