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    Orientation program for moral science must for the students

    Though the students are getting learned from Nursery to higher classes, thanks to the good teaching and able support from the parents, it is often beleived that in the absense of moral science the basics of the human nature are not knowmn and in the absense of elders at home failing to guide them, the students are denied of learning the very essence of moral science. Therefore it is imperative and must for every student to learn moral science from the lower to the higher classes and that would make them very great in future. So orientation program on moral science should be introduced in all classes.

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    The students in their school days should be taught morals and their importance in our lives. These days many people are busy in their earning ways and not able to spare time to teach their kids. Because of the nuclear family concept, grandparents may not be staying with the kids. So they don't have a chance to learn from their elders about good and bad deeds. In some families, some caretakers will be appointed who feel that they are doing a job. They will not have any attachment with the children and never teach them morals. So as mentioned by the author orientation classes to the students to teach them the values and morals are very important.
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    Agree, that this orientation program must be followed in the education system. Ethical education is not only an important part of education but also in our daily life, so it is necessary to be aware of it. In most schools, education is given in subjects like primary class value education and moral education so that along with education in children, important values ??can also be developed. School teachers, as well as family members, have great importance in the knowledge of ethics. We all live in a society and children learn something from society and the people around them. Most values come in the children during this process, so as much as possible, give the children a good environment with good education so that the child grows up and incorporates moralistic qualities within himself. Ethics is also an important subject for the candidates of public service and other government services. Students should adopt an ethical value in their life.

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    In addition to the usual academic pursuits in the educational institutes the students are generally exposed to many extracurricular activities and that definitely helps them in making a robust personality learning many things which are not exactly academic but very useful later in their lives. Orientation programs in moral sciences is also one such necessity which will make them aware of this difficult world around them and also help in understanding as why they should learn and assimilate moral values in their lives. This will finally help all of us to create a society where tomorrow's good citizens are prepared.
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    If I am not wrong, we had moral science class from the 5th std to 10th Std. Though it was a grade subject, every student needed to attend it. As ours was a Christian missionary school, we had religion class for all Christian students and moral science class for other students. They would conduct an exam for it and the marks would be converted into grades. We all enjoyed the teaching in the class as it would carry stories and parables from the scriptures and many other things which would enhance our moral values. As mentioned by the writer that we must teach moral science to our kids as we are missing our parents and joint family culture due to various reasons. Earlier, when we had grandparents living with us, they would be the ones telling good moral stories to our children but now as we all have become nuclear families, it is very essential to teach moral science for a better human, society and our good future.
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    Moral teachings should be mandatory for all students and should be taught as a subjectt in all schools. In some schools, moral teachings are taught as B grade subject and their marks are not added to the marks sheet. So students also do not take it seriously. Moral teachings, family values and social values and their importance in our lives all these important subjects are taught by elderly people in every family, generally, this responsibility is taken by grandparents. Children have attachment with them and these elderly people whether they are grandparents or are others, they have no work to do except occupying the bed or doing some small tasks, so they also enjoy teaching these children.
    I don't think if schools will give a special focus on moral teachings in schools. These private schools are established to earn money because these schools are business centres or business organisations. Their management does not necessarily believe in moral teachings. Moreover, new techniques regarding teaching to students are, generally, borrowed from western world and religion and moral teachings have become obsolete for them because almost all school follow atheism where religions and moral teachings have no importance.

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