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    'Work from home' in this Covid-19 era, concerns


    In this Kovid era, companies have been operating in a 'work-from-home manner. Most of them work from home. The main concerns are health issues. The facilities in the company will not be available at home. The most common complaint is that work from home leads to a change to an unhealthy lifestyle. Many people are still talking about the problems that are still part of being active online. These problems were confirmed by Microsoft's 'Human Factors Lab' study. The lab found that the vast majority of work-from-home people spend extra time online without breaks, which adversely affects their intellectual functioning. The study suggests that the only solution is to take short breaks from time to time. Otherwise, the person will be affected by some problems such as unbearable boredom, fatigue, and slowing down of the intellect.
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    That is true. Many IT employees are online for more than 12 hours also. It may be either office work or sometimes on social media total time is more than 12 hours. Overall they are getting affected because of this. Another problem is that there is no physical work. So they are putting up weight. This will also have an adverse effect on their health. Earlier days they are going to the office itself is giving them some physical moment. But now that is also not there. Hours together sitting inside the house is telling on their mental health also.
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    I don't think there should be many problems working online. I think it is much better than working in an office. However, working in an office is better for better performance than working online from home. The problem starts when there is no break while working online. If five or ten minutes rest is given after every hour or after every two hours respectively, most probably, it will keep working momentum intact without fatigue or boredom.
    When somebody will work on a laptop or computer continuously, he will be tired and obviously, his working ability will also be affected including his intelligence and thinking power.
    Working from home will be comfortable for a person because he saves his time and money in travelling Moreover, he can refresh his mood by taking tea or his favourite beverages.
    I think if such situation continues for a long time, problems which are being faced in working from home will be sorted out over time. Staff will be habitual to work form home.

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    What I have been informed by the techies who are working from home, that they are doing more work, sitting for more working hours, and they are even bothered at non working hours and wee hours for the finish of task and though they are at the home, they could not attend the home works. Worst is the case when the children are at home. they too want the computer, and the father will not oblige and thus there is a confrontation for learning. Moreover the house holds are bothered for the snacks and other baverages now and then and thus work from home is not blessing but problem to the employee and the home. The children cannot play with the father not have the chat with him and eventually feel left out even though the father is very much in front of them. This is the typical problem faced by the work from home techies.
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    The point should been raised in this common thread.
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