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    Do you believe the government is only at fault?

    With almost 3,50,000 cases per day, Indians struggling to find beds, oxygen, I totally deny to accept that only its the governments fault. Definitely the government wasn't ready for the medical emergency and this sudden outrage, but it is undeniable that we as citizens also failed to ensure our own safety. I cannot accept the fact that all these 3,50,000 people had emergency to roam out, I also cannot accept that these people took all precautions, yet caught the virus. With so easy protocols of washing, sanitizing hands before touching face , wearing masks, and not coming out unnecessarily, how else we as humans can't be blamed? Its been more than 1 year we have been watching this virus grow, experiencing lockdowns, getting constant reminder how to keep ourselves safe from it, Yet such a huge number is definitely not acceptable. With schools shutting, offices turning into work from home, exams getting postponed, i do not find reason for 3,50,000+ people to just not abiding the protocols. Not denying the governments fault too, but only blaming the government wont be of any help. Its we who choose them someday, what is the need of hour is to stay home and only go out double masked if there is extreme emergency. This blame game won't be of any good. Taking vaccines at the designated time, ensuring all the safety measures will definitely help us win over this pandemic again.

    What are your views on this?
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    I totally agree with the author. No doubt. The governments are not geared up to the required level to face the pandemic. But why the pandemic situation has come? For this who are responsible? The general public is only responsible. Why they are not following the protocols. What is the problem with wearing a mask when they go out? Why they go out when there is no necessity? what is the problem in maintaining social distance? What is the problem with washing hands regularly? These are very small issues and no heavy expenditure involved. Now blaming the government has become a common issue. Let us be more practice. The biggest mistake did by the government is conducting elections. Of course, some people say it is EC who conducts the elections. But the government also should share the responsibility. More contribution for the pandemic is from the people only, I feel.
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    It is not important here, whose fault was and who did not, it is important that who had the last power. It is believed that the first responsibility of an individual is to protect himself and his family, but when others are showing negligence then it is wrong to see the negligence of the government is remaining silent in some cases.
    When our constitution has given the government so much power that the government can suspend up to some fundamental rights of citizens by declaring an emergency, if necessary, then why did the government not take drastic measures in this terrible situation. When we are not able to control the virus, then we will have to control the people. The sad thing is that some innocent people are suffering other's negligence.
    If the government is not able to handle even the people, then they should at least restricted public events, and make other arrangements to deal with the epidemic, but they have also failed in this case. The government's objective is now limited to its seats and votes. Nevertheless, we should try to take care of our safety at our level and hope for good by trusting in our God.

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    Nobody can blame the government alone. People are also responsible for why they did not take care of guidelines, but governments and local administration are more responsible for spreading this virus, especially, this second surge of a pandemic. I tell you my example. When the lockdown was unlocked I still kept using the mask on my face but gradually, people started leaving the mask and ignoring physical distancing. I would blame people for ignoring guidelines but when I saw local police on duty were also ignoring these guidelines. I saw the same situation in some other government offices, then instead of blaming people for not abiding by guidelines I also stopped using a mask.
    In several states, assembly and local elections were held when corona was on peak, e.g. M.P., Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Hyderabad, Punjab, Haryana, U.P. etc. Especially, during assembly elections how leaders wanted to see a huge gathering of people in rallies and roadshows. It was also heard that the rally was cancelled when there was no large crowd on the ground.

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    Partially agreeing with the author ,apart from the people's negligence we can strongly say that govt . is also responsible for this pandemic .Even you might have read about this recent issue of Madras high court blaming Election commission for not controlling the elections in this difficult time which they are also calling them as murderer . Are Bengal election and Uttar Pradesh Gram Panchayat elections necessary at this point of time ?
    I am Hindu but thinking of the situation of the current pandemic and for humanity ,why the gathering of Kumbh Mela happened ? and what happened in the end when the cases started increasing the kumbh committee decided to call it off .This even government could give the order before when it was planned .Rallies where lakhs of people gathered to listen their leaders .What kind of leaders are they ? They are just political leader not a good leader (who thinks for his /her people) .The proper management of the system is not so good but yes we need to work upon it . These are some of the loop holes where government is lacking but also appreciating the efforts of the armed forces who are helping for the transportation , Now, if we say ok whatever happened has happened , but we are seeing there is no proper check on those people who are doing the black marketing of oxygen cylinders ,vaccines etc. Whose responsibility is it? If a person is suffering he will give ten times more money for his necessity but who is keeping check on such things . Proper management is still required and people should also understand that it is their life which is important at this point of time not the gatherings and functions which can be delayed for the time being .

