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    Why is the Char Dham Yatra not cancelled?

    The officials of the Char Dham Devsthanam Board are giving assurances of ensuring proper guidelines will be followed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at the Char Dham Yatra that is scheduled for next week. Has nothing been learned from the super spreader event of the Haridwar Mahakumbh?! How can guidelines be followed and precautions be taken when lakhs of devotees converge at one place? The State Govt. of Uttarakhand stated that it will issue advisories and as of now has said that all pilgrims must carry a negative RT-PCR report. Such a report hardly is a guarantee against this deadly virus which is mutating in unimaginable ways that have outfoxed even the best researchers.

    Surely not holding the Yatra this year will be the most sensible decision to take. Just having faith is more than enough isn't it? Better to be safe so that going on pilgrimage at a future date is possible rather than allowing the pilgrims to converge now and spreading the virus. What's more, let's not forget the lakhs of police personnel who will be at risk, like those at the Kumbh Mela. Is the Govt. also forgetting that the healthcare system is at rock bottom? Do we really want to see more tragic, gut-wrenching photos of patients dying on pavements with no beds available?

    For heaven's sake, wake up, Govt. leaders!

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    Whether the government takes the decision or not, we should not venture to go for a pilgrim now. Not only Char Dham but also other places of worship. We are seeing crowds near all Masids due to this Ramzan month. Similarly, we are seeing people going to temples and churches. That also should be avoided.
    The governments of the States are not even banning Cinema halls? But we should discontinue going to movie halls. When there are no viewers automatically they will get closed. This is a fact. The situation in Uttarakhand is also very bad. I hope that the government will act wisely and stop these yatras. similarly, the government should order for closure of all other places of worship. I suggest all the people restrain themselves to take any unnecessary risk so that they will be safe.

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    It is true, it is indeed going to be a very wrong decision. After all, why the government is not accepting its own mistakes and is trying to make new mistakes. Such negligence is unbearable, and such decisions are becoming a threat to the public. On one hand, various countries and different institutions of the world, as well as big industrialists, businessmen, etc., are trying their best to help in this difficult situation of India, and on the other hand, the government of the country itself promotes the problem. In this pandemic, how many families have lost their special people, the situation is like that where the whole family was sacrificed. People are not able to overcome sorrow and fear and some government leaders and some mean people have only got their benefit. If one has reverence for the God in your feelings, then this is the time to recite your god from home, this time greatest devotion is that to the safety of your loved ones. Along with the government, the general public will also understand this delicate situation, or else the situation will get worse.

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    Whenever it comes to the religious or political happiness and satisfaction of a large group of people then the Govt in our country always remains in doldrums and does not take a stern decision. It is nothing new and we have been seeing this for last 73 years. This is nothing but an appeasement of the people who are ready to die in a pilgrim place rather to observe the social distancing and other precautions to fight corona times. This is really an unfortunate situation and not only the Govt but also the citizens are responsible for this chaos and turmoil which we will soon observe there in that religious venture. Some people argue that many times Govt did not stop the religious functions of such and such religion and how this time they will be stopping the present one. This is a threatening argument and Govt generally feels fear from such statements and then starts giving liberty to all in the best democratic way.
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    This virus spreads through the gathering and to contain the same, it would be essential to refrain from going outside. We have seen its surge due to large gatherings of the people in the kumbha mela in Haridwar, elections of the different states, gatherings of people in the Kissan Melas and so on. The present figure of COVID infection is indicative of our negligence. No sane people would proceed for the pilgrimage but in our country precautions are not required to be maintained even if this is the case of corona.
    In the present situation, the government should take firm stand to ban Char Dham Yatra so that the people could be saved from the infection.

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    The char dhaam yatra has been curtailed for one reason or the other in the past mostly due to vagaries of nature. Most of the pilgrims who made arrangements and came from far places need to return back as there was no pre announcement of cancellation. Now that the situation is more alarming and there is every chance of covid spread among the pilgrims. But the devasthanam has assured total covid guidance assurance and that should satisfy those who are venturing to the pilgrimage of risk and uncertainty. One thing is sure, there cannot be religious sentiment going for six for banning the yatra citing the virus spread if all actions are taken.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The religious matter is an emotional issue. Thousands of people participate in religious gatherings regardless of which religion they follow. In the matter of religious ceremonies or gatherings administration also show leniency in the implementation of rules. But as a considerate person, we should understand the issue that our free mixing with people without following guidelines may infect us with a deadly virus or we may inflict other people because nobody knows who is infected with this virus. The situation is very bad and it is worsening day by day because of our indifference and negligence. We should realise our duty and responsibility that we should use a mask and keep our distance from other people and we should not forget to wash our hands. These are simple formulas to protect ourselves from falling into deep trouble. If any of us is found corona positive, he will fall in deep trouble, so we should keep all precautions to stay away from coronavirus.

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    After knowing the dangerous effect of the deadly virus, can't the government, the temples and the people put a stop for worship of God and deities for some period till the situation become normal. Is it so important that we should worship God by going to the shrines and temples. Can't we lock all the holy shrines and temples for time being and pray and worship God at home.

    We are the culprits to be blamed for the spread of the deadly diseases. No Hindu Gods and goddessess and Jesus or Allah or Buddha or Jain could help us during this pandemic.

    Let us forget God and the temples for a while and chant mantras from home. God won't punish us for this act. Infact, Gods would be very happy as their temples(Gods residence) is not affected by COVID.

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    K Mohan - "One thing is sure, there cannot be religious sentiment going for six for banning the yatra citing the virus spread if all actions are taken." You must be kidding! Should people die because of religious sentiment?! And we all know it is not possible to "take action" to curb the spread of the virus. Let's have some common sense taking precedence over sentiments, religious or otherwise.

    Just now I saw a report that the State Govt. cancelled the Yatra. Thank goodness some common sense prevailed! The temples at Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri will be open only for the priests and no devotees will be allowed. This announcement came in the wake of the State High Court making a statement about how the State had become a laughing stock due to allowing the Kumbh Mela to go ahead.

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    The Uttarakhand government made a very sensible decision that they cancel this Yatra. Such wise decisions are expected from all governments in this corona era.

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