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    The government is solely at fault. This pandemic is not a new one. It was there for more than one year. There were warnings of a second wave for a long. Why the government was complacent? It is caught napping. The leaders who are supposed to take care of the situation are busy with election campaigns and rallies where all the safety protocols of Covid are thrown to the winds. When this government claimed the glory for containing Covid in the first phase, it has to take the blame for the second wave which is very severe and taking many lives. More than 3 lakhs are contracting this disease every day. Shortage of oxygen, shortage of vaccines. Where the planning has gone? What happened to the 150 plus Pressure Swing Absorption Oxygen Plants planned in October 2020? Is this all not inaction by the government? The tenders were called by a Central Government agency and so far a handful of plants were established in the District Government Hospitals.
    The public is also responsible. Who has the power to make rules and control the public? It is the government only. All the problems that may arise are to be identified and the government has to take necessary actions.

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    I do not think the government alone be made responsible in this matter as the people concerned are equally responsible. During the first wave, we have seen how lethargic the people of metros were moving without mask and they have not cared the covid rules then. Those who have contracted the disease has not informed the authorities and thus they mingled with the public and thus the second surge has gone bad to worse. For example we know SBI is the biggest bank of the country and if every one wants to withdraw their accounts on single day. even SBI would go pauper. Same way India is having hospitals and medical abilities, but when the surge is more and unabated, even the big hospitals cannot cope up and I have seen the patients are treated seated on the chair and not the bed. Surely people and government were not ready for this.
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    3,50,000 cases per day. Out of these-
    1. How many were infected due to those who attended the Kumbh Mela?
    2. How many were infected due to election rallies?
    3. How many were infected because of poll duties?
    4. How many were infected because they were obliged to cast votes?
    5. How many support staff and ground staff were infected due to IPL?
    6. How many lakhs of police and security personnel got infected due to duties for all of the above?
    7. How many medical doctors, health workers and civic staff got infected due to the above?

    Note that it was not that the Govt. was not ready - it put on blinkers when the early alerts were issued. Quoting from the Indian Express report (23rd April 2021) - "The warning signs came clear and early: in April one full year ago and then again in November. The first was just a week after the national lockdown began, one of the 11 Empowered Groups of Officers, set up by the Centre for planning and implementing an effective Covid response. This was the Empowered Group-VI (EG-VI) tasked to coordinate with the "Private Sector, NGOs & International Organizations for response-related activities." In its second meeting, held on April 1 last year, it red-flagged oxygen shortage."

    Ultimately, yes, we need to take care to ensure our own safety - but what about the trust we put in the authorities that they will take care to have a system in place in just such national calamities?

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    The Supreme Court called this a national emergency. It said it cannot be a mere spectator. It wanted the Central Government to inform the national plan to combat the virus. Madras High Court made severe remarks on the Election Commission for its omissions. What more is required to say this is not the failure of the government. Why the Supreme Court has taken sue moto the issue of the covid surge?
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    There are many factors which are responsible for this chaos and naturally everyone will first blame the present Govt before including oneself as a citizen. The pandemic is in its deadly phase and not only in India but also had made havoc in many foreign countries also where governance is far better than ours. Everyone is telling that we could have done better if we had taken such and such measures but everyone becomes intelligent after the event is over. Now in our country blame game is going on. State Govts are telling that centre is not supporting. Centre is telling that state Govts are shirking from their responsibilities. Many citizens are telling that it is due to the slackness of centre while others are telling that state Govt are hopeless. Some citizens are sincerely following the guidelines while many are religiously contributing in the spread of the corona infection . Most of us are responsible for this situation and Govt is of course always responsible.
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    The Central Government from the very beginning is dictating the policies, and rules for covid management to the State governments. It is controlling the vaccine supply. The PM CARES fund collected for the very purpose of covid management is directly under the Prime Minister. Thousands of crores were collected. That money can as well be spent in this severe pandemic condition. When it became clear that it failed miserably, the Central government is shoving the responsibility on the State governments. The foreign press is also blaming the government for its failure to act in time. Still, people are supporting this government means they are backing the inefficiency of the government.
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    Indeed, we cannot blame the government for everything but to be true, they take the 75% whereas the people would be given the 25%. As mentioned in the post that we have 3,50,000+ cases and still rising and that cannot be that all have followed the COVID-19 protocol or had an emergency but due to negligence but can we say that that it was only their fault. It is one-sided truth that the safety of self and our family is our duty but what about the other side.

    The government made it compulsory to follow the protocol but did they stand in their own made rules? They had elections, did rallies where they had lakhs of voters, they never canceled it. They never followed the protocol, they never became a role model for everyone to follow? They shut the schools, postponed the exams, made work from home but what about the opening of Bars, cinema halls, etc? They made it compulsory to follow the guidelines of attendees in any functions from 50 -100 but what about Khumb meal, etc? Why was no protocol followed to save the people from the pandemic?

    Now, we can see many protocols followed when addressing meetings in online mode by keeping a 1-meter distance, wearing masks, and asking people to follow it but what happened when they were attending rallies to win votes? It is normal for people to blame the present government if they find such a situation but that doesn't mean that if this was Congress government, people would have spared them or even the so-called opposition? The shortage of vaccines, medicine, medical kit, oxygen, food, etc is actually the main concern where the government needs to first put their priority and solve, then looking to win a seat in an election in states. First, let them control the present situation then the people will certainly make them win. Just speaking and putting on paper without any result and them blaming people when you give a dame is not right. If both, the government gives 60-70 % and people the remaining percent, we will surely be able to manage or control the present situation but without playing the political game.

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    Both the government and the people are responsible for this disaster. Government failed to implement strict orders, but they let loose the public by allowing rallies for political meeting to seek votes, politicians conducted marriages and parties without following the government guidelines. government permitted religious gatherings. And people never wore masks, never sanitized and never maintained social distancing.

    I would say that we Indian politicians and the citizens are not disciplined that created havoc in our country. This is only a beginning. We have much more to witness in future.

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    On the resurgence of covid 19 #ResignModi trended on Twitter. Some of the tweets were too harsh, I am sharing here, however, I dont agree to them though.

    Former Karnataka chief minister P.C. Siddaramaiah wrote: "#Covid19 struggle in India is the reflection of @narendramodi govt. Assuming the govt was caught off guard for the 1st time, What is the status now? The preparedness is hopeless even now!! Modi feels he is bigger than India."

    Bengal minister Sujit Bose tweeted a photo of several burning pyres and said: "Dear Mr Prime Minister, last year in March, you assured that Covid situation will be over in next 21 days. This is the picture of April, 2021, more than a year has been passed. This picture shows how incapable you are to serve this country."

    Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Tej Pratap Yadav said: "When Rome was Burning the Nero was Playing the flute. #ResignModi"

    DMK leader Kanimozhi Somu addressed health minister Harsh Vardhan,
    "Dear @drharshvardhan as you are talking Staying updated. Let's talk about updates now. Kindly update the people of the country why your diplomatic brained government gave permission to 'Khumbh Mela' when world countries warned about a second wave?"
    "Remember when your government asked people to come out on roads and scream 'Go Corona Go' what possible improvement did this government achieve by doing that?
    "When your PM is addressing people of Bengal he says 'I've never seen such a revolutionary crowd' and when he addresses the people of the country he says maintain social distancing and wear masks?"

    "PS: Kindly don't respond by saying Congress government did all of this please! We've heard enough! So kindly stop pointing your fingers at others and kindly explain what this government has done to the people of the country during this pandemic other than fascist activities."

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    It becomes wrong if we completely blame the government for the surge in cases. It is everyone's responsibility. People should know their limits and be responsible. Now, in Karnataka, they have imposed strict measures and have asked people not to venture out. But in my native, I see many people going out. Should we not atleast adhere to the guidelines? Don't people know the risk they are putting themselves and others into? Why should people be reminded by government to take care of ourselves. Its our sole responsibility.
    They could have stopped election polls and raliies which is wrong but even people are equally irresponsible to go out, to party or do any function with huge crowd.

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